May 23rd, 2005

Jrock Magazines for Sale

Ok I have a 2 Jrock magazines, 2 GL Bibles up for grabs and Anime DVD set Ayashi no Ceres. Asking $12 for the Jrock mags., $14 for the GL Bibles and $30 for the Anime DVD set. Prices are negotiable so feel free to contact me if you see something of interest. Everything is in Excellent condition.

SHOXX Vol.137 2004 Issue (Special Front 20 Pages Edition- Psycho le Cemu) (poster included)

CURE Vol.15 Dec. 2004 Issue (Feature on 12012)

Gothic Lolita Bible Vol.7 (patterns are intact, never been used)(Currently on Hold)

Gothic Lolita Bible Vol.9 (patterns are intact, never been used)

Anime DVD sets Ayashi no Ceres- 2 DVD set, 4 discs in total. Entire series. Only watched through once. In excellent condition. (currently on hold)
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Morning Musume/ Hello Project STuff! ^^

Okay here is some more stuff~! Please let me know if you are interested in anything and don't forget to reply here with your email! <3 I accept paypal, money orders, personal checks and well concealed cash. ^^ Thanks SO much for your support!

( Morning Musume, W, and Mini Moni Posters, Cards, Books and Toys! )

Buyer is responsible for shipping~ and I will ship out of the U.S. ^^

Feel free to check earlier journal entries for items too! Lots of stuff is still available! ^_^
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Hi! These are the magazines that are still left if anyone is interested. I REALLY need to make some money so that I can send my stuff back to America so PLEASE take a look at what is under the cut!!! These are magazines that you can't get easily anymore so here is your chance!!! I am starting the prices at $10 USD per magazine (Zappy is $5). Also, if you are looking for something specific let me know! I might have it or be able to find it for you! Thanks!

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Posting this junk again! Still trying to save a little more money for A-Kon I will love you forever if you buy something! Anything!

Don't be afraid to make an offer if you want something and can't afford!!! *pleads*


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Reduced prices! Feeling desperate! Please buy!

I've reduced prices! I really really need to sell this stuff before A-kon! The prices I list are just what I would prefer to get, but feel free to make reasonable offers if you want to. Click on links to view pictures. ^_^

CDs - Shipping $3

Wolf's Rain Soundtrack (Bandai, USA Release) - $5
Witch Hunter Robin Soundtrack (Bandai, USA Release) - $5
S - Yojigen Zukan (Japan Release, ZPCA-1003, 10 Tracks) - $12

Anime - Region 1 Releases

Witch Hunter Robin DVD Vol. 1 w/box $18 This does not include all the goodies that originally came with this release. I wasn't originally planning on selling the DVD and box so I sold the other items instead. If you would like the above soundtrack as well, I will take a couple dollars off the price. ^__^ Shipping $5

Saint Tail Vol. 1 DVD $5 Includes first 3 episodes. Only watched once. Shipping $3

Dir en Grey 2005 Calendar Pages - Shipping $4 in a tube These are poster-sized pages and are in great condition.

Cover (has no pictures of the band. Therefore, I won't ask as much for it. XD) $3



Payment Details

I can only accept PayPal at this time since I'm trying to get a little more money for A-kon. If you can't use paypal, let me know and if the item you want doesn't sell by the time I leave for A-kon, I will accept other payment methods when I return. And remember, I'm open for reasonable offers on all items! Feel free to ask questions too!
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Manga/anime for sale!!! ^___^
^_^ Hi, Im helping a friend with money for a convention this aug! our aim is $500.00. So we're selling manga and anime that we dont watch or read anymore. I hope you will help her. shes poor!

Price is $5.00 each, or else even trade.
sensual phase 4
dark side blues
megima! 1
clamp school detectives 1
call me princess
.hack// legend of the twilight 1-2
planet ladder 1-5
tsugasa 1
mouryou kiden1

boys over flowers 1-4
deus vitae 1
gate keepers 1
glame of rebecca 1
just a girl 1-2
fushigi yugi 1
cadidate goddess 2
demon palace babylon 1
paradise kiss 2-5 (held?)
snow drop 1-2
saikand 1
get backers 1

one 1
ai yori aoshi 1-2
kill me kiss me 1-2
happy lessons 1
desert coral 1
dragon knights 1
rebirth 1
rune solder 1
the ruler of the land 1
popcorn romance

bow wow wata 1
kiss me?
flower of deep sleep 1-2
fairys landing 1-3,5
les bijoux 1-5
peach girl change of heart 1-8
psychic accademy 1-5
tokyo bab 1-3
under the glass moon 1-2
seiyuki 1-6 (these arnt in my posession at the moment.)
Kekkaishi 1
genshiken 1
King of hell 1-9
Model 1-6
eerie queerie 1-2
Hana-kimi 1
A plushy Yuki rat from fruits basket($5.00
Dragon voice 1-4
Wild act 1-5
Fake 1-7

Kenshin sound track ($10.00)
Prince of tennis sound track ($10.00)
kenshin movie sound track ($7.oo small crack on case)
Samari X sound track ($10.00)
all sound tracks only listened to once, perfect condition (with the exception of the kenshin movie sound tracks crack ^^;)
Escaflowne Series (dvd) $20.00 shipping is ($4.00)
rurouni Kenshin Vhs's First three tapes (15.00 for all three or 4.00 for each. shipping and handling is $5.00 for each unless your buying all three. )

All magna and anime are in english! ^_^

Shipping and handling price is being upped to $7.00 for every 5 books. CD's & plushies is $3.00. (sorry about that but <.< shippings expensive.Im used to shipping media mail.^^;)
I only ship to the USA and Canada. (although canada's s/h is 8.00) I prefer paypal, but i will take concealed cash (at your own risk)or money order, or personal checks, but nothing is sent out til the check goes threw the bank.
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Eat Wasabi!
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I'm posting here before I go to ebay.

Buyer pays for shipping as well. Depending on what Item you get, I'll give you several shipping options.

I highly recommend Paypal for payment options. If that is not available, I'll also accept personal check/money order. I would not suggest concealed cash.

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Stuff to sell! ^_^

Hi all! I've been lurking here for a while, commenting and buying and such. Now I need money. XD I need money to spend at Otakon on Kingdom Hearts stuff. So, would you help me get this stuff off my hands? Greatly appreciated. ^_^ <3

Slightly graphics heavy, but I'm sure you can handle it. ^_^;;

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I'm new to selling things online, so be patient. :D Shipping for the small items will be from $3-5, the larger items will probably be around $7-8. I CANNOT ship Internationally (with the exception of Canada)! Gomen!

I also have some Kingdom Hearts TCG, Lord of the Rings TCG, and Sailor Moon CCG cards up for trade/sale. Contact me if you're interested. :D
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Yeah Yeah.. I post alot ^^ But.. I need the money, so yeah :D

I have these things for sale ^o^ And I also added pics to a few items that had none ^^ So.. check it out! :D

I can only accept the following:
1: Money Orders

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Ayumi and rest

Hey all!

I just added a super-cute Ayumi Hamasaki (NON-OFFICAL) zip hoodie to my sales! Please check it and my other stuff out, and give them a nice home! I have clothes, jewelry, manga, and jpop cds!

Check it out please!


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