March 11th, 2005

Dvds & Manga

Hey I am back with more. You can make best offer. Please just US residents only for right now, I am unfamliar to ship to anywhere else! Shipping will be from $2-5, depends.

I am selling the R1 box set of Gravitation. Id like to sell it as a whole not individual. (best offer)
I will take picture if you really want to see.

Other dvds (region 1)
8 clouds rising
Ah! My Goddess the movie
Sakura Wars the movie
Blue Seed Beyond (eps 1-3)
Rahxephon (eps 1-5)(comes with box for little xtra)
Saiyuki the movie (brand new out of wrapping but never been watched! tag is still on top)
Witch Hunter Robin (dvds 1-4 also have art box for little xtra)

HK dvds (all region, whole tv series):
Gunparade march
Ai Yori Aoishi Enishi
Kare Kano
Prince of Tennis (seasons 1-6)
Ceres Celestial Legend

Manga ($7 for one shipped or $13 for 2):
Descendents of Darkness 1-2
Alice 19th 1-2
Demon Diary 1-3 (I dont think anyone bought it?)
Getbackers 1-3
Mermaid Saga
Pretear 1-3
GTO 1-4,6
Real Bout High 1,3-6
Prince of Tennis 1
Tsubasa 1-2 ($15 both or $8 each)
Doll 2-3
Excel Saga 4
Instant Teen

I can Trade also but only for english versions:
Model vol 2+
Kizuna 2+
Selfish Love 2+
Only the ring finger knows
Legal Drug 1+
Level C
(or if you think there is something I might like just ask)

I take paypal, cash at your own risk, and money order. I prefer paypal though.
questions email: sensei_x1999 @ yahoo dot com
Also only serious trade or buy please ^_^.

Also in the near future I might sell two box sets of Saiyuki region 1 dvds, what do you think is a fair price to ask? Each set is 6 dvds each.
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Spring Cleaning Update

Click on the item to see the auction
~sorted alphabetical by series, artist or listing title~

New items are marked *NEW*


B's LOG March 2005 w/extras *NEW*
Fanatica First Impression Book + Flyer
Kakureduki (for PC)


Gravitation (Boys Love)
Gundam Seed Destiny
The Ice Cold Demon's Tale ver. 1 (yaoi) *NEW*
The Ice Cold Demon's Tale ver. 2 (yaoi) *NEW*
Sukisho (Yaoi)
X 1999 *NEW*


Death Note Secret Live Doujinshi Anthology
Dir en Grey doujinshi *NEW*
Yun Kouga Creator's Diary


Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaidan 1-3 + Bonus
Shoujo Manga Lot
Yaoi Manga Lot


X 1999 (CLAMP)


Card Captor Sakura
Enzai (yaoi)
Full Metal Alchemist - Roy
Neji (Kaori Yuki)
Sukisho White Flower (yaoi)
Teikokusensenki (yaoi)
Watase Yuu crossover poster (Fushigi Yuugi, Ayashi no Ceres, etc)
Yami no Matsuei (Boys Love)


apocripha/0 (Boys Love)
Clover *NEW*
Fantastic Fortune (Shoujo Game)
Full Metal Alchemist
Full Metal Alchemist mini-shitajiki 2 pack "childhood"
Full Metal Alchemist mini-shitajiki 2 pack "7 sins"
Full Metal Alchemist mini-shitajiki "chibis"
Gakuen Heaven (yaoi) *NEW*
Gravitation ver. 1 (Boys Love)
Gravitation ver. 2 (Boys Love)
Kamina no Tori (yaoi) *NEW*
Loveless ver. 1 (Boys Love)
Loveless ver. 2 (Boys Love)
Naruto (Zabusa X Haku)
Oujisama Lv1 (Yaoi)
O-TORUS (Yaoi)
RG Veda *NEW*
Sukisho ver. 1 (Yaoi)
Sukisho ver. 2 (Yaoi)
Teikokusensenki (Yaoi)
Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle (CLAMP)
Yun Kouga fanclub doujinshi


Full Metal Alchemist Trading Figure - Hughes
Gundam Seed Trading Figure - Lacus Clyne
Sailor Moon World Sailor Uranus gashapon figure
Sukisho promo fan
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(no subject)

I really want to get rid of this manga, it's been staring at me for a while now.

