May 9th, 2005

Samsara & 6th Doctor

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*Mirage of Blaze vol. 1, Pretear, Suddenly Naked, YU-GI-OH! The Movie, and others.(ALL R1)
*Kenshin Figures/Barbies
*Anime/JRock cd's
*Video Games PS2/PS1
*Miss. Items
*Yu-Gi-Oh! Tins(all 6 from 1st run)
*Samurai men's shirt
*Shinsengumi Cosplay
Please click here for the goods! heathers_junk

Have Hands Off! 1-2, Gamerz 1-2, and Peacemaker Vol. 1 manga


These are NANA shirts, based on Yazawa Ai's popular shoujo manga. It has a cool "concert shirt" look, and they are girl-size tees. The WHITE shirts come in MEDIUM and SMALL, and the LEMON shirts come in MEDIUM only. (the size is based on American sizes)

Go to the web address below to see image of the shirt:

If you're interested, contact me ASAP! My email is
Shipping to anywhere in the U.S. is only $3.50. I can also ship internationally for a flat $10.
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Mini Moni dolls.

I've looked everywhere and couldn't find my original post or comment, so I'm throwing it out there to the nice girl who bought 6 Mini Moni UFO catcher dolls from me. I sent the items this morning, first class was a whopping 24.96 so I sent them by media mail. They should arrive from 4-8 days. Please let me know when you get them!
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G&L bibles for sale UPDATE

I think I'm just retarded/lazy, but I made a post like a week ago about selling 1-4 of the G&L bibles and I can't find it again.

People wanted me to check shipping prices to canada.
If they wanted it shipped it'd be like $7, but if you want insurance, you have to go through a different kind of shipping, and it costs $14 as a base, plus the cost of shipping, plus the cost of delivery confirmation.
If you guys are still interested, let me know, but it's really god damn expensive :/

(sorry x-posted to garagesalejapan because I can't remember which entry the canadians responded to).