March 30th, 2005

Updated List :D

Updated List:

I have lots of video game stuff too! If it isn't on the list, there is a chance I might be able to get it for you! Please remember that all of these games and books are in the original Japanese only Also, some games may be coded to work only with Japanese systems to be careful about that too :)

CD Special:
Utada Hikaru - Deep River, First Love, Distance $20 (all 3)

Glay - Pure Soul $10
Glay - Heavy Guage $10
Gackt - Moon (First Press) $15 (2 copies left)
Luna Sea - Image $10, Mother $10, Style $10, Shine $10, Luna Sea $10

There are lots of Shazna, B'z, and Globe CD's so if you have a request I may very well have it :)

Photo Books / Books --
Glay "Midnight Sun" $20 (1 copy left)
Luna Sea "Zoe" $22 (1 copy left)
Glay "NYC Shuffle" $20
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Japanese edition, hardcover, 2 books) $50
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Japanese edition, hardcover, 2 books) $30
Shazna "Fantasia" $20
Gackt "Mizerable" $20
Glay "Life Record in America" Box $60
Glay Tour Documentary "Groovy" $20

Video Games/Accessories:
I haven't listed prices for many of these because I am willing to negotiate, just comment or send me an e-mail at draigh at mail dot com. Generally I will base the price off of what I see it selling for on ebay ^^

Final Fantasy V (Super Famicom, Original Japanese, box + book included)
Final Fantasy VI (Super Famicom, Original Japanese, box + book included)
Chrono Trigger (Super Famicom, Original Japanese, Cartridge only)
Glay Complete Works (Playstation, Original Japanese, Box Set)
Eithea Deluxe Pack (Playstation I think?, Original Japanese, Box Set)
Used Beat Mania Controller (Playstation)
Used Taiko no Tatsujin Controller (PS2)
Sengoku Musou Treasure Box

There are lots of video game guides as well, so I might be able to find one for you (all in Japanese).
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FOR DIR EN GREY FANS, or if you like monkeys shooting beams! This cool shirt has a cool story along with the image, and it makes a reference to DIR EN GREY! The whole story is too long to type onto here, but it basically says that the monkey [ shoots beams and destroys the Japanese city of Nara to the tune of Dir en Grey's "Domestic Fucker Family" ]! It's funny! Comes in girl's size SMALL only in the colors shown below. (I do have guy's size L in a LIGHT ASH color)

Selling for $22 (per shirt) plus shipping. All shirts brand new, professionally screenprinted and comes with a free button!
Email me at if interested. Limited quantities available!



Lots of goodies!


I am selling the following in my selling LJ meowmixmiko so please go there for details ^_^

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Artbook

JAPANESE tankoubons of Ribon series
Erika Kurahashi: Cherries ni Kanpai!, Cinderella wa Nemurenai (volumes 1 & 2)
Jun Hasegawa: Umi Kara Kita Tenshi (volumes 1 & 2)
Megumi Mizusawa: Naisho no Princess (volumes 1 - 4), Oshaberi na Jikanwari (volumes 1 & 2), Toe Shoes (volumes 1 - 3)
Yue Takasuka: Good Morning Call (volumes 1 & 2)
Yumi Ootsuka: Drop Kick (volumes 1 & 2), Milk to Bitamin (volumes 1 & 2)

Japanese girls magazines
Cawaii! (Nov 2000)
Seventeen (No. 25 - Nov 15, 2000)
Olive (May 2003)

Anime/character goods
Evangelion poster - Ayanami Rei
Evangelion poster - Misate & Asuka
Evangelion - Misato keyring figurine (without chain)
Evangelion - Shinji ziplock plastic case
Tarepanda flashing pacer
Tarepanda organiser refill sheets
Tarepanda keyring

Shoujo manga back issues
RIBON - A whole crapload of back issues. Various 1997 - 2003 issues.
CIAO - 2000 June
NAKAYOSI - 1998 Jan, Feb, Apr. 2001 Jan, Apr.
MARGARET - 2001 Mar/Apr
PETIT FLOWER - 1999 Sept, Jun

I will be adding heaps more later, especially Ribon furoku! So keep an eye out ^_^


I am wondering if anyone has in english, Mars vols 7-15 they would sell to me?? Well any book volume would be okay as long as i can get all of them ....
Leehom - can't touch this

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Hey! Is anybody interested in Chinese/Japanese stuff? There's a Pearl River that I can go to that sells Chinese/Japanese stuff.

