April 13th, 2005

Samsara & 6th Doctor


Some of my auctions are ending tommrow night, I have some barbie's up, and DDR for the PS1 up as well. Shipping fees include a delivery confermation added in to let me know the item arrives to your house securely!

Other items I'm selling are: Demon Diary, Anime DVD LOT, and whatever else I may have listed ^_^ Please click the link to find out!


If an auction does not sell and you saw something you watched please contact me and let me know and offer me a price for the items you wanted.

Other items I'm selling can be found here:


More stuff for sale?! Jrock, Dollfies and more!

Hey Hey! I have more stuff that I would like to try and either sell or trade. I'm listing the links to the images of the items so you can see what they look like.

The Psycho le Cemu stuff is all from the Magical Box set.

Psycho le Cemu-Frontiers Lida Figure *Brand-new* still in plastic.


Psycho le Cemu Postcards *also brand-new and still in plastic sleeve* The ones shown are my set. I got two of them. It doesn't have to be sold as a set...if there certain ones you would like just let me know.


Psycho le Cemu bag/pouch-Very cute! Also brandnew and still in plastic.


Dollfie Black/White(two-toned) Wig


*Note* I got this for my Luts doll....and his head is just slightly bigger than the wig...so it doesn't really stay on him. As you can see in the picture. *pouts* I really liked this wig too. I think it would be best for the boy dolls or MSD. *shrugs*

Anyway just like always..contact me at japanesedragqueen@yahoo.com if your interested and I will take best offers and/or trades of equal value that we can discuss.

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This is just some stuff I've not advertised in a while...


Parody of...TitleCondition and commentsPrice
Guilty GearHaitoku no Juujika30 pages, near perfect, Bridget story...HENTAI.$8
TM Revolution, Kinki KidsLove Love AishiteruLittle bit of shounen ai. Some text-only, some comic.$7
OriginalCocktail BookShonen ai stories. This doujinshi has to be from the mid-early `80's and is a little bit worn.$5
OriginalHuman WolfLots of bishounen. Shounen ai.$6


Cats "Souvenir Brochure"Worn. Old. Probably from the 80's. Still kinda cool if you like Cats though.$5
Dragon Ball GT Perfect FileContains art and color comics of the first part of Dragon Ball GT. Very good condition except it has a sticker sheet in it and I used some of the stickers.$6
Tokyo XRetails for $35 :p Great condition. Black and white photobook of various artful Japanese scenes.$20

Nintendo Games

TitleCondition and comments (All Nintendo games are old and used but they all still work)Price
Double Dragon 2....$5
Dragon PowerThis is actually a dragon ball game...$5
Duck HuntI also have the gun if you want it.$5
Duck Hunt GunWell you need the gun to play.$5
R.C. Pro-AmThis game sucks.$5
Super Mario BrothersSwing your arms...$5

Trading and Playing Cards

Akira Trading Cards48 or so$10
Final Fantasy 8 trading cardsLot of 11+...random X/1999 card...?$3
hide trading cardsLot of 10$5
"Pioneer" Promotional playing cardsVarious anime$2
Slayers playing cardsSparkly backs$3

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Added more items:

Still Selling anime stuff.

Tapes - $6 each
Fushigi Yugi Eps 4-10 (Two tapes)
Weiss Kruez Eps 1-5 (one tape)
Weiss Kruez Eps 3-4 (one tape)
Mamotte Shugogetten Eps 1-12 & Ova (five tapes)
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Eps 5-12 (two tapes)
Briga Doon Vol. 1 (one tape)
Escaflowne Eps 1-4 (one tape)
Gundam Wing Ep 1 (one tape)
Yami no Matsuei (full series, four tapes) - $50

Soul Hunter Vol 2 - $5
Armitage III: Poly Matrix - $20

Comic Books - $6 each
Excel Saga (two books) +
Angel Sanctuary (ten books) +
Balde of the Immortal Vol 2 & 4 (two books) - $10 each

+ In Japanese only.
*Prices are negotiable...
*Shipping is 3 dollars for one item and a dollar for each additional item.
*I'll only accept checks or money orders.
**Paypal is also accepted!

email me: roxyblue266@aol.com
let go

Custom Anime Plushies

I have several plushies for sale that I've made.

Lumiere from Kiddy Grade:

Renji from Bleach:

Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist:

I will also make plushies to custom orders to any character you would like. Please bid or email me or comment if you are interested or would like further information

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Here's what I have: Original US printing of Ranma 1/2, (you know, those bigger volumes that were different colors and had small images on the covers). Each is worth $14.99. I am selling vol. 1-16 for $10 each or $135 for the whole lot, plus shipping, whatever type you want from the US Postal Service.

I also have Dragon Ball Z vol. 1 for $7 (originally $10), Trigun vol. 1 for $10 (originally $15) and Peach Girl vol. 2,3, and 5-8 for $7 each or all 6 for $37 (originally $10 each), all plus shipping.

I recommend Media Mail if you want more than two manga books.

either post here or send an email to aresgoddess@yahoo.com.