May 27th, 2005

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Selling the following:


-Dragonball Z Wallscroll - $6


-Gravitation manga Vol. 1 (English) MINT - $5

-Ranma 1/2 manga Vol. 17 (English) MINT - $5

-Chobits manga Vol.3 (English) MINT - $5

-Shonen Jump Jan and April 2003 Issue (English) - $1 each


-Metroid Prime for Gamecube - $15

-Nintendo 64 System (comes with one controller, the front logo has a crack but the system works perfectly fine.) - $20


-pink tinted framed glasses - $5


-Sailor Moon Super S Uncut Movie (Japanese with English Subtitles)VHS - $10

-"X" VHS(English) - $5

-Fushigi Yuugi/Mysterious Play VHS(English): The Quest for the Shinzaho Ep 34 to 36 - $5

American Books</b></u>

A Man Named Dave: A Story of Triumph and Forgiveness by Dave Pelzer [MINT]- $5

Bart Simpson's Guide to Life: A Wee Handbook for the Perplexed (Really funny book) [MINT] - $8

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I'm also selling -used- clothes from hot topic for real cheap. They are -washed- and come from a smoke/pet free home.

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Shipping is $3.50. Sorry, I only ship in the U.S and Canada. I accept checks, money orders and cash. If anyones interested, leave a comment here with your email. Thanks.

Selling Jrockstuff. ._.'

I'd like to get rid of a couple of my cds/dvds/misc because I'm in need of money X_x.
Not much but probably anyone's interested?

Pierrot - Private Enemy
Pierrot Prototype III (PV Collection)
Hide - Junk story Single collection
Arena#xx (Issue from november 2004, with a TMrevolutionspecial; other artists: Miyavi, Orange Range, Pierrot, Takui...)

please OFFER a price (be fair), all items are in good condition.
Shipping worldwide, fee is about ~5€ but I'll pay half of it.
I only accept well concealed cash in € or jap.Yen, sorry.
If you're interested in any items, please leave a mssge or email me: mondschafl(at)

Thank you. ^^
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I am kind of need of some funds. SO I have decided
to part with my   Sailor Moon pocket mixx. I have
volumes 1-11. I am hoping to sell them for no less than
$7.00 a piece.
I also have a Sailor Moon gameboy color game.
I can't find the box for it, but I would wrap it
carefully when shipped. It is in Japanese.But it
does work on US gameboy color. Make me an offer
on the game.
I take paypal, concealed cash,and money orders.
Thanks for your time.


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Manga Sales relist!

Kare Kano 4-6
InuYasha 1-10
Chobits 1-3
Ruroni Kenshin 1
Knights of the Zodiac 2
Saint Tail 1

I also have two Sailor Moon World dolls, Moon and Jupiter, but will only sell them if I get a really good deal on them, they're adorable. I also have some of the Canadain Irwin Sailor Moon dolls are well

Just a friendly reminder, I'm going to keep KareKano 9-11 on hold for another week, after that I'm going to relist them ^^;;

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Hi all! I've got a couple of stuff up for sale ( here. )
(yes, it's a fake cut XDD)

Anime related = Hamtaro toys, Pokemon Tapes, Gundamn Wing action figures, and very few manga.

Please ignore the random stuff on the list! It's one huge post on my LJ, plz don't kill me! ><
All info. is on the link, thanks everyone!

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