Fruits Basket Volume 1. (Has a little scratch on the cover, took me a while to notice it)

I got it for christmas, never read. 7$ with shipping! Only in the US please ^^.

some manga i no longer need

all of these are original japanese (untranslated)
all manga are $5 each. i am also open to negotiation!

Odyssey #1
Odessey #2
Dragonball #29
Gunsmith Cats #8
Maho Tsukai Tai! #1
Spider-man #3
Chobits #1
Chobits #2
Chobits #3
Dark Angel #1

all are in excellent shape!
Shipping is on me!
leaving behind the castle

(no subject)

Have some new items as well as some that didn't sell previously. Right now I'm only shipping to the US, sorry =/. Prices don't include shipping, as shipping will be calculated by where you live. So if you want to know the S&H price, please include your zip code. Those who might've commented on my last entry but didn't get back to me on the items requested, please do so if you still wish to claim them. If multiple people request one item, I'll wait 24 hours for the first to request to verify their purchase.

Collapse )

Right now I'm only accepting PayPal -
You can contact me via the same email address. Thanks!
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(no subject)

I have an update in my listings at
I have now decided to just sell the rest of my collection.

-Fruits Basket (vol.1)

-Girl Got Game (vol.1)
-Girl Got Game (vol.2)
-Girl Got Game (vol.3)
-Girl Got Game (vol.4)
-Girl Got Game (vol.5)
-Girl Got Game (vol.6)
-Girl Got Game (vol.7)

-Hana-Kimi (vol.1)
-Hana-Kimi (vol.2)
-Hana-Kimi (vol.3)
-Hana-Kimi (vol.4)

-Hot Gimmick (vol.1)
-Hot Gimmick (vol.2)
-Hot Gimmick (vol.3)
-Hot Gimmick (vol.4)
-Hot Gimmick (vol.5)
-Hot Gimmick (vol.6)
-Hot Gimmick (vol.7)

-Angel Sanctuary
-Descendants of Darkness (whole series, comes with box)
-Fruits Basket (whole series...flip-box kind)japanese w/english
-Gravitation (vol.1)
-Gravitation (vol.2)
-Gravitation (vol.3)
-Kaleido Star (vol.1)
-Kaleido Star (vol.3)
hahaha...still need to find where i put Kaleido Star #2..O___O;;
-Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal Director's Cut
MANGA: 141
CD: 6
Please keep in mind that some of these are under
the process of being sold.
like..most of demon diary, vampire game, eerie queerie, gravitation, INVU, wish.
But, I am not very sure, so if you are interested, then please just 'ask' if it is in stock.
All the information is located at the link above.

if you are interested, i also have the
-Dong Bang Shin Ki 2nd Storybook: The way U are (DVD and CD INCLUDED)
-Gackt: Moon
-Gackt: The 6th Day (single collection)
-Se7en: 2nd Album "MUST LISTEN"
-Boa: Miracle (cover is cracked...TT______TT)
these are japanese and korean music CDs/DVDs......

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Jordan's garage sale

Hey guys. Selling lots of stuff: manga, shitijiki, artbooks, posters, rare collectables and many others.

Please take a look at the listing! Pics of everything:

Most lightweight items that can fit in a large envelope will be about $3-$7 (including the packaging) for shipping within the US. Although, I might be able to make it cheaper with the book rate or shipping non-priority - so let me know if this is an issue and we can probably work it out.

I'll be out of town over the weekend so after tonight replies may be delayed until Monday, but feel free to leave me messages in the meantime.