April 12th, 2005


For direct sale

- Morning Musume cds
- L'Arc~en~Ciel Heart & ray albums
- Dir en grey posters & Filth single
- Plastic tree poster
- Zilch 3.2.1
- Cali gari 8
I'm eager to rid myself of all this clutter, so suggest a reasonable price and we'll go from there.

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LAST CALL! Jrock, Anime, Manga, Misc.

Last call on some items! I'd like to avoid Ebay as much as possible as it is just another hassle and more money from my pocket, however any Jrock magazines, anime dvds and manga that are not sold from this list by tomorrow evening or possibly Thursday at the lastest will be listed on ebay in hopes that someone will want them. After auctions end any dvds, manga, and the anime and other magazines not sold will be taken to Half Price Books to be sold. I'd like to sell as much as possible here though, so if you see something you like, please buy it or make a new offer if you don't like the price. I really would like to get rid of this stuff, so the prices ARE NOT carved in stone. I'm willing to negotiate.

I'm trying to make some extra money for

A. kitty neutering
B. A-kon
C. hair cut

Please help. Note the lowered prices on many items! And don't be afraid to make an offer if you want something and can't afford!!! *pleads*

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I have a request...

Does anyone have the Newtype or Animerica magazines that featured articles on L'Arc~en~Ciel (their live in Maryland) for sale?
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Hi there. I have Ceres volumes 1-3 of the original version if anyone is interested. I really need money so I guess I'll sell them for $5 not including shipping. Anyone want to take these off my hands? I'll hopefully have some more stuff later after I go through my room ^^