May 19th, 2005


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First time selling on livejournal but I have 100% feedback on my ebay account Paras313 (link to feedback page here). I only accept paypal and credit cards through paypal. My email address is, if interested please post a comment here or email me. 
Hellsing, 3 DVD set complete 13 episodes
3 DVD set $20 shipping included for US residents SALE PENDING
bilingual audio (Japanese and English), English subtitles.      Concept art, staff interview, creditless ending (ver 1,2&3), Seras      action figure info, Japanese cover art,weapons of hellsing, and magazine      ad art.

Someday's Dreamers 3 DVD set complete 12 episodes
Japanese title: Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto (what's important to  mages)
3 DVD set $20 shipping included for US residents SALE PENDING
bilingual audio (Japanese and English), English subtitles,       creditless Opening and Ending, TV CMs (3 versions), Aoi Miyazaki      interview, Masataka Nakano's photo session, concept art and music video by      The INDIGO in the extras.     

all 3 dvds have reversible covers


For Sale

This is my first time posting here, everyone, but I'm sure I'll be selling items here often from now on. Need to make more money for school and Anime Expo!

I prefer Paypal payments (no credit cards) but also accept money orders and well-concealed cash. My username on eBay is also seerakosumosu if you want to check my feedback.

I am selling my Chobits Poster Box. This was a rare, limited edition box which is nearly impossible to find now. It contains 25 beautiful, extra large posters (B3) on thick paper, with gorgeous drawings from the artbook. I'll sell each one for $10. It also includes the Dare mo Inai book and cd (manga style version found only in this box, not the cheap anime version you can find on eBay) and the rare E-37 card. I've already sold the card but am willing to sell the book and cd for $35.
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I also have Sailor Moon Japanese hardcover artbooks volumes I and II. In absolute mint condition and they include the posters. These are as perfect as they can be. I'll sell each for $30 and throw in some freebies if you buy these!
ware die

Magazines for sale!


Here are some more magazines that I am trying to get rid of. There is no way that I can ship all of these magazines back to the states with me! If anyone is interested just respond to the post :) Since there are so many different magazines here please be specific when you request them (include the name of the magazine, year, and issue number if it is listed). All magazines are $10 US (Zappy is $5) with $10 shipping (may vary). Paypal only please.

To the person who was interested in Malice Mizer magazines, there are quite a few in here so please look :)

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Anime for sale

Check out my ebay actions. I have:

Dragon Ball GT T-Shirt - Rough SS4 Goku - Red - XL $14.99

Dot Hack: Legend of the fabled hackers ep 1-8 $28.00

Gravitation T-Shirt: Shuichi Super Deformed $17.99

Gundam Wing Movie and OVA $20.00

Onegai Teacher vol.1 $7.00

Onegai Teacher vol.2 $7.00

One Peice Movie: Sacred Sword $18.00

Inuyasha Best Collection Soundtrack $15.00

Berserk Original Soundtrack $15.00

A Bunch of different animes! All in one auction! $55.00

Para Para Dancing Manga $8.00

Bride of Deimos Lot of Manga Vol. 2- 7 !! NEW! $50.00

Rahxephon Anime~ Complete Box Set !! $56.00

Kino's Journey Vol. 1 $17.00

Saiyuki OVA REQUIEM 20.00

Check them out at --->
Leehom - can't touch this

hm... I hope this is allowed...

I'm thinking about making a selling community for chinese stuff since there seems to be none. I was wondering if anyone wants to help (co-mod or whatever)? I need someone to make layouts 'cause I suck at that =T

I'm planning on starting it this weekend so let me know!

Also, is there a site that I can preview or listen to JRock or Jpop albums or something (like for chinese artists)? I like to have heard some of the songs on an album before I buy it. I can download songs and buy the album later but downloading messes up my computer.


Manga/anime for sale!!! ^___^

^_^ Hi, Im helping a friend with money for a convention this aug! our aim is $500.00. So we're selling manga and anime that we dont watch or read anymore. I hope you will help her. shes poor!

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All magna and anime are in english! ^_^

Shipping and handling price is being upped to $7.00 for every 5 books. CD's & plushies is $3.00. (sorry about that but <.< shippings expensive.Im used to shipping media mail.^^;)
I only ship to the USA and Canada. (although canada's s/h is 8.00) I prefer paypal, but i will take concealed cash (at your own risk)or money order, or personal checks, but nothing is sent out til the check goes threw the bank.
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A bunch of random goodies for sale!

Hi, this is my first post in this community! I have sold stuff on other LJ Communities, so I hope its ok :D I need to raise money because I'm going to Japan again in 2 months, and I need to make money fast because I just spent all my money in Japan last month and also at ACen last weekend!
If I have more than 1 quantity of an item, I will list it next to the pictures! At the end of my post will be info regarding contact, shipping, payment and etc :D Please don't be a deadbeat! and Shipping costs are INCLUDED in the total amount!

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I'm selling a copy of GOTHIC AND LOLITA BIBLE #16, AKA the newest issue of the mook.

i'm currently asking for $16 or more, since i bought it for $21.
most stores are selling it for $24, and my copy is in excellent conditon (besides small bends on the very corners of it).
please get this off of my hands! my interests has wained in EGL.
also, i'll throw in a "I <3 EGL" button without charge.

hope to hear offers soon!

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HUGE SALE of many things!! Autographs, movies,mags, flyers and more!

Ok darlings, I need to part with my little treasures becuase I need to save money to go visit my family back home ;o; I have no choice. So please buy! It's for a good cause ^o^!!
Sorry the pictures are so crappyX_x I have no scanner so I used my digicam which didn't want to cooperate much :X

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Next, a lovely collection of over 70 Jrock, Visual Kei and Visual Indies Flyers!
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Next, a Kagerou autograph :D!! AUTHENTIC!

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Next, some magazines!! :D!

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And finally, the PC version of HALO :D

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And for all of you EGL fans out there, I'm also selling this :3

If anyone is interested in anything,if you have any questions or need more images you can either leave a comment here or email me at Shipping is $3.85 priority mail if shipped in a flat rate envelope or $7.70 if shipped in a flat rate box :D I also ship worldwide ^^ Contact me for shipping info if you're outside of the USA. I accept paypal, money order and well concealed cash. Thank you for looking (and helping me fnd my trip back home ^-^)
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Lots of stuff for $5 incl. shipping! If you buy multiple items I'll strike you a deal. I accept concealed cash & money order. Paypal is not working for me, and I don't accept checks. Pictures are huge to show detail. You have been warned. XP

Click on my username, please! :D
Kirito- Enemy

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Hi, I'm selling these items, please be sure to read the bottom if interested. ^_^

Model 1-2
( 1 has bent on back cover 3$)
Chobits 1
Priest 12
Hana Kimi 1
Ranma 1/2 1
FruitsBasket 6
Kill Me Kiss Me 1
Shonen Jump Mar. 2005
All Manga are 6.50 including shipping. All are new or like new unless noted.

Double Sided, L'Arc on one side, Full Metal Alchemist on the other 1.50 (including shipping, new, more than one avialble)

Sorta Anime:
SpongeBob SquarePants Plushie 6$ (including shipping, like new)
Scooby Doo KeyChain (make offer)
Invader Zim Grrr shoelaces 3$ (new without tags)

Random Items;
Some fun fake glasses, black and white, checkered, might be good for a costume (like new) 3$

Stuff to Know:
1. Pictures on request
2. No Paypal, cash, MO..
3. Right now I will only ship to the U.S
4. All Prices Are negotiable
5. Accepts Trades...
What I would Trade For:
Janne Da Arc, Pierrot Flyers
Fun Jewlery

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