April 6th, 2005

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I need money to live this week.. x_x

Region 1 anime DVD:
Pilot Candidate - Working Together (Vol. 3) - $8
Excel Saga Vol. 1 - $7
Fruits Basket vol. 1- $8 (has a crack on the bottom of the case)

English manga:
Wish Vol. 1- Collecters edition w/slip cover- $5

These manga have my name written on the inside cover in pen. Sorry :\.
$4 each (unless otherwise noted):
Candidate for Goddess- Vol. 1
Cardcaptor Sakura- Vol. 7-10
Digimon- Vol. 1-2
Digimon Seasion 02- Vol. 1

Dragon Knights- Vol. 2
Fruits Basket Vol. 1, 3 & 4
Inu-Yasha- Vol. 11 (old big version) ($6)
Juvenile Orion- Vol. 1
Ragnarok- Vol. 1
Rave Master- Vol. 1

Hong Kong DVD (Japanese dialogue, English and Chinese subtitles):
Wolf's Rain Box set (Episodes 1-26, dvds never watched)- $30
Gundam Seed Vol. 1 (Eps 1-4) $7
Shaman King complete series (9 DVDs): $45
Saiyuki Reload Vol. 1 (Eps 1-8) $8
Getbackers (Entire series) - $30

Fushigi Yugi Vol.7 VHS (dubbed)- $4

Plushies: (from non-smoking home)
Kuro Neko- $5

Ryo-ohki (Tenchi Muyo)

Hikaru Utada - Exodus (US release)-
listened to once, wonderful condition

Fruits Basket - Memory For You (US release)
CD in wonderful condition

Newtype magazine 12/04- New with all inserts (flipped through once) - $9

I have many L'arc~en~Ciel/Fullmetal Alchemist 8.5x11" Tofu Records flyers, $2.50 each SHIPPING INCLUDED. Each additional flyer is $1.

I accept $USD Paypal (PREFERRED), money order, and concealed cash.

I'm willing to negotiate prices, and please ask me for the shipping cost. I do ship internationally.
Artie Super Happy by Conner

Posters, Posters, Posters! Video game and anime promo posters!

Okay, it's me again posting about all those hundreds of posters I have for sale. But this time it's different! I've simplified the ordering process so no longer do you have to email me and hope what you want is still in stock... I've listed it all in my eBay store! What's listed there is exactly what I have available. Prices are only $5.50 per poster, and shipping costs are specified on the listings.

So if you want to browse through my selection of video game, anime, etc posters, then go check out my eBay store! You can even search within it. So happy hunting!
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Heya Kitties,

I have an amazing Floral set made from lovely burgandy floral fabric up for direct sale that I had commissioned from a lovely seller & was wondering if anyone was interested, I really need the cash so I'm looking for the best offers. I will ship worldwide & shipping within the UK will be £6 & £10 outside, I prefer PayPal but am willing to accept Cash or a Cheque from within the UK. With this set you get the Top, Skirt, Neck Chocker, Hair Barrette, Brooche & Matching Headbow, to see more pics click the image below. It's a size Large, I'm a 14UK/10-12US & it fit me fine & the measurements are as follows:

-Chest: Up to 38" Max
-Waist: Up to 33" Max

-Waist: Free size as it's elasticated
-Hips: Free

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*Hugs & Rainbow Sparkles*
Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Manga and Doujinshis and Sailor Moon Items for Sale <3

Heya guys~ I am trying to pay off a credit card bill and selling some of the stuff I don't really read any more so I am not sure if anyone is interested in anything behind the LJ cut.

I accept Paypal, Money Orders, Personal Checks and well concealed cash.

Buyer pays for shipping~ ^^

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Just reply here if you want me to put anything on hold and leave your email address for me too~ ^^

Thanks a ton for checking out my stuff! ^o^ Any questions? Please ask! I will answer asap! :D
luna &amp; sailormoon

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Items include: Sanrio products, Pokemon products, LANCOME makeup products, purses, pants, skirts, shirts, stickers, buttons, shoe buckles, jewelry, shoes, band merch.