March 27th, 2005

Aaron Chang Bikini --NWT --Get Ready for Summer! ^o^

Hey guys ^-^ I've been lurking around here for a while, but never attempted to sell anything until now. It's not exactly anime-related--but I'll be listing some anime stuff soon ^-^;

What I'm selling is an Aaron Chang "Plumeria" Halter Bikini. It's brand new with tags--I've never worn it--because when I tried it on at home, I realized it was a bit too big for me in the bust--and of course swim suits are not returnable u_u;.

I paid almost $100 Canadian for the suit, and the starting bid is only $34.99 US--these suits are CRAZY expensive--but the quality is amazing--I have another one for myself ( the right size :P), and I swim often--the color hasn't faded at all, and there's no frays.

Anyway, the auction is here if anyone's interested ^-^

Image hosted by

(More pics on the auction page)
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HI ^^*

1.) The Kindaichi Case Files: No Noose Is Good Noose $6.00
2.) The Kindaichi Case Files: The Santa Slayings $6.00
3.) Eerie Queerie $5.00

Anyone interested in the 3 mangas? Leave me a msg or e-mail me at

Is anyone also interested in buying cellphones/ipods at low price? This is not my site, but I want to get my cellphone faster. =(
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If only everyone had a slinky...

(no subject)

Hello out there. I've got some stuff I desperately need to get rid of here. Or rather, I really need money and I thought I would try and see if I could find anyone interested in any of these DVDs I have. All region 1.

- The entire Trigun series on DVD, all 8 of them. (They aren't Signature Series versions, if that makes much of a difference, but I've always seen a very large difference in price between the two versions. They're in good condition, probably only watched a couple times. I'd really like to sell them as a set.) - asking for $150, but e-mail me and I might negotiate.
- Trigun: Angel Arms Vol. 5 (I bought it thinking I was missing one in my set, but I wasn't. It's the Signature Series version and still in the shrink wrap, I just couldn't get back to the store I bought it at in time to return it.) - $12
- Boogiepop Phantom box set (I don't know the show at all, but from what I gather it's 4 DVDs with the entire series on them and a soundtrack? All DVDs in great condition, but case itself just looks like it's been around a while.) - $45
- Tenchi in Tokyo: A New Love Vol. 5 - $9

Unfortunately, my camera has ceased to exist, so I wasn't able to get any pictures easily to share with you all, but upon request I can do what I can to get a camera from a friend to get pictures of the items, but I assure you they are all in good condition. I've just acquired them and really don't have an interest in them currently.

I can accept Pay-pal ideally, but I'm willing to try and work with you if that's completely out of the question. Please contact me if you're interested.

e-mail: katyavix [at]
AIM SN: dream pinwheel

Shipping will depend on zip code, I'm willing to ship anywhere within the U.S. and Canada.
Soprano's do it on top
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(no subject)

I was wondering if anyone had anything Siam Shade. (Mainly CD's)

If you do comment here or e-mail me at

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ooo a butterfly

(no subject)

Alright, no pictures right now, my camera is MIA. (Lame!) Everything is best offer, though I might hold out on some of the rarer items. Buyer pays shipping, I take Paypal and money order.

Here are my current offerings :
- Bubblegum Crash OST 1, original Japanese release, good condition. Out of print, I'm talking seriously old stuff here.
- Best of Lost Universe CD, Sonmay release. Very good condition. Great for Hayashibara Megumi fans, there are some awesome remixes on here.
- Sailormoon : Ai wa Doko ni Aru No?, Sonmay release. Good condition, but definitely loved. It's a music/drama CD, from the very first season of Sailormoon - Only has Moon, Mercury and Mars!
- SailormoonS movie VCD. I bought this thinking it was a music CD when I started out with Sailormoon. It's in Japanese with Chinese subtitles, I believe, but I really haven't watched it in a while.
- Care Bears Cheer Bear plush backpack. Small size, very cute. Could be de-stuffed to make the bag able to hold more. Very good condition.
- Hello Kitty plush backpack, new with tags (unless they've fallen off by now - I haven't seen it in a while). Black dress, super cute.
- Negima manga vol 1
- Kodocha manga vol 1
- Erica Sakurazawa : Nothing But Loving You manga

Trying to come up with money to close my bank account. For anyone looking for a new bank, Charter One is the WORST bank ever. Ever. Seriously. I'll tell you all about it if you want. *laugh*
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CDs anyone?

