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Hello, everyone. I have some stuff for sale:

1.) NANA shirts
- based on Yazawa Ai's popular shoujo manga. It has a cool "concert shirt" look, and they are girl-size tees. The WHITE shirts come in MEDIUM and SMALL, and the LEMON shirts come in MEDIUM only. (the size is based on American sizes)

Go to the web address below to see image of the shirt:

2.) DIR EN GREY shirts
- ASPHALT color, available in S, M, or L. $25 plus shipping anywhere in the U.S. (International OK too, but will cost more)


NOTE: Shipping of T-SHIRTS to anywhere in the U.S. is only $4.00. I can also ship internationally for a flat $10.

3.) MANGA (U.S. release)
- I am selling the following english-language manga for $6 each plus shipping:

Angel Nest (Sakurazawa Erica)
Between the Sheets (Sakurazawa Erica)
Angel (Sakurazawa Erica)
The Aromatic Bitters (Sakurazawa Erica)
Nothing But Loving You (Sakurazawa Erica)
The Rules of Love (Sakurazawa Erica)
Bomber Girl (Niwano Makoto)
The Rising Stars of Manga 1-2 (miscellaneous artists)
Blade of the Immortal : DreamSong (Hiroaki Samura)

All books originally $9.99 (or more) each. All books in great condition!


Please email me directly at sleepingandroid@yahoo.com
13 May 2005 @ 05:09 am
Check out my ebay actions. I have:

2 gravitation shirts
anime freak shirt
dragon ball gt shirt
Fruits Basket the complete anime
Dot Hack: Legend of the fabled hackers ep 1-8
One Peice Movie: Sacred Sword

Check them out at ---> http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZmysticeden

I also have a website at http://www.caseyangelizanime.50megs.com
13 May 2005 @ 09:41 am

Hi!  I put lots of mangas and cds on ebay.  I lowered the price of some than what was on my livejournal. 


13 May 2005 @ 06:58 pm
Hi everyone, it is my first time selling here~ Selling these 3 because I just bought a full set so I have no need for doubles. ^-^

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These are used but in great quality. No stains, tears, or any sort of damage (besides the slight "already read look") then again.. they already look like that in the book stores since people read them there ^-^;;

asking for $7 or best price. If you buy all 3 then $20 even is fine.

*I need your zip code to calculate shipping ^-^ thanks~
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the girl with kaleidoscope eyes
Pictures and details behind cuts.

Fool's Mate 12/2003, Kiyoharu coverCollapse )

Fool's Mate 4/2003, SADS coverCollapse )

Junon 01/2003Collapse )

Junon 07/2002 Gackt coverCollapse )

Paypal preferred, money orders and cash acceptable at your risk. I've never had a problem with cash in the past though, provided the sender is careful with it and doesn't label the envelope "I CONTAIN CASH 8D" or similar. Please feel free to make offers/ask questions, I really want to get rid of these. >/ Any flashy bits are probably the fault of my camera, sorry. >>;
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I am taking bids on my extra copy of the Psycho le Cemu Magical Photograph book on my LJ here. I forgot to mention all bids are in US dollars. I do ship worldwide.

I also have some anime videos listed on amazon.com here-- some of these videos are not available on DVD, for whatever reason.
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13 May 2005 @ 09:52 pm
Shipping and handling price is being upped to $7.00 for every 5 books. CD's & plushies is $3.00. (sorry about that but <.< shippings expensive.Im used to shipping media mail.^^;)
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I only ship to the USA and Canada. (although canada's s/h is 8.00) I prefer paypal, but i will take concealed cash (at your own risk)or money order.
13 May 2005 @ 09:56 pm

A while ago, this entry, link



13 May 2005 @ 10:08 pm
An add on to my other entry ^^; to lazy to go and edit it though.

Rurouni kenshin vhs tapes volumes 1,2 and 3

Mars manga 1-12 plus the extra edition " a horse with no name"

Slayers series vhs

Street fighter series vhs

devil hunter yokho series vhs

All three sailormoon movies vhs

s/h undetermined at the moment.. and alot of other stuff to be added ^_^