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D.J. Shiro
06 March 2005 @ 03:37 am
Hiya I have revamped my commission page therefor reposting it^^ I generally work pretty cheap and do primarily anime style. I am willing to do fanart, original characters, or real people. But like I said, I mostly do anime/manga style. I am %100 willing to send all hard copies of work to buyer unless it is CGed.

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If you are interested you can contact me through email: suicideisrain@yahoo.com or AIM: alchemicarray or just post here! ^^;
06 March 2005 @ 05:07 am

/ J-Pop / Japan Celebrities magazine clippings (list of provided artists, your request; more information on prices are below), flyers (Moi dix Mois) and posters (Chemistry, Shaka Labbits and Fujiki Naohito).

Sailor Moon (cards, stickers, stationary), Gundam Wing, Pucca (stationary, clock), Snoopy, and other miscellaneous cutesy stuff (mostly stationary).

And other stuff that are less than a dollar, free (limited items per person; you pay shipping), or can be added as free extras that come with purchases.

J-Rock / J-Pop / Japan Celebrities...Collapse )

Sailor Moon, Gundam WingCollapse )

Pucca, Snoopy, and other miscellaneous cutesy stuffCollapse )

  • Prices are in U.S. Dollars. Feel free to negotiate to your favoured price.

  • Shipping charges are not included in the prices.

  • I ship from New Zealand. Please give me some time to find out the shipping price for you. The quoted shipping price will be the final price. I will cover any excess if necessary.

  • I can only accept payment via Paypal or Cash at your own risk. It is strongly advised that if you are to send cash, you should have the envelope registered. I can accept U.S. Dollars, Japan Yen or New Zealand Dollars in cash. No coins.

  • Photos of interested items are available upon request.

  • If you have any questions concerning items and want more information on them, please feel free to coment here and ask.

  • I will consider fair trades as well. Show me what you've got.

    Thanks for looking!
    06 March 2005 @ 02:25 pm
    Naruto, Yami no Matsuei, Inu Yasha, Fruits Basket, Full Metal Alchemist, Fushigi Yuugi, Gundam Seed, etc.

    Still 40+ books available
    Askeladden, also called Boots
    06 March 2005 @ 04:10 pm
    I'm leaving this message here since I'm having trouble getting into my email today.

    If anyone has bought anything from this list, and I have been sent the money, your things were sent out a few days ago.

    Sorry for the delay on some of the items. >.< Midterms killed me.
    06 March 2005 @ 04:11 pm

    -New stuff added, Click the above image to go to my Live Journal to Buy stuff from me. Angelic Pretty shoes, Metamorphose items up for grabs + More... Please buy lots from me so I can pay some bills...

    ♣Hugs & Rainbow Sparkles♣
    Z Z
    06 March 2005 @ 05:49 pm
    Hyde is completed, and Mana (Gardenia) and hide will be coming up this week.

    Up for sale behind the cut is am acrylic painting of Malice Mizer from Garnet, 12 X 12 inches. I'm now taking offers (cross-posted)

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    Just a test.
    06 March 2005 @ 06:03 pm
    Would anyone be willing to sell me cds or merchandise by the following bands

    Plastic Tree
    Shiina Ringo
    Malice Mizer
    basically any jrock bands I dont have cds for as well.
    Burned or not Ill accept what I can.

    Also I would like to find only the ring finger knows and Legal Drug.

    I can buy or trade if anyone wants.
    zero to sixty
    06 March 2005 @ 07:09 pm

    I also do custom orders!
    Email me for more info.

    Please Email me if you wish to to discontinue
    my banners.

    Love, Jenny

     « аѕн  || мєоо :/
    06 March 2005 @ 09:30 pm


    06 March 2005 @ 10:08 pm
    Hey! I'm looking for Demon Diary 5, the third Gravitation dvd and The Wallflower 2.

    Thanks =]
    06 March 2005 @ 11:54 pm
    Other people have done this so here goes. I'm looking for Malice Mizer related items:

    I'm looking for the 1st presses of Malice Mizer's 3" singles
    a. Au Revoir (with the plastic slip case and postcards)
    b. Gekka no Yasokyoku (with the special texturized case)
    c. Illuminati [P-Type] (with the metallic case)
    d. le ciel (with the fold out case)

    First press of Voyage (with special booklet and box)

    Saikai no chi to Bara Vinyl pressing

    Magazines with features on the band or solo members (only if they were in the band at the time), Cover features or just articles

    Any of there VHS' or DVDS'(except merveilles l'espace (VHS), kyomu no naka de no yuggi ~de l'image~, sans retour voyage "derniere" encoure une fois~(VHS), Verte Aile/Bel Air.

    Photobooks, (except Livre Rose Blanche, Tanbi Jiken, White/Black bibles, Bara no Higeki, Bara no Rondo

    Any other OFFICIAL merchandise, no bootlegs please.

    I have a few things to offer:

    Playing cards: 3 Fushigi Yuugi (2 different regular sets, and one hollographic one), 1 Revolutionary Girl Utena set, 2 Gundam Wing (one regular, one hollographic)

    A set of mini Sailor Moon Dolls

    2 Fushigi Yuugi Wallscrolls

    Blood the Last vampire Manga (must be 18+)

    Under the Glass Moon 1 and 2 Manga

    Gravitation 1 DVD

    Utena the movie DVD

    Dear Boys Vol. 1 DVD

    GTO vol 1-5 DVD