Everything is official (probably bought in jpn or japanese bookstore and such).
shipping w/in US/canada: $4 for up to 3 albums, $5 for 3+
shipping for other places: $5 for up to 3 albums, $7 for 3+

I accept NON-CREDIT/DEBIT CARD paypal payments in USD.
For those of you living w/in the US, i can do MO and checks too.

*edit* if total payment (including s/h) is below $30,
credit card paypal payment is fine too...
other than that, you'll have to pay the extra fee. sorry;;

Dir en grey / MACABRE (album) $20 sold. thanks!
Pierrot / Heaven (w/ the photobook) (album) $15 sold. thanks!
Pierrot / ID Attack (album) $15 on hold
Plastic Tree / Cut (w/ the transparant film slide thing) (album) $18 sold. thanks!
Plastic Tree / Toroi merai (album) $18 on hold

aiko / Natsu fuku (album) $13
Bump of Chicken / Tentai kansoku (single) $10
globe / Faces Places (album) $13
Hamazaki Ayumi / The Best (album) $13
Hirai Ken / The Changing Same (album) $13
Kiroro / Nagai aida (album) $8
Yaita Hitomi / di-a-mond (album) $8

SET Shiina Ringo / Shouso strip (album) and Mayonaka wa junketsu (single) $18
SET Zard / The Best (memorial) & The Best (singles collection) (both albums) $13
Mr. Children / Tour 99 "Discovery" 2-CD memorial set $13

i also have ebay auction for jpns goth/loli/punk/visual/street brand clothings and the like... please take a look if interested**
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Happy Easter :D

Region 1 anime DVD:
Pilot Candidate - Working Together (Vol. 3) - $8
Excel Saga Vol. 1 - $7
Fruits Basket vol. 1- $8 (has a crack on the bottom of the case)

English manga:
Wish Vol. 1- Collecters edition w/slip cover- $5

These manga have my name written on the inside cover in pen. Sorry :\.
$4 each (unless otherwise noted):
Candidate for Goddess- Vol. 1
Cardcaptor Sakura- Vol. 7-10
Digimon- Vol. 1-2
Digimon Seasion 02- Vol. 1
Dragon Knights- Vol. 2
Fruits Basket Vol. 1, 3 & 4
Inu-Yasha- Vol. 11 (old big version) ($6)
Juvenile Orion- Vol. 1
Ragnarok- Vol. 1
Rave Master- Vol. 1

Hong Kong DVD (Japanese dialogue, English and Chinese subtitles):
Wolf's Rain Box set (Episodes 1-26, dvds never watched)- $30
Gundam Seed Vol. 1 (Eps 1-4) $7
Shaman King complete series (9 DVDs): $45
Saiyuki Reload Vol. 1 (Eps 1-8) $8
DNAngel Vol. 1 (Eps 1-8) - $6
DNAngel Vol. 2 - (eps 9-17) - $7
Getbackers (Entire series) - $30

Fushigi Yugi Vol.7 VHS (dubbed)- $4

Plushies: (from non-smoking home)
Kuro Neko- $5

Ryo-ohki (Tenchi Muyo)

Newtype magazine 12/04- New with all inserts (flipped through once) - $9

I have many L'arc~en~Ciel/Fullmetal Alchemist 8.5x11" Tofu Records flyers, $2.50 each SHIPPING INCLUDED. Each additional flyer is $1.

I accept $USD Paypal (PREFERRED), money order, and concealed cash.

I'm willing to give you a deal if you buy many items! I will also negotiate prices if you think something is too much :D.
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(no subject)

I'm not setting prices for anything because this stuff needs to go, I really need the money so if you are interested name a price and we can haggle. Also post your email address so I can contact you.
I accept cash,check, or postal money order and I can ONLY ship to USA or Canada.
Shipping is $2 to $4 depending on what you buy.
****Don't agree to pay if you aren't planning to send the money because it just wastes my time.

