March 13th, 2005

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evangelion: ecstasy of ayanami

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One Piece 23
Tokyo Babylon 7
Utena film manga 4
Ayashi no Ceres 4
Ayashi no Ceres 10-12, 14
Morning Musume special mini promo manga 1
Wolf's Rain 1

Smallville Novels "City" and "Strange Visitors"

Flowers and Bees 1

Picture Bride (with Kudoh Youki)
Dark Angel promo tape 1 - Cold Comfort
Dark Angel promo tape 2 - Heat
Hello!Project Winter tour 2003

FLCL Hong Kong edition with English subtitles (all episodes)

Hello!Project - Pucchi Best 2
Escaflowne the Movie Drama album 1: Earth
LISA - Only If (diamonds in the snow EP)
LISA - I'm all you
LISA - move on
Tamaki Nami - Greeting US version
BOA - Next World remix album
Puffy Amiyumi - NICE (US version)
L'arc-en-ciel - Clicked 13 best US first edition

Paypal for international orders only, paypal and MO for US. Will trade for the US release of Lily Chou-Chou no Subete.

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This probably isn't the best place to put this, but i have a question that i need answered really really quickly about ebay.

i'm trying to buy something that is listed in GBP, but i need to pay for it in USD. how am i going to change the money, or do i just pay the amount in USD that would corrospond with the GBP? huur how am i to do this? *o* so confused.

i feel really stupid, like i should know this >.> but i need an answer really uber quick...

thanks guys!! ^^;;
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Just listing this again because I really really need some extra money. T__T

I have a few anime/manga and Jrock related items for sale.

I accept PayPal and money orders (international postal money orders if you are not in the USA).

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That's all for now! Please comment to claim items! Thanks for looking. ^___^
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nomiki - sassypants

Naruto Alarm Clock

I've just listed a brand new, Naruto Kakashi voice Alarm Clock for sale on eBay.

It features Kakashi's voice (seiyuu Inoue Kazuhiko) saying in Japanese, the following selectable phrases:
"Good morning, everyone!"
"It's about time to get up. And eat your breakfast vegetables!"
"Time to get to work..."
"Why don't you just get up already?!"

Please check it out! Listing runs for 7 days. ^__^ (Cross-posting to several communities)
Samsara & 6th Doctor

Beanie Babys TY and Anime/Manga for sale

Click the link above for the info. Mailing out those who ordered from me THURSDAY-Tonight.(Items will be in the mail tomorrow if paid via-paypal) The dvd's and manga above, just make me an offer I kinda wish to get rid of them so I don't have boxes of things just laying around with items I don't need/want.
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Selling PIERROT stuff.

Hey, everyone. I'm selling four DVDs and one CD by the j-rock band PIERROT.

Concert DVDs:
"FILM" Rising a Mad Sky - SOLD
Dictators Circus V Vol. 1 - SOLD
Dictators Circus V Vol. 2 - SOLD
Dictators Circus VI - SOLD

Dictators Circus (first press w/DVD and bonus track)

All items are official Japanese releases. Everything is in perfect working condition. The DVDs are Region-ALL, so they'll play in any DVD player.

Comment with offers, questions, etc.

I'd prefer if buyers could pay through Paypal.

Thanks for looking.


Looking to buy any Hikaru No Go items.

Pictures appreciated.

I'm in Canada and prefer using concealed cash I only have 1 poster and the first Volume. Thank you. <3
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The Door: Star Wars hard YAOI Doujinshi on EBay

The Door, by Ewri Fuumin Sumihara. SWV Books circle release.
webpage with link and both cover pics, they are a little large but it shows the condition of the book pretty well. This book is difficult to find!

This is YAOI - if you don't know what that is, don't look.

This is Star Wars, Qui Gon/Obi Wan slash.

Ain't it grand! <3 <3 <3

Link to EBay, auction item #6518652253.

Auction Ends SUNDAY, March 20, 7:09pm
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selling... trading...again....

i need to sell or maybe trade these for other manga and dvds.. ^_^

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..and by the way, if you have ANY of the following, let me know ok?

Girl Got Game 4+
Kill Me Kiss Me 3-5
Model 3+
Hana Kimi 4+
Demon Diary 7
Blood The Last Vampire 2002 Manga
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For sale!!

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Clothes, VHS, DVD, PC games, cards, wall scrolls
Majority Sailor Moon items
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If interested, comment or e-mail me at Serious buyers only. No Paypal. Money orders, personal checks, or concealed cash(at your own risk) only. Ships to anywhere.