April 14th, 2005


Hello, my money-bearing friends.~~~

Some more stuff for sale, some of the stuff left over from last time.
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I can provide pictures for everything if you request them, but keep in mind that it's a lot quicker to check on Amazon Japan if you want pictures of the CDs or manga. =)

Payment method is US cash or POSTAL money order only. Don't be a bad kid and send me a check and then not reimburse me the $2 it costs me to cash it =( It's disheartening.

Thanks for looking <333~~ please buy, Akibado wants their money.
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Hi everyone, I am selling the following english-language manga for $6 each plus shipping:

Angel Nest (Sakurazawa Erica)
Between the Sheets (Sakurazawa Erica)
Angel (Sakurazawa Erica)
The Aromatic Bitters (Sakurazawa Erica)
Nothing But Loving You (Sakurazawa Erica)
The Rules of Love (Sakurazawa Erica)
Bomber Girl (Niwano Makoto)
The Rising Stars of Manga 1-2 (miscellaneous artists)
Blade of the Immortal : DreamSong (Hiroaki Samura)

All books originally $9.99 (or more) each. All books in great condition! I accept paypal payments only.


Please email me directly at sleepingandroid@yahoo.com
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Hello. Selling some t-shirts with original designs! The design below is available in SMALL girls' tee-shirt size only.

The design below is available in MEDIUM regular tee-shirt size.

Please email me at ml@ta-su.com if you are interested!. Thanks
Check out our other t-shirts at



I need confirmation of a seller.

I am about to do a huge purchase (over 100$) from a seller on here and I was wondering if anyone has done business with them to prove to me they will not rip me off investigation

also if anyone has a Nintendo DS with allthe cabels manuals and at least one game other then the demo that comes with it and would be willing to sell it for a lower price then 100$ usd including shipping to canada please let me know as I am definatly in the market for one.

I am also in the market for the rare Japanese limited edition Pearl Pink Gameboy SP.
and a gameboy sp audio mp3 player.

DVDs for Sale and Trade! ...

DVDs For Sale and Trade! ...

Hello everyone!

I have a collection of DVDs for sale/trade. These are bootlegs. I have a large selection to choose from. Anime, full length feature films, TV series, special editions, extended editions, director's cut editions, box set exclusives, etc...
Here are a few that you may be interested in...

Ju-On (The Japanese Horror movie that the American film, "The Grudge" was based on.)

InuYasha Movie 1: Affections Touching Across Time

Knight Hunters: Dead Ringer (Episodes 1-3 of the series.)

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I am willing to do trades as well.
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If you are interested, just comment with what DVDs you want, your offer of money, or what you are willing to trade from my want list, and your e-mail.
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This is a very reluctant sale, due to being in DEEP financial doo-doo at the moment.

I'm selling this as an auction, as I KNOW for a fact that it's pretty impossible to get hold of outside japan.

This is the Chobits GBA game, bought for me by a friend on his trip to Japan a couple of years ago.

This is IN JAPANESE but will play on ALL gba consoles, no matter where they're from.

Mint condition, game has been played a few times, but I take good care of my carts.

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I will send WORLDWIDE. I will currently ONLY accept paypal unless the buyer is within the UK. Shipping will be low, as the item is very light. I can send insured if asked.

My starting price for this is $30.
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Added something else to the list of things to sell

This is a definite rare find for all the Lareine fans out there. I've finally decided that since I have too many bills to pay I'm going to depart with my Chanton L'amour:L'horloge First Premium 2001 cd. It's the only album the ex-drummer of Lareine,Machi ever put out. It's signed on the back and other than the edges being slightly worn from pulling it on and off my shelf it's in great condition. Once again looking for best offer. Submit to japanesedragqueen@yahoo.com


Kirito; yuuyami suicide

Anime DVDs

All the following DVDs are for sale, since I need the money. All of them are in excellent condition since I barely touch them. Each one is $10 (or best offer?), plus $3 shipping anywhere in the US. I can only accept well concealed cash at the moment, sorry.

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If you're interested, leave a comment here or email me: kagerou@livejournal.com.

Thank you for looking.
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