May 15th, 2005


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I need to make 50 bucks real quick so~

I've got a dvd player, it's been hacked and so it now plays all region discs, which is great for anyone whom imports their dvd's (or wants to)! It's like new, I've only used it twice, it comes with everything! This is a great deal for anyone who's been searching for a way to watch their region 2 discs without having to shell out over 100 dollars or deal resetting thier comps player until it's stuck.

I take paypal, money orders and... cash, though I'd perfer not to deal in cash.


I havent got any pictures but it's a cyber home 300 (CH-300), small and compact, PAL and NTSC supported and includes all wires & remote control!

I'm not sure what the shipping costs for this will be, but come monday I will!
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Putumayo goth/punk pants for direct sale

My friend asked me to buy her an item from Putumayo but they were sold out, so I bought something similar in the store but it's not the right size for her. You can't return things in Japan so I'm hoping someone will buy them here >_____<

They are exactly these:
Short pants with detachable pleated skirt over, detachable leg warmers (so you can wear them 4 different ways). Black x red.
Waist 72.5 cm (about 28.5 inches)
Hip 100 cm (about 39 inches)
Max length 111 cm (about 43.7 inches)

These are from the Spring Collection, brand new, I just bought them a couple hours ago x_x Still all packaged up neatly from the shop. They came to a total of $145 with tax, which is what I'm asking for them. If you're interested, please comment.
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Visual kei indies flyer bonanza

Ah yes, here I am again. Two in a row! Good job, me. Right, well, I've come up with an idea. I have a really obscenely large stack of indies flyers. That's what going to too many lives and being unable to control myself when entering CD stores does. I have a pile about a foot high on my floor (and no I'm totally not exaggerating). I would really hate to just throw them away, but I also need some motivation to get rid of some. So, my idea is, for people interested in flyers, leave a list of all the bands you'd want flyers of. Then I'd scrounge through my pile and tell you which ones I found.

To give you an idea of what I have, I've been in Japan since August. So any visual kei indies band (no major) you could possibly think of that has been active between August and now, I probably have some flyer of. Except Jinkaku Radio, so Kay, don't bother asking :P Some bands, like Undercode and PS Company bands especially, I have many different designs of. There are also lots of omnibus ones, which are usually just a ton of tiny pictures of different bands on on page. I'll ask $1 for each flyer (8.5 x 11 or A4 size), and $2 for double sized ones (Panic Channel, style, etc often have double that, A3 size). If you're looking for wall decorations and don't particularly care what bands you get, I'll put together a random stack of 30 for $20. I also have Undercode and PS Company packs that come stapled together (usually around 7 or more color flyers) that I'll ask $5 for.

So, if you're interested, leave a list of bands, and an estimate of how many you want (if you have a maximum.. if not, that's fine too!). Like say you want as many Vidoll and Phantasmagoria flyers that I can find, but only want to spend $10.. say something like:
Vidoll (any)
Phantasmagoria (any)
Maximum: 10

I don't have any major bands except Nightmare. Ask about semi-major/borderline bands.
I also have various livehouse booklets that contain mini interviews and pictures of some bands, along with the schedule. $2 for those. If anyone has any desire for enquettes (questionaires given at lives), I'll give them away.

Try not to be exceedingly specific (like "the deadman flyer from October 13th" will make me cry), but I'll do my best. Thanks~

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i'm thinking of selling my CD on ebay
It's the 3th single of Tetsu69(L'arc-en-Ciel bassguitarist), "Fifteen half"
but i'm not sure if there's someone who needs it.
so i'm asking a question to you all.
is there anyone who want to buy my CD?
if there is, i'll definitely sell my stuff on Ebay
is there anyone who wants to buy my CD from me?
This CD is not a copied one, genuinely made in Japan.
plus It have first limeted present -original figure.
It is in very good condition.

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Need to get rid of this stuff. :D Anyone interested?

Gimme a bid? I have asking prices, I'd like those; however, I'll consider lower prices. I need to find better homes for these goods. ^___^ This is somewhat of an updated repost. Includes: Miyavi, Malice Mizer, Gackt, Dir en grey, Baroque, etc...

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>>>>>!! Shipping: Depending on the weight/size of the object... I can send in a variety of methods from Priority to Media Mail. Here is an estimate of rates:

Priority: 6$ (for smaller items like VHS, DVDs, books) ~ 9$ (for anything bigger than VHS, DVD, or book)
Media/First Class: 3$ (for smaller items) ~ 5$ (for larger items)

* all shipping includes tracking services (you can follow your package route)
* this includes expenses for packaging, etc.
* these calculations are based on DOMESTIC US SHIPPING ONLY. For International Shipping Rates, email me @

>>>>>!! Payment: I can accept any method Paypal, Money Order, Concealed Cash. If using Paypal, I will have to ask for an extra 1$ per item.

