May 8th, 2005

Kirito- Enemy

Updated List

I have a few more items for sale now:

(3.00 shipping)
Priest Vol. 12
(brand new, selling for friend who accidentaly bought the wrong volume)
Chobits 1
(brand new, shelf life)
Model 1-2
(slight wear, but still in good condtiion)
Shonen Jump March 2005
(brand new, never read)

Sorta Animeish stuff:
Grr from Inavader Zim Shoelaces
(new without tags, I couldn't use them they were too short for my boots I wanted them on.)
SpongeBob SquarePants Plushie
(great condition)
Scooby Doo Keychain
(good condition)

double sided Full Metal Alchemist/ L'Arc en Ciel 2$
(new, more than one available)
I have access to some lace gothic lolita/ oriental fans, if anyone is interested let me know.

1. I can accept well concealed cash ONLY.
2. I'll take best offer for everything.
3. Pictures on request.
4. I can only ship to the U.S
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Stuff for Sale / Trade

Hi, I'm going through all of my belongings to find stuff to get rid of. Why? I'm going to college 10.5 hours away from my family's house, and need money and to not have so much stuff hanging around the place while I'm gone. I really need to get rid of all of it. Please MAKE OFFER. Also, I am still willing to trade so long as it is for something on my wishlist:

I have pictures at my journal of this stuff:

aol aim: Love2000AMGlam

On to the list!

-Anne of Windy Poplars
-Chinese Cinderella (with metal bookmark)
-The First Four Years
-Little Town in the Ozarks
-Meet Addy
-Addy Learns a Lesson
-Happy Birthday Kirsten!
-Kirsten Saves the Day
-Shannon; A Chinatown Adventure
-Shannon; Lost and Found

Sold as set;
+Meet Felicity
+Felicity Learns a Lesson
+Felicity's Surprise
+Happy Birthday Felicity!
+Felicity Saves the Day
+Changes for Felicity

Sold as set;
+Meet Josefina
+Josefina Learns a Lesson
+Josefina's Surprise
+Happy Birthday Josefina!
+Josefina Saves The Day

-Tokyopop Sneaks graphic novel
-Sailor Moon #32
-Sailor Moon #33
-Gundam Wing #3
-Pokemon Comfort Inn Promo
-Disney's Pocahontas #1
-Donald Duck Adventures No.4 May (1988)
-Sailor Moon graphic novel #1

-Britney Spears, Baby One More Time cassette tape
-Britney Spears, Opps I Did It Again
-Various, A Tribute To Coldplay
-Jessica Simpson, Sweet Kisses

If no one wants these, then they are going to goodwill;
-STAMPERS cards Endangered Species and Movie Monsters
-Red "I Love Your Kisses" bear
-Pig bath scrubby buddy (new)
-Knitted Panda bear
-Beige cat
-Puppy (this belonged with a mother dog of some sort)

EDIT: I forgot to say that I can only accept payment through snail-mail. Which means I take cash, money orders, and checks. Please let me know which you want to use. Thanks! ~Mandy
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hajime saito

Gundam Wing and Trigun doujinshi

All prices include domestic US shipping! I will combine and ship international - contact me for an adjusted prices.
ebay ID :
positive garasalejapan feedback.

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Thanks for looking! Please reply here or email me. Have a nice day! ^__^
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I need to sell things.

1X Dancemania Speed G2 (make me an offer) (A dance music nonstop released by toshiba/emi, the speed series is the most popular, and speed G2 is a fairly recent album, and widely considered the best.)
1x IIDX Bible (Offer again) (limited print run magazine/region 2 dvd including tatsujin videos, a how to play IIDX and a TaQ [PV])
1x some funky construction based initial D parody where instead of race cars you fight machinery (PS2 game) (I have a scan of the jacket available on request. I have never seen another copy of this game and I spent 70 on it.) (50?)

I will post pictures of the things if needed.
Cinema Bizarre // Yu "Amazing"


Haha I've recently got a button maker and thought about what a prime chance this was to make some money (after several friends voiced how they, themselves would love buttons haha) I actually got the maker to make buttons for myself but why not let other people get some and make some money while I'm at it.

