March 16th, 2005

TV/Vampire Diaries - Caroline/Klaus


Shipping - $1 per book. I can only ship within the US. All prices are negotiable. I prefer paypal but I will accept money orders and cash (US$ & at your own risk).

All in English

Tsubasa:Resovoir Chronicle vo.1

Gate Keepers vo.1 - $4
Gate Keepers vo.2 - $4

Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind Perfect Collection vo.1

Get Backers vo.1 - $5
Get Backers vo.2 - $5
Get Backers vo.3

Naruto vo.1
Naruto vo.2 - 4$

Cheeky Angel vo.1

Revolutionary Girl Utena vo.1 - $5
Revolutionary Girl Utena vo.2 - $5

Shirahime-Syo (hardcover) - 15$

American books

The Catcher In The Rye (brand new/never read) - $7
by J.D. Salinger

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (hardcover) - $10
by Stephen King

A Night Without Armor - $5
Poems by Jewel

Want list
English only
Sensual Phrase 3+
Angel Sanctuary 2+

If you'd like to trade for something that is not on my want list just comment and let me know. Or if you are selling anything on my want list please let me know what you want for it, it's current condition, and any pictures you might have of the item(s). Thanks.

AIM: beautiful taboo

Selling to help get money for my trip to California in April.
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Need to sell this stuff. Shipping is 3 dollars even For cd's, 2 for flyers, and 4 for doujinshi all domestic shipping. I can ship internationally but the prices my change. I'm only accepting US Postal Money order or US cash (at your own risk) right now.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! E-mail me at

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Kaggra, cd's

I am selling extra copies of cd's I own.

1)Dir En Grey's latest cd "Withering to Death"
1st edition. Opened only for pics, never played. Slipcase, separate lyric booklet. SOLD!

2)Kagrra,'s latest two singles" "Genmei no Katachi" (cd on the left in pic) and "Sarasoju no Komoriuta" (cd in the right side of pic). Please be advised that for the "Genmei" single, its b-side is "Sarasoju no Komoriuta" and for the "Sarasoju" single, "Genmei no Katachi" is its b-side. However, the hidden track in each single is a different live song. Still in their wrappers and with their price tags XD.
$14.00 each + shipping. Pic:

3)Moi Meme Moitie Gothic Lolita knee socks. These were purchase at Mana's store three years ago. NEVER WORN, taken out of bag just for pics. These are no longer available. SOLD!!!

Payments accepted for these items: money orders, hidden cash, checks (you can send a check but I will send item until your check clears) only!! Sorry about that. NO Paypal for these items.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or email me at ayonoi @ (without the spaces)

Thanks for looking!

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Goods for sale!!

Hi everyone, I have anime/manga related stuff for sale. Prices are negotiable. Just click on my username! I will consider trades, but not for anime or manga!

*Rurouni Kenshin pencil pouch
*Tamahome & Miaka Poster
*Anime Addicts Anonymous t-shirt
*Happy Bunny iron-on patch & pin
*pink polka dot skirt (perfect for cosplay)
*striped legwarmers

My two cents: I feel let down by the publisher who translates Duck Prince.


I was wondering if anybody had any Cardcaptor Sakura things they want to sell. I already gots the manga, but anything else is cool. Sorry but I can only pay with concealed cash. Please help me. Anything you wanna sell is good so....
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