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07 April 2005 @ 04:26 am
My list:

English shoujo & shounen-ai manga:
Eerie Queerie vol 1-4 (complete) - $20 for the set
From Eroica With Love vol 1-2 - $10 for the set

More items (warning: mostly yaoi and BL goods and doujinshi)...Collapse )
Moi dix Mois - Nocturnal Opera CD
Gackt - Oasis single
Gackt - Sekirei ~seki ray~ single

Maico 2010 vol. 1
Vampire Princess Miyu vol.5
Gundam 0079 #16 [in Italian]
Inu Yasha #9 [in Italian]
Kappa Magazine #135 [in Italian]

Max Payne promo poster
MTV Music Generator 3 promo poster
Manhunt promo poster

Shoxx 126 / Aug 2003

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A couple of AI-TEN news items today.

1st of all: Convention Season is Coming~~~~

For those small businesses or individuals interested in selling doujinshi at their dealers booths, AI-TEN would like to extend an offer of our bulk buying service.

Preowned Doujinshi can be purchased for resale by series (at our discretion, you do not get to specify more than series) in bundles of 50. Our regular charge for doujinshi is $10 a book + shipping (regular air). But under our bulk offer, we will sell books to businesses at a rate of $6 + $85 total shipping (book-rate air) per pack. (approx. $8.00 per book in breakdown)

Unless otherwise requested: packs will most likely be a mix of gen, yaoi, yuri, and ocaisional hentai material (hentai runs a bit expensive even resale).

Multiple series may be requested: ie. "50% Full Metal Alchemist, 50% Naruto". Multiple packs may be purchased, but payment for large orders is required in advance.

We can also provide doujinshi flyers at no extra charge for decorating your booth.

Serious inquiries to shounenaiten@yahoo.co.jp


AI-TEN has donated prizes to our friends at dokidoki for their Design contest. All of the prizes are yaoi/shounen ai themed. If you have interest in joining in, please check out the contest webpage:

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07 April 2005 @ 05:29 pm
Dorama. Harry Potter. GLAY. SM. Morning Musume. CD. UFO Catchter.
Name your price! // I accept paypal only!
My paypal address is vanessa_aikawa@yahoo.com
Only shipping to USA. I have referances here and my Ebay handle is Bradx420
Leave me comments! Let's talk cause I want this stuff out of here!

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I'm looking to sell these dvds. Their all brand new, purchased online from Yesasia. I'm looking to get 6-10 dollars per dvd.. The reason I am selling them is because they are all Region 3 dvds with MPEG-2 formatting and won't play in my dvd-player. If you're interested, you can either comment or email me directly at: xamburr@yahoo.ca
Just a test.
07 April 2005 @ 07:40 pm
I have 10 volumes of Vampire Game I would like to sale

You can buy the set for $45 (not includ s&h) or individual for $5 each (s&h not inc)

Gravitation dvds for sale 1-4. I want to sell as a box because I dont want the box but
if you want I can sell individually at $12 eac. (sorry but three of the dvds I opened but didnt watch...

Also selling:
XXX holic (7$ each brand new!!!)
Alice 19th $5 ea or both $8
INVU 1-3 (buy three at $14 or 5 each)
Kizuna (yaoi/english)- make offer
WISH 1-4 $5each
Model vol 2 $5

Mars 1-8 (buy all for $35 otherwise 5 each)

I can trade too if you have what I like, just show me your list upon inquiring.

Take paypal, cash at own risk , checks or money orders

Shipping can be your choice ... priority, 1st class or media.
Also can only ship to US right now...
07 April 2005 @ 08:27 pm
hmm... a pretty wallscrollCollapse )

Go here for everything else: stuff2sell