April 30th, 2005


GTO and X manga!

I have GTO 1-21 and X 1-10 in excellent condition. Reasonable offers accepted, I will try to snap some pics for those who are interested, but I don't have a camera of my own. I would estimate they range from 80-95% condition.

dh at zedh . com
follow me!


Okay, well I hope that this is a short enough list of items so that I don't have to make a cut. If it isn't, I'm sorry and just comment by telling me that I am an idiot and need to cut. Thanks!

Well, anyways, everything I sell is either brand new (NEW!) meaning that it's still in it's original package or good condition, so I won't rip you off by giving you products in bad quality.

Anime DVDs
Rurouni Kenshin
Box Set (12 DVDS) - NEW!
+ Box 1 Episodes 1-48
+ Box 2 Episodes 49-95
+ English and Japanese Dialogue
+ English Subtitles

Volume 1 - Down the Well
+ Episodes 1-3
+ Same as found at Best Buy, nearby bookstore, etc.

Volume 2 - Girl's Best Friend
+ Episodes 4-6
+ Same as found at Best Buy, nearby bookstore, etc.

You can just e-mail me your offers. My first choice for payment is money, but I'm also interested in doujinshi (sp?). I'll go pretty cheap as I want to sell them as quickly as I can. Thank you!

Please Help

Alright first off, and this is a long story so bear with me, I believe, that I wanted a CD and a DVD I believe both were Dir en grey, I do not remember the lj users and I'm very sorry, now comes the shitty (pardon my french) part, in the last month I have lost my job and am about to lose my grandfather, funerals, and hospital bills are not cheap, my mother has already lost her job, and my father is on disability. So in order to pay the bills I must ask the sellers to please forgive me, as I can not pay for there items. And I'm also selling some stuff, and as soon as I empty my attic and trunk will be selling more stuff.

Playing cards: 3 Fushigi Yuugi (2 different regular sets, and one hollographic one), 1 Revolutionary Girl Utena set, 2 Gundam Wing (one regular, one hollographic)

A set of mini Sailor Moon Dolls

2 Fushigi Yuugi Wallscrolls

Blood the Last vampire Manga (must be 18+)

Under the Glass Moon 1 and 2 Manga

Gravitation 1 DVD

Utena the movie DVD

Dear Boys Vol. 1 DVD

GTO vol 1-5 DVD

Psycho le Cemu/Miyavi CDs

photos upon request. prices include first class shipping with delivery confirmation in the USA. I will ship worldwide, just ask for a shipping quote. sorry, prices are firm!

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PLC CDs have sold, thank you!

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I also have the rare, out of print Japanese CD of the Night Walker OST, which includes songs by Buck-Tick & La'cryma Christi. if anyone's interested, I will create a poll on my LJ to accept bids.
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haruru kun!

Glay, W-inds and Flame stuff!

Hey everyone! I've got some Glay, Flame and W-inds stuff. Glay's are singles. W-inds. ones consists of a single and a VCD.The Flame stuff are a few cds and their first photobook, yeah, Ryohei was still in the band back then. All of them are in perfect condition. Anyway, feel free to take a look!

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Samsara & 6th Doctor

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*Tons of Books/Manga
*Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 7 DVD(R1)
*Mirage of Blaze DVD(R1
*Hands Off!
*Kenshin Figures/Barbie Dolls
*Video Games PS2/PS1
*Miss. Items
*Samurai men's shirt
Please click here for the goods! heathers_junk

I'm trying to save up to get a laptop. I'm in the process of writing a novel, and with the weather warming up I want to be outside writing. Please help me out, thanks!


These are NANA shirts, based on Yazawa Ai's popular shoujo manga. It has a cool "concert shirt" look, and they are girl-size tees. The WHITE shirts come in MEDIUM and SMALL, and the LEMON shirts come in MEDIUM only. (the size is based on American sizes)

If you're interested, contact me ASAP! My email is sleepingandroid@yahoo.com.
Shipping to anywhere in the U.S. is only $3.50. I can also ship internationally.


A LOT of stuff, and a pic of everthing
Shipping out of the US is currently suspended =o sorry! (no car) so, US only
Everything on the list is straight form Japan, I bought it when I was an exchange student. So no bootlegs!!!
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Very Random Assorted Sale!

Hello, hello~

Well, I've found myself in a bit of a situation. I've been very irresponsible and have been spending money without thinking of consequences and all that, and have now been forced to sell off some of my stuff to pay for my newfound cel addiction. -_- Unimpressive, I know. So here, my loss is your gain, I hope someone wants some of this stuff. ^^; I'm hoping to sell it off here so I'm not forced to go to eBay. I'd rather not pay fees to sell. ^^;

Pictures beneath the cut, as well as payment methods accepted. Advance apologies for the crappiness of my scans! I'll take better ones if anyone really wants them. ^^;

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I accept PayPal ONLY at this time. I've had too many occassions where people have sent me money orders I can't cash, so unless you're in Canada and can send me a domestic one, I'm afraid that's the only payment method I'll accept. Buyer pays shipping costs, determined by location, and will ship internationally. ^_^

Thanks for looking!