March 26th, 2005


x Fanatic Crisis (Shoxx Feb 2005) $5
x Plastic Tree (Shoxx Oct 2004) $5
x Psycho le Cemu (Shoxx July 2005) $5
x Huge double-sided T.M.R poster from Arena 37C: Front Back $7

x tactics furoku poster $5
x Gundam Wing</a> $5
1 2 3
x Hunter x Hunter promo poster

I'm in Singapore. If you're interested in any of these, leave a comment with the country you're in so I can calculate shipping. I accept non-credit card Paypal.
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I posted this in my personal journal so that my friends who aren't on this community could see it incase there was something they were interested in, so the link below will take you to my journal. If there is something you want, please comment in my journal instead of here. That makes it easier incase I have community members and friends who want stuff. Thanks for looking!

Jrock and Anime Stuff


lareine stuff

Hey all...I was wondering if any of you had the following:

Lareine - Never Cage DVD Deluxe

Or could help me aquire their new book Jouou to iu Na no Kikoushi + Imperial Concerto single.

For the book, it's mail-order only, and I suspect you need a Japanese address (which I am lacking ;_;). In short, I would simply have it shipped to you, and then you'd ship it to me, and I would cover all expenses and add some kind of bonus to reward you for your kindness ^^

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I'd also like to know what other selling communities you all participate in, that deal more with general Japanese items/Jrock/Jmusic than anything else. If there are any. So that maybe I could ask around for more Lareine things ^^

No, I'm not just a big mooch, I still have these things for sale. ^^ Includes art commissions. Art is not a hobby, but a way of life *gong*.
Artie Super Happy by Conner

Lot of 300 Video Game Promo Posters on eBay!

I just listed a lot of 300 promo posters on eBay, mostly for video games but with a few for movies/music mixed in. See the auction for full details of course. Oh, and did I mention I'm starting the bidding at only $0.01 with no reserve? Please read the description before asking any questions, and I'd prefer if you use the 'ask seller a question' link on the auction for any questions you may have. :) Link ahoy!

300 posters, zomg!
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Samsara &amp; 6th Doctor

All item's must go! Clean out sale!

*Full DVD collector Set's R1: Ceres 1 and 2(each set has 12 ep's on it.)
*Prices reduced some on Ceres dvd's
*New manga's listed(ALL English!)
*Other item's
*Prom Dress(Make the lucky man drool!)

Will ship anywhere in the world!(just not space)

All items need to go! So please give them a good home to go to! Willing to haggle on prices!!

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