Yami No Matsuei Japanese artbook called "Sketchbook" by Yoko Matsushita
comes with stickers, pretty color pages, scenes from manga,and character sketches

DN ANGEL Japanese manga volume 1

DN ANgel Neutral Kadokawa Postcard Collection
24 beautiful cards full of amazing artwork

Megumi Hayashibara (seiyuu)
music CD Vintage A
Purchased in Taiwan

Puffy Ami Yumi
U.S. release of CD

Ryuichi Kawamura
Cranberry Soda
official Japanese CD

Love Hina Bi-Lingual Manga
Japanese AND English
purchased at kinokuniya in NYC

Large manga books 300-400 pages with some color posters, Sorry no furoku:
Sho-Comi issue 9/5/02
works by Mayu Shinjou and other artists
comes with mini "first H" artbook
a more risque book for teen girls...cough

Ribon issue April 2003

Magaret (magareto マガレット)
issue 5/20/2000
Hana Yori Dango..etc

MANGA Card Captor Sakura Master Of The Clow
Tokyo Pop English Manga #1,2,3,4,5

Tokyo Underground (Japanese Manga) Volume 2

Cross Oneself (Japanese manga) Volume 1

Yorozuya Tokaido Honpo (Japanese Manga) Volume 1

Kaikan Phrase (Japanese Manga) Volume 1

B-Wanted Japanese manga Volume 1

Urukyuu Japanese manga Volume 2
Urukyuu Japanese manga Volume 3

How To Draw Manga Volume 1
How To Draw Manga Volume 2

Anime Essentials
panic attack!

(no subject)

I have a first press version of L'arc en Ciel's ARK (sparkly jewel case, special booklet/obi thing, picture disc)

anyone interested? i need some paypal funds to pay for some school books x_x

I also have 2 of l'arcs fan club books

Gackt - vanilla (3 inch singles)
->plastic cover slip, obi, open up folder like case, flyer, insert~

Gackt - Mirror
-> OBI, inserts

Gackt - Last Song
-> OBI, inserts

Gackt - Moon
-> first press, hard cover version

Hide - Tribute Spirits
-> obi, sticker

all AYU singles come with OBI (if there was one originally)
ayumi hamasaki - seasons
ayumi hamasaki - Audience
ayumi hamasaki - love destiny/love since1999 3"
ayumi hamasaki - Forgiveness
ayumi hamasaki - A Song is Born
ayumi hamasaki - H {white}
ayumi hamasaki - &
ayumi hamasaki - Daybreak
ayumi hamasaki - VOYAGE
ayumi hamasaki - A
ayumi hamasaki - Evolution
ayumi hamasaki - Endless Sorrow
ayumi hamasaki - Vogue
ayumi hamasaki - Never Ever
ayumi hamasaki - Far Away
ayumi hamasaki - M
ayumi hamasaki - Unite!
ayumi hamasaki - Free & Easy {first press}
ayumi hamasaki - Surreal
ayumi hamasaki - Boys and Girls
ayumi hamasaki - Dearest

AI - 2004 AI (1st press)
Hitomi - Huma Rhythm (1st press)
Hitomi - H $15
Soulhead - lover, knight, man
Soulhead - Reflection (2cds)
Utada - First Love 3 inch
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various things for sale

I have a load of stuff I wouldn't mind getting rid of. Take a look if you're interested;

I also have some stuff on eBay (thanks to my friend letting me use his account) HERE ^___^; I will also ship anything off there to anywhere too, although I imagine the shipping costs for some of the items to be obscene o_o

Collapse )

If you would like anything from this list, please feel free to comment. I am open to a little haggling price-wise, but please be senisible. ALSO, I am not open to trades, so please don't ask if I would trade for other things. I might have considered it last year, but after trading something and getting bootleg CDs in return, I was not happy. I need the cash to pick myself up some Japanese PSP games anyway ^^;

In terms of shipping; I will post to anywhere in the world (I am located in the UK) but shipping costs will vary. It shouldn't be too expensive to ship to places like the USA though as all these items are relatively light. I am willing to take POSTAL ORDERS and CHEQUES from people in the UK as well as Paypal. For anyone outside of the UK, I can only take Paypal as a form of payment.

I can also provide pictures upon request, altough they will be ones using a webcam as that's all I have access to right now D:

Thank you, and have fun!
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Bag a bag!

PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING. Money order or concealed cash only. NO PAYPAL or personal checks. PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. Will consider trades.

Red Sling Wool Bag $8  from the GAP            Tan/Blue Wool Purse Shoulderbag $15 from the GAP

Image hosted by

Cork Handle Handbag $6 from OLD NAVY     Boys' Brief Wallet Pouch $5 PENDING from Loop NYC IIParcel
PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING. Money order or concealed cash only. NO PAYPAL or personal checks. PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE.

