May 14th, 2005


Selling MANGAS! *Please Look*

Hey Hey Everyone!

I'm clearing my shelves off for new stuff and wanted to see if anyone here would be interested in any of these. I'll take best offer. Links provided in case you don't know what they are about.

Juvenile Orion

Until the Full Moon

Sensual Phrase (Kaikan Phrase)
Vol.1 3-5

Alright that's all of them.
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Oodles of Noodles

Ok, I just have many miscellaneous and different things to sell. I finally have images of most of the merchandise, other than my usual manga/DVDs which can be found here: AssortedMINTS

I am selling a few clothes, wallets, DVDs, wallscrolls, CDs, and magazines. I DO NOT accept paypal and can only recieve payments by money order/concealed cash/trades. The only items I would like for trade would be any jrock merchandise..XD;

I am going on a trip (to Japan/Korea) around May 28th. So it is easier for US ONLY orders for right now. I DO have a few other international orders going about, but hopefully they will reach me before that date! (TT--TT) I check several times a day, so you will get fast reply hopefully. And fast transactions are great too! So I can ship out your things sooner. Or, if you are international, or just need more time. I can hold your items until I get back(about 2 weeks). I believe I will still have connection to the internet.

IF you can, please send your payments with the fastest type of mail you can. You can deduct that shipping cost from your total

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Disney // Stitch Ohana
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(no subject)

Many many art books for sale. Need some cash to pay the bills, so help me out! (Plus Otakon is coming up soon.)

Pictures available upon request, but not of the artwork on the inside. Trust me when I say these books are so near mint that they don't have any creases. Just like good comic books. ^^;;

Respond with a comment, or send an E-mail to

Revolutionary Girl Utena : La Fillete Revolutionnaire. $35
Hard slip cover, & hardish-normal cover. Artbook is in perfect condition, but the hard slip cover hard a tiny dent in the cornor.

Seraphic Feather Illustrations : Monochrome Side & Color Side. $30
Hard slip cover, but soft cover books. A BIT ON THE HENTAI SIDE!!!! Ahem. Perfect condition, because I confused this with a different artbook I wanted & never looked at it again. ><*

Tanemura Arina : Illustrations. $25
Soft cover. All work from Tanemura Arina, including Full Moon wo Sagashite, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne & Time Stranger Kyoko. In origional plastic with origional sealing. I do NOT want to part with this one. . .

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne : Illustrations. $30
Soft cover. This is my second favorite artbook. Perfect condition artbook in origional plastic, but the plastic is ripped up.

Angel Sanctuary Illustrations : Lost Angel & Angel Cage. $30 each, two for $55.
Both are soft cover. Both in origional plastic with origional scotch tape. PErfect condition, no dents, no nothing.

Card Captor Sakura Illustrations Collection : Volume 1, 2 & 3. $25 each, Three for $65
Soft cover. All have origional dust covers & advertisement strips on the front. Volumes 1 & 2 have origional Japanese "bookmark" which is actually an orderform. (The pink strip of paper in most Japanese manga.) Volume 1's advertisement strip has two tears in the cornor, but the dust cover is in perfect shape. Cover is a little bit dirty in the cornors, but not ripped or torn. Volumes 2 & 3 are PERFECT & shiney.

Magic Knight Rayearth Illustrations Collection : Volume 1 & 2. $30 each, two for $55.
Hard Cover. No dents, scratches ot creases. Volume 2 is still in origional plastic cover with origional scotch tape.

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Materials. $30
Materials is soft cover. PERFECT condition. No dents. All in origional plastic with origional sealing half of the origional scotch tape.

RG Veda : Illustrations Collection $50
This book is HEAVY. Hard slip cover & hard normal cover. Dust cover has a tear in it. It was like that when I bought it. Advertisement slip is dented up & scratched, but slip cover is fine. Way over 100 pages of art in here.
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(no subject)

try once more...

Hellsing Poster
a small little ditty...
11 inches tall
21 inches long

One Piece Poster
good condition and it's laminated. ^^

DNAngel Volume FIVE
CHINESE. brand new: still shrink wrapped

Chobits Volume ONE
CHINESE. bigger than normal chinese manga, and in great condition.

WISH Artbook
OFFICIAL artbook by CLAMP~ <= scroll down to see it...

Soccer MashiMaro
tis cute~ :D

Hello Kitty Pins
square pins. never used. extremely cute!

Jay Chou 'Orange Jasmine' CD
brand new from taiwan. still shrink wrapped. official.

'The Twins Effect' DVD
brand new. SHRINK WRAPPED. bootleg.

OFFICIAL. watched ONCE, great condition.


Britney Spears '...Baby One More Time' CD
used. $3 (shipping included)

used. $3 (shipping included)

Jennifer Lopez 'On The 6' CD
used. $3 (shipping included)

please leave a comment or e-mail!
comment for pictures!

i take paypal or well-concealed cash (at your own risk)...
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