Here's the site that you can buy online: But I'm offering to go to the store and buy it for those who are interested and can't order things online. The thing is, I'm going to charge a small fee which would vary depending on the number of items and whatnot (I need money). So, would anybody be interested?

I will post more details when I see the response I get. Thanks!

I also got 3 little things for sale under the cut and trade question thing.

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eBay auctions

Hey all, trying to get some extra fundage for upcoming bills so away goes my anime collection! :( Check out my auctions:

I will be putting up more & more so keep looking! Up now is the entire Love Hina set and a rare Chobits keychain set.

***UPDATE** Added a whole lot more to eBay including the Hand Maid May DVD set, Battle Royale Manga volumes 1-5, Najica vol 1 w/box and panties ^-^, Nightwarriors set, and an Onegai Teacher lot with all the DVDs and the 2 manga volumes. Thanks!!
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Manga (Japanese And English), DVDs, Doujinshi, and Jrock <33

Well, I'm getting ready to take my first trip to Tokyo on May 1st, and I need to make a lot of money real quick to pay for my plane ticket and, well, being able to eat while over there would be pretty nice as well.  So I have cleaned out my room, and have found some items I'm willing to part with in the hopes that they find nice new homes <33 Please take a look, feel free to ask any questions and make offers, and if you need to see a picture or scan of anything, just let me know <33
Some of the items, like the DVDs and special Jrock Stuff, I'm honestly not sure how much to ask for, so please make me a reasonable offer if interested

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I'm also still offering prints from my dA Gallery (if you commented on my last post about prints, please let me know again here...sorry for the delay) for $10 each.  Each print is done on High Quality Glossy Photopaper.
And since I'm now desperate, my commisions are also open, the prices as follows:
(Prices are for up to 2 characters per drawing. If you desire more, please note for price):
8"X11" Black and White Sketch: $7
8"X11" Black and White Inked (can also use brown ink): $10
8"X11" Watercolor pic: $25
8"X11" CG color: $20 (Printed on high quality Parchment or Glossy Paper)

11"X14" Black and White Sketch: $10
11"X14" Black and White Inked (or brown): $15
11"X14" WaterColor Pic: $40
11"X14" Acrylic or Oil on Canvas Paper: $30

I can also send the picture to you matted for an extra $7 (this covers the extra shipping cost as well).
I CAN do larger original works, including postersize. If you are interested in that, or would like your commisione framed/matted, please send me a note.

I can accept Money Orders, Checks, WELL concealed cash, and paypal (send money/donations to Sorry, no credit cards D:

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Ganguro Ko-Gal Magazine - Ranzuki May 2005

Ranzuki May 2005 w/ double-sided April and May Calender pinup poster and JELLY mini-mag insert still attatched (small fold on the corner)

Fashion magazine for the Shibuya Ko-gal generation. Slightly less extreme than Ganguro/Yamanba-friendly "egg", the fashions here are actually wearable... even if the models are practically orange with fake-tanner, are fond of white lipgloss/eyeshadow and the emphasis on sexual promiscuity is rather high for a magazine aimed at older teens (there are a series of sent-in cleavage shots signed by 15 and 16 year olds and the sex test assumes you've done it QUITE a lot to score any points at all ~_~; ).

The highlight of the magazine is a 3-page long "H-Friend 100" test, awarding points for kinky acts (most with humorous photo accompaniment) and taking points away for various "Nos" (like wearing granny panties, not shaving your armpits or checking your cellphone during the act)

$11 including shipping via air from Japan. Paypal only.

