March 19th, 2005

Kirito- Enemy

I Need Money!!!!

I'm selling the following items:

Manga:(shipping not included, in great condtion)
Model 1-2 12$ or 6$ each
Chobits 1 6$
Shounen Jump March 2005

Kisou by Dir en grey, factory sealed 8$ (including shipping)

I accept MO and well concealed cash only. I"m pretty set with the prices but I"m willing to haggle a bit. I only ship to the U.S. For a picture feel free to e-mail me at
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Wondering if anyone is intrested in Best of Inuyasha v1 and 2? Also have an Inuyasha plush keychain.
*The cds are used but in great condition. But I think it's bootleg.
*The plush key chain is out of the box, but still in great condition.Its about 4 inches tall.
CD:Both CDs for $15 or $8 for 1CD.S&H is probably $2 if live u in the USA. Other places $3
Plush key chain:Asking for 7 shipping. Its about 4 inches tall. The pic. is in this address:
All prices can be negotiable.
Accepts Postal Money Order or cash only.
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(no subject)

Relisting in a desperate effort to get rid of this stuff. Prices are negotiable, but please consider that I need $$$. Shipping not included. I'm still up for trades. My wishlist is here:

Thanks for looking!

aim: Love2000AMGlam

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DBZ Hero Collection Part 3 Cards ::On Hold::

Two packs of opened cards from this series. Comes with the two wrappers and binder insert cards. They have been kept in card sleves and are in excellent condition. I'm not selling them individually. $3 for the lot.

Regular: 285, 286, 287, 288, 289, 294, 300, 303, 307, 243, 246, 252, 255, 256, 261, 265, 273, 275
Prismatic: 318 and 319


"Friend" Block Stamp Set ::On Hold::

Item: This is a stone stamp of the Chinese character for "friend'. Comes with ink and velvet lined box. The ink is red and hard to wash off. Good condition, I only used it a few times. Most of the ink is still with it. $3 USD


Gundam Wing Comic #3

Item: Heero Versus Zechs, A Hot Battle On Antarctica. This is a single comic, not a graphic novel! Published by Tokyopop in 2000. Has been kept in a clear sheet protector since I got it. $4 USD

Kanji Power Workbook

Learn how to read and write the 240 kanji learned by Japanese students. You will need to be familar with hiragana and katakana to use this book. This copy is just like new and has no practice writing on any of the pages. $10 USD


Lucky Cat Charm ::On Hold::

Item: Has something to do with bringing good luck and fourtune to you. I'm not really familar with it. Comes with box, and mat as shown. It hasn't been out of the box very much. $1.50 USD


Sailor Moon Graphic Novel #1

This is a rare first edition book, published by TokyoPop. Covers the first 5 chapters of the Sailor Moon Manga series. A bit worn around the edges, and a bit soiled on the side but in great condition otherwise. $12 USD or best offer.
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(no subject)

Hi. I was wondering if anyone has or knows of a place to get a Kumagoro plushie like the one in Gravitation. I'd do practically anything for one. I don't have a trade list or anything but if you'd like to trade, tell me what you want, I probably have it lying around somewhere. Please someone, I am begging you :D
One of THOSE
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(no subject)

I accept checks, paypal (preferred), or money order. You CAN send cash, but it's pretty risky. Sooooo... I won't send the books out until I receive the mo/check/cash. Please leave a comment if interested in anything. Negotiations are welcome.

Shipping outside of US: cost depends on how many books you'll buy. I'll pay for a bit of it, but it would be nice if you can get most of the cost down.

Books will be shipped via Media Mail within US
If not indicated that s/h is free:
1 - 5 books = $1-2 s/h
6 - 15 books = $4 s/h
16+ = $6 s/h

No Need For Tenchi!, original $15.95 versions
vol 1-5, vol 6-11 - $7 each
first 5 vol: $28

X/1999, original $15.95 versions
vol 1-4, 7 - $7 each
whole set: $32

Evangelion, original $15.95 versions
vol 1, 5 - $7 each
buy both: $12

Ayashi no Ceres, original $15.95 version
vol 1: $6

Inu-Yasha, original $15.95 version
vol 1: $6

Fushigi Yuugi, original $15.95 versions
vol 5, 6 - $6 each
buy both: free s/h

Dragon Ball vol 13, Yu-Gi-Oh! vol 1
Each one: $4.50
Buy both: $8

If anybody wishes to buy all of the Evangelion, Ayashi no Ceres, IY, FY, DB, and YGO, I'll sell the whole set for $35. Or if you're willing to buy everything here, I'll sell it all for $65.
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SPRING CLEANING IS HERE!. All earrings are brand new, never worn, of super quality and priced in USD. Money orders & cash only at this time. Click on the photos for LEGWARMERS/ARMWARMERS, TOPS, SKIRTS, ANIME GOODS, & more! Most prices are negotiable! Will consider trades. <lj user="hwang">
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