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Hi. I'm not here to sell anything, but rather request/search for something. Does anybody have the Gravitation backstage passes [that came with the DVDs when they were first released] for sale? I have the first two, but I bought the last two DVDs from a different company, which didn't include the passes. I'm a completely obsessive Gravitation fan, and I have to say having the passes is absolutely essential to both my collection and my peace of mind. I posted asking about these a while ago, and somebody was supposed to sell the last two passes to me, but she never replied, even though I sent payment. *sigh*

Anyway, if anybody has these or any idea of where I could get them, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Sorry, I haven't posted here before...
And even *more* sorry that I don't have pictures, because I don't have a digital camera, but if really needed, I could see if I can get a friend to take pictures...
I'm so desperate for money, so I'm trying to sell stuff...
Uhm. If you'll be Godly and buy something, you can come up with some price if it's reasonable? Comment here, or e-mail me at ashusatan666@gmail.com

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Yay! Money needed for vacation :)

Morning Musume pillow!

In excellent shape, still in the plastic I bought it in, haven't used it once. GREAT to decorate a bed or chair, or even put it in your car as a back cushion or decoration! $25 (shipping already included)

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Mari Yaguchi, one of the cutest and coolest members of Morning Musume - in photo form! Each photo is $3 each, or you can buy the whole set for $35. If you want to pay by paypal, I will only allow it if you buy the set or at least 3 photos, because of the fees paypal enforces. Sorry =(

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In excellent shape. I've only watched it 2 or 3 times. I couldn't get into it. Legit release by Viz. $25 (shipping already included)

I take MONEY ORDERS (preferred) or if you really need to, PAYPAL. Please comment here or email me at frosted_suki @mymelody.com and we can go from there. If you live outside the US, please let me know so I can recalculate the prices. Thanks!
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Hi! ★

I dont know if I'm allowed to make request here! >__<
I'm searching for some HenzeL cd's!
maybe someone have them and are willing to sell them to me?
I'm looking for
Seishun love letter ,Happy Flower and Suriyubi,
and also the demo Hirrotzukushi.

you can answer here or e-mail me

Thanks~ *^^*
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hajime saito

Washu and X

I have two things for sale :

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Anyone interested can leave a comment here or email me at legatou @ hotmail . com. i have positive feedback here in garagesalejapan, as well as ebay under fan.ink.
Thanks for looking! ^__^
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New stuff. For more info and my full selection visit http://www.freewebz.com/rockitstore

Armitage figureComes with gun, glasses and stand.$4
Dragon Ball Z HUGE Goku figureGreat condition, comes with new stickers to put on him.$8
Final Fantasy 7 figure setOnly a tiny bit of shelf wear.$30
Final Fantasy 8 figuresWonderful condition.$15 each
Frau MagazineFeaturing NAKED GACKT.$12
Gab MagazineJanne da arc, Mana, Hakuei, Shulla.$3
Hello Kitty Kaiten Sushi toyVery good condition. Opened once to check the battery.$20
hide plushComes with attitude XD.$10
Mini Moni Capsule figuresWonderful condition. Note that I have two of Mari...so if you want 2 Maris...??$2 each
Rocky Horror Picture Show Columbia figureGreat condition.$9
"Romance" manga 1-2Lots of pretty clothing and pretty boys. Much YAOI.$6
Ronin Warriors Sage figureVery good condition.$12
Rose of Versailles FiguresPremium toys that came with coffee...? Louis and Fersen available.$2 each
Dragon ShirtStretchy material will fit larger person. Brand is TNT. Bought in Thailand. New, never worn.$8
Geometric ShirtStretchy material will fit larger person. Brand is TNT. Bought in Thailand. New, never worn.$7
Serafuku skirtHas an elastic band in the back but doesn't give much. Lightly worn. Perfect if you want to do a costume with a serafuku.$5

Edit!! My measurements are 5'2", 103lbs, 28 inch bust and 22 inch waist! So that's about what size clothes those are. Hip measurement is free...I'm not sure of my hip measurement anyhow...mumble...
Eat Wasabi!
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I'm selling stuff on Ebay (click here to see)

I'm selling:


  • Digimon Adventure Yamato/Takeru Mini-Drama + Songs CD

  • Folder 5 Ready! Single

  • One Piece Movie 1/TV Soundtrack

  • Panyo Panyo DiGi Charat Opening/Ending Single CD

  • Pokemon 2.B.A. Master CD

Other Trinkets

  • Final Fantasy 8/VIII Ifrit/Tonberry Figure

  • DiGi Charat Black Gema Keychain

  • One Piece/Digimon Movie Pamphlet

  • One Piece Usopp Magnet/Diorama

Thanks for looking! :D
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got music?

make an offer? or maybe trade?

i accept paypal, money orders or cash at your own risk.