Comment to claim.


Somehow I don't see my last post...if It got deleted i'm sorry for posting again.

I'm trying to earn money towards getting my fiance to Canada from the USA.
I'm doing art commissions and have many many anime items along with variety of games for xbox,ps2,gameboy,n64 and normal play station.
I have a few Dir en grey items also.

Ill update my list randomly of what I have, I have to much to remember off by heart.

Offer no set price

For art examples and item pictures please email msn) or tantricchild on aim.


Trigun's Vash Plushie
Gravitation 3 and 5(I have the others, ask if you really want them)
Hikaru No Go 1 [English]
Chobits 1-2 english 3-4 japanese(kanji)
Neopet figurines
Happy Bunny figurines
Chii in Tyrolean dress figurine
neopet tamagotchi like toy(aisha)
2 ron stoppable and 1 rufus figurines from kim possiable
Dir en grey Macabre tour DVD plays perfectly
Dir en grey Gauze DVD plays perfectly
Saku Album plays perfectly
SIMS 2 (never played)
Chii poster
Naruto poster
Inuyasha Wallscroll
Hikaru no go poster
Gravitation poster
Gravitation dvd 1-3 episodes
Purple february bear holding a picture frame
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m-flo, Iceman or Tokyo Babylon?

Hello~! I've got some money, so I'm interested in purchasing any m-flo or Iceman CDs/DVDs/Magazines/Merchandise. If anyone has any to sell me, let me know~

As well, I'm also looking for any Tokyo Babylon merchandise/CDs/The OAV DVD/Live Action Movie/Whatever! I already have most of the English manga, but anything else would be awesome :D

Thanks for taking the time to read this, to help a girl get her m-flo/Tokyo Babylon fix!!
wheegaia!  :D

(no subject)

I'm looking for the latest volumes of Eerie Queerie - 3 & 4, and any others if they've come out yet. I'd also like the fifth volume of Paradise Kiss, preferably purple binding, but I'll take the new kind too. Would anyone be willing to trade?

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Currently I've just got other GNs up for offer. I think a novel for a novel would be fair, but it is negotiable. Pictures (scans) available upon request. Please drop me a comment. :3
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Yaoi mangas all english for sale

I've got three english yaoi manga's for sale, one of them is Pretty much brand new and you can't tell it was even read.
Titles are as follows:
Only The Ring Finger Knows
Golden Cain
Kizuna Vol. 1

A few Sailor Moon items added, and beanies prices were reduced, please take a look I really want ot get rid of these things!
Please CLick my LJ store name to see prices of the books/other item's I'm selling: heathers_junk

J-rock magazine, Shounen Ai mangas and other junk for sale

So I am selling a bunch of manga and anime off, including full sets of some things, have a look:

All manga is translated (english).

August 2004 Fool's Mate: Pierrot on cover, also has lots of pictures and articles about Mana, Malice Mizer (with Gackt), Dir en grey, Miyabi, Daishi (of Psycho le cému), and La'cryma Christi. $15

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Eerie Queerie : I have all volumes of this shounen ai manga for sale. You can buy the entire set for $20, or individual volumes for $5. The series is 4 volumes long, beautiful artwork, and great shounen ai scenes.

Love Hina *bilingual* mangas for sale. If you don't know what bilingual manga is and are interested, ask. I have volumes 1, 3 and 4 for sale, $5 each.
Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 1 manga. $5

And also a bunch of wallscrolls for $10 each:
Trigun, Fushigi Yuugi, and Sailormoon

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I'm selling a purple wig with big bangs that could be useful for a variety of cosplays like Anthy, Misato, Shampoo, or Noriko.

And this gothic dress by Eternal for super cheap.

I accept paypal and money orders but paypal is preferred. If you want more pictures of items, please ask me. I do not 'hold' items for people, whoever pays first gets the goods. Thanks. :)

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