March 15th, 2005

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Only shipping to the US, sorry right now, and shipping will be determined by zip code, so if you're interested, leave that. It the items are requested by multiple people, we'll hold them for 24 hours before letting the next person have a chance at buying them, unless specifically requested that we hold them until a given date.

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Only accepting Paypal at the moment, sorry! Email is if you'd rather email than comment. Paypal is a different email, so for Paypal details, email or comment. Thanks!

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I need to get rid of this stuff and get some money. This is my first time posting on GSJ, but I have done sales and trades before.

Here's my list, for details visit the link below.

~American Girls Cards
~American Girls Card Binder
~Backstreet Boys Millennium CD
~A Tribute to Coldplay CD
~DBZ Hero Collection Part 3 Cards
~"Friend" Block Stamp Set
~Gundam Wing Comic #3
~Kanji Power Workbook
~Lucky Cat Charm
~Sailor Moon Graphic Novel #1
~Britney Spears Opps! I Did It Again CD
~Britney Spears Cassette - Baby One More Time
~STAMPERS Stamp Collecting Cards

I accept cash and money orders in United States Dollars only.
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More help. Please?

Hey I am looking for Mars vols 7-15 in english if anyone has them to sell Id be greatful!
Also am looking for Passion vol 2. Please comment or email sensei_x1999 at yahoo dot com if you can help!

Also searching for MUCC albums and more Nightmare as well as Plastic Tree. ^^.

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I'd prefer if you made an offer, but if you can't I will set a price when you ask and I do HAGGLE I'm very easy to let people get things at the price they want.


NOTE: Pictures on request.

Contacts: (MSN/Email), TantricChild (AIM).

I will not be on AIM until my computer's back, I am using my mother's at the moment!

Chobits 1 & 2 in English (Perfect Condition,Shelf Ware)
Chobits 3 & 4 in Japanese Characters (Perfect Condition,Shelf Ware)

CCS Collection 2(Plays perfectly, includes everything)
Chobits Soundtrack 1(Plays perfectly, includes everything)

Anime DVDS:
Angel Sanctuary(Perfect Condition) [SOLD]
Poke'mon the movie(Box worn,disc perfect)
Miyuki in Wonderland(Mirrorland also on it, perfect condition only played once)
Gravitation 1-3(Perfect Condition)

Anime VHS:
Cowboy Bebop Ballad of the fallen angels: Volume 3(Japanese,English Subtitles)
Digimon the movie(English)

Yuki(Mouse form)-Fruits Basket

Art Work(Commissions):
Make an offer, examples at:
I do Anime or Realism. My latest work isn't up yet.

Random(Candles never used):
Purple Amythest/February Bear holding plastic picture frame.
Turtle Candle with rainbow/tie dye like shell
Hope,Trust,Honesty candles


I take concealed cash and sometimes paypal if needed. I'm in Alberta,Canada
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Sailor Moon Stuff


Hi there I'm really in desperate need for money, and once again selling~

E-mail :

If anyone would like to see larger scans, more detailed images of any of the above, or have a question please dont hesitate to ask me.

As far as Shipping and Handling goes, I'll determine that once we've made the deal. These are all fairly small items so I can assure you the shipping wont be expensive. At the most $3. I live in the US and I can ship internationally, however those rates are diffrent. Email me for more info~.

And Lastly, I can only accept US Postal Money Orders or USD at your own risk, Sorry.


   Pink Plastic Mini Back-pack 4 USD
In Good condition with the exeption of a small grey stain on the front.

   Princess Pencil Set 1USD
This is a semi bootleg Pencil set. Each pencil has one original Sailor Moon Character on it and one that's been altered.

   Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Wrapping paper 3 USD
Click for Detail. Works great as a book cover too! Taken out only to scan detail. Though I should mention that there's A wrinkle in the paper, but it could easily be ironed out.

   Petite Figurine : Sailor Moon 5USD Each
The doll is in great condition, however the card that comes with these series of Figurines has been removed. (I have four of these particular figurines, so if more than one person is intrested please let me know.)

   Pink Coin Purse 2USD
Very cute, and fair condition.

monkey car rape

Lone Wolf and Cub volumes 1-16 - Novel "Anime Explosion" by: Patrick Drazen - camera phone for sale!


Lone Wolf and Cub volumes 1-16 for sale!
$150 asking price but I will consider other offers because I am desperate for money.


Novel "Anime Explosion" by: Patrick Drazen
369 pages not including pages to write viewing notes in the back. This book contains 23 essay style chapters on anime relted topics from "A Page Right Out of History" to "Birth and Death and Rebirth: Reincarnation in Anime" and chapters on specific series like Sailor Moon, Evangelon, and Key the Metal Idol. There is even a chapter on the Pokemon invasion. XD
Retail $18.95 but I will sell for $10


T-moble Motorolla V300 Camera Phone for sale with Louie Vutton face plate. $200 with all original packaging. Right now it has a Rogers sim card but you can replace it. Face plate can lso be replaced.


Buyers in Toronto or GTA are eligible for free pick up or delivery.
panic attack!

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need money for food and rent next month ;__;
Singles are Mint Japanese Versions and come with OBI (if it originally came with it)
Each single is 6.50, but I can haggle with the prices A BIT.

ayumi hamasaki - seasons
ayumi hamasaki - Audience
ayumi hamasaki - love destiny/love since1999 3" [$10]
ayumi hamasaki - Forgiveness
ayumi hamasaki - A Song is Born
ayumi hamasaki - H {white}
ayumi hamasaki - &
ayumi hamasaki - Daybreak
ayumi hamasaki - VOYAGE
ayumi hamasaki - A
ayumi hamasaki - Evolution
ayumi hamasaki - Endless Sorrow
ayumi hamasaki - Vogue
ayumi hamasaki - Never Ever
ayumi hamasaki - Far Away
ayumi hamasaki - M
ayumi hamasaki - Unite!
ayumi hamasaki - Free & Easy {first press} $7.50
ayumi hamasaki - Surreal
ayumi hamasaki - Boys and Girls
ayumi hamasaki - Dearest

AI - 2004 AI (1st press) $15
Hitomi - Huma Rhythm (1st press) $15
Hitomi - H $15
Soulhead - lover, knight, man $3
Soulhead - Reflection (2cds) $10
Crystal Kay - Ck5, Candy, Girl U $25 for all 3 cds
utada hikaru - first love 3" (os) $10
utada hikaru - first love 3" $4
utada hikaru - movin' on without you 3" $6
utada hikaru - automatic 3" $6

I accept paypal (personal/credit card+fee), well concealed cash (yen,usd,cad), money orders/cheques (don't like these because bank takes a fee and wont clear until after rent is due)

Shipping is $5.50 for under 300g (usually 3-4 normal sized cds). I can ship without cd cases for alot cheaper. If you want references, just ask :x
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