>>>>>!! Special: Order 2 or more things from me, and I'll cut off 2$~5$ off the total, depending on the item. ^^

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I still have these things for sale ^o^

I can only accept the following:
1: Money Orders
2: Cash
3: Personal Check

$10 each + shipping (your choice)

1: Cranberry Soda by Ryuichi Kawamura
2: Promise Eve by Shazna
3: Gold Sun and Silver Moon by Shazna
4: Greatest Hits - Shazna (2 disc set w/ two boolets) - $20
5: Bastard Eyes by Zilch
6: Eden by Luna Sea
7: Style by Luna Sea, and
8: Dwellers of a SandCastle by La'cryma Christi

$8 each + shipping (your choice)

Vol 1
1: Ragnarok
2: Level - C (Yaoi)(EN) {Hold}
3: Wolfs Rain

$15 each + shipping (your choice)
1: Dragon Rage (PS2)

Note: If you want a pic, email me at My digital camera needs batteries, which I will getr tomorrow, then I can send you pics :D

MANGA for Sale :D

I have a bunch of manga for sale, I'm new to selling things, but I'm as broke as ever so I need to sell some of them off.

I have:

Kare Kano 1-11, all in good condition, most of them have only been read a few times each.

Inu Yasha 1-10

Chobits 1-3

Make your offers and I'll consider them ^______^ I accept paypal, money order, and well concealed cash. If you want any pictures of these, email me at with the pictures you'd like. I also have Sailor Moon dolls but I don't know if I want to part with them just yet. I have Moon, Mars, Chibi Moon, and Mercury, and the Sailor Moon world Jupiter and Moon. If you're interested with anything, email me or leave comment

Thank you!

EDIT: I'M also going to sell Fruits Baksets Manga 2 and 3, a Yuki Mouse Plush, a Kyo Angry Cat plush, and FF x-2 poster, with Yuna whistling, and a Fruits Baskets poster with Shigure, Yuki and Kyo being admired by thier respective animals

Cell Phone Strap

Hi everyone! I recently broke my gloomy bear cellphone strap and my phone feels naked with out a strap. Since there are alot of people here selling stuff, I figured I would ask if anybody has any straps they would like to sell? I am mainly looking for anything Japanese related, mainly visual kei or jpop related items. Please POST pictures as well. I will admit I am a little picky, but please post anything you've got. I am basically looking to spend $8 at the most with shipping. BUT if it is really cool or rare, I MIGHT raise the price. Thanks!

P.S. If anybody has any charms or figurines too that would be cool to post. Example: those frontier lego's of Psycho le Cemu. Something I could then make a strap with.

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I have alot of items ending tommorow, and the next couple days. Please take a look ^^

Also I got a pink money order from CVS in the mail yesterday for $15.00 , but the person never put what they were paying for on it and I am expecting 3 MO's from people for $15. It was from zipcode 02884. I'll be emailing people by tommorow if no one steps forward.

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Samsara &amp; 6th Doctor

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Please click my store page link to see the mangas and anime dvd's I have left for sale.(all my movies are 100% ligit R1/from usa)

Things I have: hands Off! 1-2, Gamerz Haven 1-2, YU-GIOH! The movie(brand new never watched), Pretear 1-3, Mirage of Blaze Vol. 1 and others...Knight Hunters (Weiß Kruez) Complete Boxset(might sell)

Please click here for the goods! heathers_junk
Cutie Girlie // PINK!

Hi ^^

I'm new to the community, i'm sorry that i have only a few pictures at the moment, but my camera broke >< Everything is mint unless otherwise stated, i always look after my stuff, so you can be sure it has been well taken care of ^^ UK buyers: i accept both cheques, money orders and paypal. Overseas: Paypal only. If you are interested, please leave a comment and i will get back to you with shipping info, etc ^^

I have on sale:

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Thankies ^-^

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Not exactly Japan related, buut... I figured I'd try.

Anyone want to buy an almost-new copy of Guild Wars? I got it a couple of weeks ago and don't have time to play it, so I figured I might as well sell it for art supplies. Everything is still in good condition, and it'd be a good game for people who don't want to have to pay monthly fees~ It's pretty fun.

Cover image 1
Cover image 2
Inside box image

I'm asking $40 including shipping. It retails for around $50-$55.
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A few items...

Hi, I'm selling the following items:
Manga :
Priest vol. 12 5$
( Selling for friend who accidentally bought the wrong vol. so brand new)

Chobits 1 5$
(excellent condition)

Model 1-2 8$ (both)
or 4$ for vol.1 (small bent on back) and 5$ for vol.2 great condition)

Shonen Jump March 2005 3.50 (shipping included, new never read)

Sorta Anime Stuff:
SpongeBob SquarePants Plushie 4$

Invader Zim Grr Shoelaces 3$ (including Shipping)(new without tags)

1. Pictures on request
2. Feel free to haggle
3. I can only ship to the U.S right now
4. no paypal, concealed cash or MO only sorry
5. Shipping for all items is about 2$
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