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(no subject)

Stuff for sale: new legwarmers, new socks, new Hello Kitty tank top, new earrings, new Japan hair ties, like new manga

No trades or PayPal or checks--cash or m.o. only. Interested? Look behind the cut. Prices include shipping.

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Selling some random anime and jrock stuff because I have very little money for A-kon. T___T So please buy! The prices I list are just what I would prefer to get, but feel free to make reasonable offers if you want to. Click on links to view pictures. ^_^

CDs - Shipping $3

Wolf's Rain Soundtrack (Bandai, USA Release) - $6
Witch Hunter Robin Soundtrack (Bandai, USA Release) - $6
S - Yojigen Zukan (Japan Release, ZPCA-1003, 10 Tracks) - $15
Oblivion Dust - Radio Songs: Best of Oblivion Dust(Japan Release, CTRC-17070) - $15

Anime - Region 1 Releases

Witch Hunter Robin DVD Vol. 1 w/box $20 This does not include all the goodies that originally came with this release. I wasn't originally planning on selling the DVD and box so I sold the other items instead. If you would like the above soundtrack as well, I will take a couple dollars off the price. ^__^ Shipping $5

Saint Tail Vol. 1 DVD $6 Includes first 3 episodes. Only watched once. Shipping $3

Dir en Grey 2005 Calendar Pages - Shipping $4 in a tube These are poster-sized pages and are in great condition.

Cover (has no pictures of the band. Therefore, I won't ask as much for it. XD) $4



Payment Details

I accept and PREFER PayPal, but will also accept money orders (International Postal if you live outside the United States, shipping will also be slightly higher) and Very Well Concealed Cash If you choose to send cash, I will not be held responsible for the cash or sending the item to you if payment was never received. So make sure you do your best to be safe about that. XD That way it works out for both of us!

Thank you so much and Pleeeease buy. I'm borderline desperate for A-kon money. T___T And remember, I'm open for reasonable offers on all items!
竜 太 朗

(no subject)

Arena 37C May 2005 $12
Click for pictures
** Includes a large two sided poster with Gackt on both sides.
(Pierrot & Dir en grey pages are not included)

Click for pictures
UV - 100th Issue Anniversary Issue. Gackt Cover - $12
Includes a Gackt/Kiyoharu folded poster.

T.M. Revolution Sonic Warp DVD (Tofu Release) Perfect condition - $10

Newtype USA - Oct. '04 Issue - Offer?
This issue includes the interview & live report of L'arc-en-Ciel at Otakon, and an article on the creator of Gloomy Bear. does not include the anime promo DVD.

Gravitation - Vol.1 DVD + Collector's Box - $18 or offer
Official Right Stuf Region 1 DVD - New Condition.

Haibane Renmei - Vol. 1 DVD + Collector's Box - $18 or offer - New condition. Comes with limited official bonus gifts! Ask for pics~

Weiss Kreuz - Music Video Collection DVD - $10 - All Region. Excellent condition. Contains 4 original music videos, plus the opening and ending music videos for the first season, and a video message.

Magical Nurse Witch Komugi DVD- Volume 2 : $14 - New - Region 1
Tea Society of a Witch - (Mild dating sim game DVD, comes with autographed artbook. There is some wear on the box.) $10
screenshots & story
Galerians 2 for Playstation 2: US version$12 - Like new, includes everything.

Angel Sanctuary Manga - Japanese - $4 each, new condition with cover sleeves.
Volumes 6, 8, 9 & 15 for sale.

pencil boards: $4 & $3
Weiss Kreuz Ken board & a mini Hatsuharu board (from fruits basket)
Mini Hana to Yume 2003 Calendar: offer? (This was the bonus gift with an issue )
I accept Money Orders, US Concealed Cash and PayPal only.
Will ship within USA & Canada only. Items are in the US.
Will offer First Class and Priority S/H.
Please *Comment* to claim/ask a Question. :} thanks.


I really need to get rid of this stuff and save some money from A-Kon, so please buy something! I will love you forever!

Don't be afraid to make an offer if you want something and can't afford!!! *pleads*

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