May 24th, 2005

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selling manga

Ok, I've never sold stuff online before so I guess I'm now selling my manga for $7.00 each and you guys don't need to pay shipping. I don't know how much shipping costs, so I hope I'm not making a mistake. Well, take a look, now that the price is what everyone has been asking for, and let me know if you want anything. I'll take money orders and checks, and I think paypal, though I'm not sure if I still have an account. I'll check into that on Monday night and post again so everyone knows. If you have any other questions please reply and any suggestions on how I tell everyone when something is off the list? Should I post again or will the order show up on the site? AHHH I'm so bad with this sort of thing. Well thanks for your patience and please take the time to see if you want any manga.

Title of Manga Volumes
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Here is a list of Anime things I am selling now.
All DVDs are $10 each, box sets are $45
All VHSs are $5 each
Magazines are best offer
Everything is negotiable ^^

-Knight Hunters/Weiss Kreuz complete box set
-Knight Hunters/Weiss Kreuz dvd 1
-Kai Doh Maru (movie)
-Earthian OVA complete
-Rayearth OVA complete
-Excel Saga complete boxset
-Samurai X: reflection
-Princess Mononoke
-Dominion Tank Police
-Ranma 1/2: from the depths of despair
-Dragon Ball Z: kid buu a new beginning
-Otaku no Video

-Gestalt OVA complete (one)
-Shamanic Princess OVA complete (three)

-Raijin and Fuujin Comics issue 0
-Anime Play volume 1 (interactive dvd anime magazine)
-Animerica: (2002: June, July// 2003: September, October, December// 2004:March, April, September)

-Akira OST
-Magic Users Club OST

-Gravitation (english version): 1-9 (no volume 8)
(manga sold seperately or all together)

please comment with what you want and your email.

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Is anyone living in Japan willing to bid on some yahoo! japan auctions for me? There are three items from the same seller that I am interested in. I know I can use Celga or Rinkya, but I can't afford all their fees...I'm looking for someone who doesn't mind doing this...I will still pay you, but not more than I can afford x_x

last day for Psycho le Cemu sales

on my personal LJ, diamondmeadows, I am currently running 3 new auctions of Psycho le Cemu tour items (such as the VIP-only black messenger bag), a few cherry blossom petals YURA-sama & AYA waved onto the stage, & a CD-rom from Zy magazine. all information, photos, & private bidding polls are there. I ship worldwide! I also added screencaps & more info on the CD-rom.

direct link without polite LJ cuts is here.

today's the last day for bidding! auctions end 9 PM EST. thank you!
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I need money.....

Hi! I kinda forgot that the Anime Expo is coming soon and I need money for it. So I'm going to sell part of my manga collection. They're all in really great condition (like new). I've either only read them once or have never read them yet. They're $7.00 each (unless noted otherwise) and if you buy 5 or more, I'll ship them for free. My own collection consists of over 800 mangas and I'll be listing a little more then half of them for sale. Please help me out (I'm so poor).

Shipping (US only, international shipping is more):
Book 1 = $1.75
Book 2-4 = + $.25 each book
Book 5+ = free

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If there's something you want and I don't have it listed or it's taken, I can get another copy for you, but you'll have to wait about a month for me to get it for you. Also, I'll be replacing what I sent out if you want to wait for me to list them again.

Payment: Money order (prefered), Cash (at own risk), and PayPal (add extra 5% paypal fee)

Click my icon for more things I'm selling!

I'm only going to list this until the expo is over. Unless it does very well.

Thanks for looking.

Things for sale

Hi everybody,

I'm selling some things to make some room. Please check out the pictures Collapse )

I have feedback on eBay under the name ty2ger. If you're interested in anything or have questions please e-mail me at or comment with what you're interested in and I'll give you a total with shipping. I can take paypal (no credit cards), cash (at your own risk), money orders, and personal checks (items will not be sent until check clears.) I will ship anywhere, but please e-mail me if you do not live in the United States or Canada. Thank you!

EDIT: due to numerous responses I will be offering items by time stamp on e-mails/livejournal replies.



I'm looking for issue number two of Cure magazine. It has Ruki from Gazette and Jui from Vidoll on the cover... if you have it and are willing to sell it please contact me []. I'd be extremely grateful!