April 21st, 2005


FFX-2, anyone..?

Would anyone be interested in purchasing a used Final Fantasy X-2 game? Excellent condition, barely played.

Asking $13 + shipping [depending on where you live]. PayPal preferred, money orders and well concealed cash also accepted.

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Knee-hi socks in green/black and yellow/black. Brand new! $6 non-negotiable + shipping cost.

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Super cute legwarmers! Real colors are brighter. I have multiples of these, get them while they last! $6 non-negotiable price + shipping cost.

PayPal (credit card only, add 50 cents for fee), money orders or concealed cash.

for sale

Make an offer. If I like it I will take it ^_^.
English Manga
Mars 1-16 now on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=6957359844
Hot Gimmick 1 (2-6 sold)
Bride of Deimos 1-7
Paradise kiss 1-5
xxxholic 1-3
Only the Ring Finger Knows ($10)
Model vol 2

If you want to buy some of these books as a set I will offer you
a fine deal. I have more books to sell but this is all I am offering as of yet.
^_^. Questions: email sensei_x1999@yahoo.com
Shipping is already predetermined.
wasn&#39;t there - Angel Sanctuary

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Anime DVD's!

Steel Angel Kurumi
Somedays Dreamers
Sakura Diaries
Shrine of the Morning Mist
Blue Seed
Angel Sanctuary
Key The Metal Idol

Also got some great mangas for sale!

Crescent Moon
Evils Return
Forbidden Dance
Legal Drug
PeachGirl Change of Heart
and a few Sneaks!

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I accept paypal, checks, and well concealed cash. Shipping to US (and perhaps out of the country depending on where)
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Sales~ Sales~!

I updated my sales page with a lot more cute clothes! Almost half of them have Asian themes! Grab them fast!

I also have some manga, JPop singles, jewelry, and some of my own paintings!

Please be sure to check it out! Also, at this time, I am looking for a lot of plastic round bangles of all sizes! I will trade for them! If you have some, please take pictures and I will let you know if they are what I am looking for ^_^ Thank you!!!


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