March 29th, 2005

CDs/Photo Books


CD's --
Utada Hikaru - Deep River $10
Utada Hikaru - First Love $10
Utada Hikaru - Distance $10
Glay - Pure Soul $10
Glay - Heavy Guage $10
Gackt - Moon (First Press) $15 (5 copies of it)

Photo Books / Books --
Glay "Midnight Sun" $20
Luna Sea "Zoe" $22
Glay "NYC Shuffle" $20
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Japanese edition, hardcover, 2 books) $30
Shazna "Fantasia" $20
Gackt "Mizerable" $20
Glay "Life Record in America" Box $60

Comment about shipping info, I'll ship anywhere, and I prefer paypal but will accept other forms of payment ^^

stuff for sale by Mandy

Hi, this is Mandy again. I need some money so I can support my doll collection. So here's what I got:

American Girls Cards
American Girls Card Binder
A Tribute to Coldplay CD
Gundam Wing Comic #3
Kanji Power Workbook
Sailor Moon Graphic Novel #1
Britney Spears Opps! I Did It Again CD
Britney Spears Cassette - Baby One More Time
STAMPERS Stamp Collecting Cards

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Hi. =) I have some stuff to sell, too. (Re-posting) I'm REALLY trying to get rid of this stuff, so please negotiate if you think prices are too high.

I accept checks, paypal (preferred), or money order. You CAN send cash, but it's pretty risky. Sooooo... I won't send the books out until I receive the mo/check/cash. Please leave a comment if interested in anything. Negotiations are welcome.

Shipping outside of US: cost depends on how many books you'll buy. I'll pay for a bit of it, but it would be nice if you can get most of the cost down.

Books will be shipped via Media Mail within US


$15.95 versions
No Need For Tenchi! - vol 1
No Need For Tenchi! - vol 2
No Need For Tenchi! - vol 3 [pic for 1-3]
No Need For Tenchi! - vol 4
No Need For Tenchi! - vol 5 [pic for 4-5]
Neon Genesis Evangelion - vol 1
Neon Genesis Evangelion - vol 5 [vol 1, 5]
Ayashi no Ceres - vol 1 [pic]
Inu-Yasha - vol 1 [pic]
X/1999 - vol 1 [vol 1]
Fushigi Yuugi - vol 5
Fushigi Yuugi - vol 6 [vol 5-6]

Other versions
Dragon Ball - vol 13
Yu-Gi-Oh! - vol 1 [pic for DB & YGO]

Prices: If you buy all the manga, it'll cost $45.
If you buy all the manga, excluding the two FY on hold, it'll cost $32.
1-6 books: $6/each
7+: $30 for first 7 books, +$4 for each additional book

Ribon, Asuka, furoku
[Asuka 10/2004]
Price: $3
[Ribon 7/2004, Ribon 8/2004]
[Ai-baby Bag]
[Saboten's Secret comb]
[postcards, mini comic, Saboten's Secret little baggie]
[stickers, measures about 3" x 3"]
[scratch thingie]

Fliers/Advertisements/Promos/Whatever they're called
Each one: $1.50
Buy all: $4 (w/o the two on hold)
Shipping: $2 for as many as you buy
[karen (?)]

Set a price. I'll let them go for whatever. [pic]

NOTE ABOUT PICTURES: They were taken with a video camera, which means the quality sucks ass. >_> The actual items are all practically new.

Check here for more items: and If you buy from there also, you can save on s/h, because my friend and I will combine so you only pay one price for shipping.
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Stuff for sale

I have stuff up for sale so please check them out =) I do trades but my wants right now are kind of limited ^^; I'm looking for Gundam Seed/Seed Destiny Items right now, mainly artbooks.

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You can check out my feedback on my EBAY PAGE
I accept paypal, money orders, cashier check, and well concealed cash
I do Priority Mail and First class if requested. Airmail for Interntional bidders too

Please Note: if you order posters/wallscrolls with other items, I will have to charge you for two seperate shipments.

feel free to leave comments or email me at:
Thanks for looking!
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