English Manga

Demon Diary 1-4
Demon Ororon 1-4
Boys Be 1-2

Kodocha 1-2,4
Mars 1
Lament Of The Lamb 1

Anime DVDs

Real Bout High School vol.4
Great Dangaioh vol.1
Trouble Chocolate 3-5

Anime VHS tapes (english dub and US release)

Ayane's High Kick
Tenchi Muyo In Space 1-3
Tenchi Muyo The Final Battle

i'm looking for these english mangas:

Girl Got Game 5+
Hot Gimmick 6+
Kill Me Kiss Me 3 & 5
Imadoki 4-5
...and may more. just post what you've got (from english mangas, anime dvds, bookmarks, artbooks, messenger bags, keychains..etc!)

thank you!
you can e-mail me too here>>> sensei1986@msn.com
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sell or trade

^_^ Hi I am looking to sell or trade the following english graphic novels:

Mars 1-8 (they are all in NEW - MINT condition would really like to get these out, great series)
WISH 1-4
Confidential Confessions 1-2
Alice 19th 1-2
The one I love
Demon Diary 1-3
Descendents of Darkness 2
Evils Return
Get Backers 1-3
INVU 1-3
Under the Glass Moon 1-2
Pretear 1-2
Model 2
Ranma 1/2 1-3

Please make a reasonable offer for just the book(s) not shipping... Shipping is fixed and will be given upon book total ^_^. (dont worry its cheap!!) Will now ship outside of the US for purchase only!^^;; sorry ..and will only accept PAYPAL (pay the fee if using non funds)US dollars only.

If you want to trade just show me your list and we can negociate. US residents I accept paypal, cash at own risk and money order Comment or email sensei_x1999@yahoo.com thanks!

JPop and Manga

Hey guys! Due to some people who wanted them, but ended up not being able to get them, my 3" singles are back! I have Globe, Hitomi, Namie Amuro, WANDS, Da Pump, and Mr. Children!! Only $5 each~!

I also have some manga available, including Love Hina, Tenchi Muyo, Ah My Goddess and more!

Please check out these sales here!! Thanks so much!!
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Updated For Sale List...need help ;_;

For Sale/Trade

*I need money for college books, so I’ve decided to sell some of my manga and such…*

*E-mail me for prices! lady_kk@hotmail.com All items in
good condition unless otherwise stated!*

Graphic Novels:

*Gravitation 1 -7 (No colored pictures in like 1)
*Happy Lesson 1
*Comic Party 1
*Princess Ai 1
*Dolls 1
*Eerie Queerie 1-3 (No colored pictures in 1)
*Galazy Angel 1 & 2 (No colored pictures)
*Revolutionary Girl Utena (First edition) 1 & 2
*Tokyopop Sneaks Summer 2003 (x2)
*Tokyopop Sneaks Winter 2003
*Tokyopop Sneaks 2003
*Sailor Moon Stars 3 (Falling apart, but still readable)
*Battle Angel Alita: Tears of An Angel
*Warriors of Tao 1
*The Kindaichi Case Files: The Opera House Murders

Other things:

*How To Draw Manga: Female Techniques
*Animatrix DVD (Watched once)
*Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
*Assorted Gundam Wing posters
*Assorted SMILE mags
*Various Ribon, Nakayoshi, and Ciao magazines

I am currently looking for:
Petshop of Horrors manga 2 and 10
Petshop of Horrors DVD
Angel Sanctuary (anything..especially furoku)
Weiss Kreuz (Anything)
Saiyuki (Anything)
Yami no Matsuei (Anything, especially furoku)
Fruits Basket (Anything, especially furoku)
Gothic & Lolita Bibles
Anything j-rock
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