March 3rd, 2005


Reposting stuffs.

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Samsara & 6th Doctor

Mangas and Anime DVD's for sale/trade

Make an offer if you see something without a price, please add the shipping in with the items you would like. Canada buyers, see the shipping below. Globel Prioirty Mail is only offered at this time, unless noted below. Or e-mail me to work out a deal. My e-mail is below in bold letter's. Can't miss it.

Shipping to US as follows:
1 DVD: $2.75
Each extra dvd: $1.25
1 Manga: $2.00
Each extra Manga: $1.50
DVD Boxset's: $5.00-$6.50


Kenshin SJ English Manga's Vol's 1, 2, 3 $4.00 each

Real Bout High School Samurai Girl R1 'Four' DVD Boxset:

DVD-Kai Doh Maru R1 Ova:

Peacemaker Vol. 1 DVD R1 and Boxset $15.00(shipping to us 5.00)

DVD- R1 Shrine of the Morning Mist

DVD- R1 Dracula 2000:

DVD-R1 Kim Possible: The Secret Files

DVD-Perfect Collection:(HK english audio!)FUSHIGI YUUGI; THE MYSTERIOUS PLAY(EP'S 27-52)

Sailor Moon SS UFO: BSM-92:
(missing tag, but has tush tag, is 7in. tall)
Shipping to us: $3.50
Canada: 5.00(slug mail 2-3 weeks), $8.50(GBM 3-5 days)

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Beware by lolita_chan



-petit memo $2.50
-photo album $3.50
-memo notebook $3.00
-CD Bag $2.50
-super file $3.00
-Cool boys file $3.50

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God Child
-bookmarker $3.00
-pencil board $5.00
-memorial art seal $3.50

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-Angel Sanctuary Seal Poster $3.50
-W Juliet Seal Album $3.50
-UltraManiac pop out basket
-UltraManiac pop out apple ornament both for $2.50
-DN Angel bookmark $2.00

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Shipping (within United States) for 1 item is only $2.00 and only 50cents more for each additional item thereafter. Shipping (outside United States) is only $3.00 for one item and only 75cents for each additional item thereafter. I accept postal money orders, well hidden cash(at own risk) and Paypal for those within the United States and I can only accept Paypal from those outside United States.

If interested or have any questions please comment below or email me at lolitachan AT Thank you.
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Mini Me!

(no subject)

We Have new shirts!!!! The orange on on the left is available in 2 other colors, Black with bright yellow and pink Print, and royal blue with neon pink and cyan print. Happy spring season kids!!!
  • ai_ten

Giant Doujinshi Sale: First-Pick

AI-TEN is clearing out the office. Which means we have a giant stack of doujinshi to unload. 50+ in this batch alone.

We will be ebaying most of this eventually, but to avoid paying listing fees, taking seperate photos, and writing listings for 50+ books: we offer them all here, in advance, to our Garagesalejapan friends at a flat rate of $10 a piece. With 50% off every 3rd book.

-1st book $10
-2nd book $10
-3rd book $5
-4rth book $10
-5th book $10
-6th book $5
and so on


As this is a limited sale intended to be QUICK and PAINLESS: we will not hold books.

Shipping rates (from Japan) to anywhere in the world:
$7.50 ~ first book
$2 ~ each additional

All sales come with a free boys love trading card.

Message here to claim your books. **Wait for a confirmation message** then make payment to nemunai(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)jp

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This might be an odd want list. Basically I like my DVD's to have nice cover art. Some of the US releases' covers leaves much to be desired. So I want to replace them with the Japanese cover art or make my own if the artwork is availiable. I just need scans, I don't need your actual covers.

I need good clean scans at 300dpi for the following series of their R2 Japanese releases:

Grave of the Fireflies
Nausicaa of the Vally of the Wind
My Neighbor Totoro
Porco Rosso
The Cat Returns
Perfect Blue
Millenium Actress
Tokyo Godfathers
Perfect Blue
Gravitation 2-4

I thought $1.00 per scan is a fair price but I'm negotiable. I will pay with PayPal.

ETA: Covers are intended for personal use not for selling bootlegs!
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UPDATED Stuff for sale or trade

Here is my stuff for sale or trade, if your interested in a trade just send me your trade list even if its not on my want list :)
Prices are always negoiable they are not final. Prices dont include shipping, (you can give me an offer if you don't like the prices :) )

ENGLISH MANGA $5.00 each and $6.00 for Fushgi Yuugi
You can buy all the manga for $50.00 (this price includes shipping)
Real Bout Highschool (samurai girl)- 3,4
Rurouni Kenshin-1,2
Boys Over Flowers (hana yori dango)- 1,2
Fushigi Yuugi-1,3 (1st editions)
Gundam Seed-1
Call Me Princess

you can buy all the vhs for ($15.00 that includes shipping)
Samurai X (rurouni Kenshin) Movie $4.00
Samurai X OVA 1 Trust $3.00
Sin the Movie (17+)$4.00
sailor Moon R$2.00
Sailor Moon S$2.00
Sailor Moon SS$2.00

The classic (korean) (china version) $6.00 english subbs
Falian (korean)(overseas version) english subbed

Surprise Party (korean ) english subs

Meet sailor Moon Crystal $5.00
Card Captor Clow Book toy (bandai american)$5.00
Animerica Extra 4.5 (free with purchase)

Wild Act-9,10
MARS- Any but 3,9,13
marmalade boy-1,2,3,7,8
anything rie takada
Anything Yuu Watase
Kare First Love
anything by the marmalade boy author :)
Anything really shoujo

you bring me my joy
  • juin

manga and doujinshi for sale

I have some manga and doujinshi that I'd like to sell, which come in a variety of Japanese, Chinese, English, shounen ai, yaoi and non-yaoi.

All prices are in USD and do not include shipping. All books are in Japanese, and second-hand in good condition, unless otherwise stated.

I accept PAYPAL ONLY. S&H will depend on the destination, and I ship internationally via airmail from Australia. Please leave a comment or email me if you have any questions.

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