March 9th, 2005

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I NEED to get rid of more stuff, this has got to go, seriously! I am selling tons of stuff, but I shall jsut list what actually pertains to this particular community. I just need more room!

Badzt Maru 16" Balloon Plush Toy- $5

Japanese 11" San-X Green Camel White Fluffy Fruits Backpack with adjustable straps - $8

Manic Panic Shocking Blue 'Diva' Long Blue Wig with Widows Peak Bangs - $30
Paid over $60 with shipping, wore once for a few hours for a performance. Wig is freshly brushed and conditioned prior to shipping. It comes in the original Manic Panic clear plastic zipper tote/carrying case for easy stoarage. Wig is made of beautiful high quality, vibrant colored, synthetic fiber. Manic Panic makes WONDERFUL quality wigs!

Shipping prices are not included. Items will be shipped by Priority Mail.

I accept Paypal, Money Orders, & Concealed cash! Payment must be in within 7 days contact or goods go off to the next buyer!

I have over 450 positive comments on eBay, so buy with confidence!

Dir En Grey Concert Ticket

For those in Japan, I am selling a ticket to this Monday's concert @ Biwako Hall. It's 5 rows away from the stage, so everyone should go and bid because it's just SO darn close. I am selling it because I tried to buy two for my friend and I but accidently only got one, so we are trying for different tickets. It's unfortunate really considering how close the ticket is :(

For more information please see the auction:

leaving behind the castle

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Getting rid of some stuff, shipping is going to be calculated by where you live, so isn't included below. Only shipping to US for now, sorry. Pictures available upon request.

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Comment or email me Accepting Paypal and concealed cash (at your own risk).

New items, and others that didn't sell the first time 'round...

Earthian, Evangelion, Fushigi Yuugi, Gundam Wing,
Kenshin, Outlaw Star, Pokemon, RahXephon, Ranma, Rayearth,
Sailormoon, Tenchi Muyo, Utena... Collapse )

Ayumi Hamasaki, GLAY, L'Arc~en~Ciel... Collapse )

*I accept PayPal (including credit card payments) or concealed U.S. cash (at your own risk).
*Prices may be negotiable.
*No longer accepting trades.
*Prices listed do not include shipping. Please comment here or e-mail me with your location so I can calculate shipping costs.

E-mail: yatenkou [at] aol [dot] com