May 2nd, 2005


I'm trying to avoid ebay as much as possible so I'm offering things here.
I am in desperate need of cash ;_; so please help a poor student out!!

Some items have pics I found online of similar/same products - this is because my camera couldnt get a good shot, or I decided to sell the item after i lost my camera and couldnt get a picture of it.

These are fixed prices, but if anyone is willing to pay more for the item, I will offer it to that person.

I'd prefer all payments were made with Paypal but if you cant use paypal, then I'll accept cash in the post [at your own risk] in GBP/USD/Euro. NO COINS!

Feel free to ask questions about the items ^^;

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Shipping for items depends on how much you buy/where you live.


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I hate to do this ;_;

I really need I have to do this ;~;

I'm selling my Nightmare Ultimate Circus Live DVD ;~;
It is in PERFECT condition, has the collector cards and I only watched it once ;~;

Extra info:

Running Time: 91mins.
Data Format: DVD Video
NTSC Format
Layers: single-sided/dual-layered
Aspect Ratio(s): 4:3
Regional Encoding: 2
Encoding: MPEG-2

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It's first come first serve...
I paid 52.oousd for it including shipping so I'd like 3o.oousd for it. Shipping is around 1.oousd to 4.oousd (depending where you live)

Also, my other jrock items are still on sale ♥
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eBay Rayearth doll, armor, & UFO auctions ending soon


The Magic Knight Rayearth doll, doll armor, and UFO auctions end in a few hours.

Included: Regular, Chara, and Deluxe dolls, 3rd/4th and Final armor sets, complete set of UFO plushes, and UFO keychain set.

I also added the three MKR 11.5 inch Sega doll dresses to the auctions, those end Thursday.

You can find them at or under seller felicity-chan

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Anybody looking to buy
Samurai Champloo v.1 DVD? [15 dollars or best offer]

I bought it for 25 at bestbuy, but when i got home i noticed i already had it.. since i opened it i cant return it, so LMK

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Theres a large selection of items to choose from...

+Clearance Sale+

Hello! I'm trying to clear out my store so I can get some new items in!
I have some half off items and major discounts on all my items.
I carry items like Anime and Jpop/Jrock merchandise, Fruits Fashion & Cosplay items, American items too.
Video Games, Toys, Books & Manga, Electronic Devices, Clothes, DVD's & VHS, World Music, Jewelry & Accessories. and much much more.
I even take requests for items. Please check it out!
Enter Anime is my Life Shop

Check out my LJ Auctions too please!

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Looking for...

I'm looking for the following items:

Sailor Moon Stars 2 (English Graphic Novel)

Any of the Peach Girl Series (not change of heart)

Cutie Honey Live Action Stuff

Marmalade Boy Manga

Miracle Girls Manga Number 1

I can pay Paypal, cash, check, or money order

Please let me know what you have and how much you would want for it ^_^