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(no subject)

Brand new items! These <strong>legwarmers</strong> are $6 a pair. I have 3 pairs of the white ones and 2 pairs of the pink ones left. The pink is a lot brighter irl. I have only one pair of the black/gray striped ones left. I also have one pair of green/black and and one pair of yellow/black striped <strong>knee-hi socks</strong>, also $6 a pair. I accept money order & cash only. Noooo paypal or personal checks, please! Shipping is $4 Priority Mail for up to four pairs.
Image hosted by
Please buy some from me. <3

Sonic &amp; Amy

More stuff for sale on eBay (DVDs, CDs) 1 cent opening bids, no reserve!

I listed 30 more items on eBay tonight. All comprised of Region 1 anime DVDs, import anime CD soundtracks, and also import anime CD singles. All are official merchandise, no bootlegs of course. And I've started all of them with an opening bid of $0.01 and no reserve! So check it out! Here's a full list:

Click here to view my listings on eBay now!

Region 1 DVDs
- Excel Saga - Vol. 1 (Anime DVD) Region 1
- Excel Saga - Vol. 2 (Anime DVD) Region 1
- Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 1: Eps 1-4 DVD Anime
- Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 2: Eps 5-8 DVD Anime
- Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 3 Eps 9-11 DVD Anime
- Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 4: Eps 12-14 DVD
- Saber Marionette J Again: Eps 1-6 Anime DVD Region 1
- Saber Marionette J to X Vol. 1: Eps 1-5 Anime DVD, R1
- Saber Marionette J to X Vol. 2: Eps 6-10 Anime DVD, R1
- Saber Marionette J: Vol. 1 Anime DVD Eps 1-9, Region 1
- Saber Marionette J: Vol. 2 Anime DVD Eps 10-17, Region1
- Sailor Moon S: Heart Collection I (Vol. 1) Anime DVD
- Sailor Moon S: Heart Collection II (Vol. 2) Anime DVD
- Sailor Moon SuperS Pegasus Collection 1 Vol.1 Anime DVD
- Sailor Moon SuperS Pegasus Collection 7 - Anime DVD, R1

Import CDs
- VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire Import Anime CD Single
- Battle Athletes Import Anime CD PICA-0001
- Battle Athletes Music Collection Vol. 1 Import Anime CD
- Battle Athletes Music Collection Vol. 2 Import Anime CD
- El Hazard Import Anime CD Single PIDA-1021
- Escaflowne Original Soundtrack - Import Anime CD
- Magical Girl Pretty Samy - Import Anime CD PICA-1069
- Pokemon Meowth's Party Import Anime CD Single ZMDP-1027
- Pretty Sammy Import Anime CD Single PIDA-1036
- Saber Marionette J Import Anime CD Single KIDA-138
- Slayers Next Sound Bible I - Import Anime CD KICA-307
- Slayers Next Sound Bible III Import Anime CD (KICA-332)
- Tenchi Muyo Import Anime CD Single PIDA-1004
- Tenchi Muyo Import Anime CD Single PIDA-1012
- Tenchi Muyo Import Anime CD Single PIDA-1022

Click here to view my listings on eBay now!

Also don't forget that lot of 300 video game posters I have going this week. :) In my eBay listings, as well.

( I also have many individual posters for sale at this link if you're not interested in buying 300. Details on the page. $5 each! )

Its Gravitation

I have a region 1 boxset all 4 dvds in mint condition of Gravitation I would like to sell as a whole.. I will take best offer but I am hoping to get $55.... shipping should be like $4 I think...

I accept paypal, cash, MO or check... and shipping only to US right now. (so please dont ask if I ship elsewhere cause I dont sorry.)

Questions email
sensei_x1999 @ yahoo . com (no spaces)

also I have a few other items for sale:
INVU 1-3
Instant Teen
Pretear 1-2
Getbackers 1-3
Suki 1-3
Yu Yu Hakusho
Model vol 2
Alice 19th 1-2
prince of tennis
Demon Diary 1-3
Evils Return
these are all english manga I am asking $5 each will do discount shipping if possible...
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Hi everyone, I am selling the following english-language manga for $5.50 each plus shipping:

Confidential Confessions 1-2 (Reiko Momochi)
X-DAY 1-2 (Setona Mizushiro) *complete*
Bomber Girl (Niwano Makoto)
The Rising Stars of Manga 1 (miscellaneous artists)
Ragnarok 1-10 (Myung Jin Lee)
Blade of the Immortal VOLUME "Dreamsong" (Hiroaki Samura)

All books originally $9.99 (or more) each. All books in great condition! Buy at least 10 books and shipping is free!
I am also welcoming trades. (manga or other items / send me a list)

Click on image to see larger version!

IMPORTANT: Please email me directly at