May 30th, 2005

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Hi all! I'm interested in selling some of the manga I've managed to accumulate over the past few months or so. There's also a DVD in the mix, so have a look at that as well!

All manga is in English and will be $4 USD each, with the exception of the Hikaru no Go and Cromartie High School volumes, which are $5. The DVD is $12. Shipping is $4 domestic; international will be a little higher and can be discussed on agreement to buy. I accept payment in money orders and cash ( USD, please )!^^

All manga/DVDs have been used only once, so all are in superb condition. The exception to this is, again, Hikaru no Go and Cromartie High School, which have never been read and are in mint condition.

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ware die

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Anyone interested in JRock magazines please look here! I am selling the magazines that I don't absolutely have to keep so that I have money to ship stuff home from Japan. A lot of these are quite old, so if you are looking for something specific I might have it! Please take a look! I am starting all mags at $10 USD + shipping (from Japan). Right now I can only take paypal for payments. PLEASE LOOK!!!!!
MISC - vk Közi relaxed

Yaoi Doujinshi


These all all EXPLICIT YAOI except for the Hellsing one, which is, well, explicit het. PLEASE DO NOT LOOK OR ASK TO BUY UNLESS YOU ARE EIGHTEEN YEARS OF AGE, OR THE LEGAL AGE IN YOUR COUNTRY. This is the honor system here, folks.

$3 shipping for all items. (I sent one today, it cost me $2.97 to buy an envalope and send it) PAYPAL ONLY.

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My eBay ID is sir_integral, and you can check out my feeback right here. My e-mail address is visualcoma(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thanks for looking!

Mihara Mitsukazu

I am looking for anything by Mihara Mitsukazu except the Doll series.
Ecspecially Dokuhime, but also R.I.P, and the artbooks Chocolate and Alice Addict.
I'm also interested in Kera magazines,Gothic and Lolita Bible, Rococo and Escargot.
Thank you
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Kirito- Enemy

Some new items..

Here I am again with my items, please buy, I apologize if I'm being obnoxious.

( all new or like new, 7$ each with shipping, in english)
FruitsBasket vol.6
Kill Me Kiss me Vol. 1
Hana Kimi Vo. 1
Priest vol. 12
Chobits Vol.1
Shonen Jump Mar, 2005 3.50 (includes shipping)

Double Sided FMA on one side L'Arc en Ciel on the other 2$ (includes shipping)
(new, more than one available)

Random Items;
Invader Zim Grr Shoelaces $3
SpongeBob SquarePants Plushie 5$
Pokemon KeyChain (I think its muk..) make offer
Flower Plushie Dice thingys 4$
My Soul (Make Offer, free Shipping!!!)
Kitty Posters 4$ each
Yellowcard Beyond Ocean Ave. Brand New, factory sealed 12$ (including Shipping)

Also would anyone be interested in a bunch of blue fabric, I bought it to make a fruitsbasket uniform and then never made it. But it would be great for one.

1. NO Paypal, sorry, Cash or MO
2. Ship only to the U.S
3. Pictures on request
4. All prices are negotiable
5. I will of course give a break on shipping if you you more than one item.
^_^ ^_^ ^_^
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manga and anime for sale~

I want to get rid of some stuff! Help me out~
I'm selling more at my journal so go take a look for my complete list~ here's stuff i think you'd be interested in.


Kizuna (yaoi) - volume 1 $7
Gravitation (shonen ai) - volumes 1-9 (minus volume 8) $50 or best offer or $7 each (cost me $80+ at $10+ each x_x;)
Paradise Kiss (ai yazawa) - volumes 1-4 (only missing 5 to complete the set) $30 or $7 each


-Knight Hunters/Weiss Kreuz complete box set
-Knight Hunters/Weiss Kreuz dvd 1
-Excel Saga complete boxset


-Akira OST $10
-Magic Users Club OST $10


I decided to put all my sales onto a community, to make it easier to buy. I have a lot more things for sale, so if anyone wants to check it out, please go here. Currently, I have a lot of Japanese/non-Japanese items for sale. Some of the Japanese items I have for sale include Pokemon Cards, and a Hello Kitty bag, and lots of cool other stuff. So go check it out, ne? (^^) TY!! *hugs*
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CDs somehow seems like people wouldn't want my old stuff XD. But I thought I would post here anyway just in case. I would sell:

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Anyway, just in case anyone is interested ^^
Samsara & 6th Doctor

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Image hosted by
* 1 new book: Japanese Kanji & Kana
*DVD'S Anime/NON-Anime(new titles up)
*Kenshin Figures/Barbies
*Over 60 NEW Beanies Listed
*Anime/JRock cd's
*Video Games PS2/PS1
*Miss. Items
*Yu-Gi-Oh! Tins(all 6 from 1st run)
*Summer Dresses, Tops, and more

To those of you who've bought beanies from me and like the Rabbits I've got MORE again! Please drop in and take a look!

Please click here for the goods! heathers_junk

updated list of what's for sale (items sold are marked)

Now there's even more stuff for sale (again)!! ^_^

See my ebay auctions here:

Behind the cut are pictures of what I'm selling with prices. Prices are negotiable to a certain extent, so feel free to make me an offer. I will not take trades for the most part, but if you have CLAMP stuff that I don't have I might be willing to make a trade... or if you have stuff to complete something I don't have all of. You can ask, but I may not be willing to trade.

I ship Priority Mail unless you otherwise ask. Buyer pays shipping. I will weigh the stuff that you want and tell you what shipping is. Either comment here with what you're interested in or email me at I accept Paypal and Money Orders. Paypal MUST come from a bank account; I do not accept credit card payments via Paypal.

If you have any questions, comment or email me.

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Cry wolf cry crazyweazulicon cred

Looking to Part with

So here I am again. Selling Direct Sell Anime and Manga Collectables. ^_^ Most prices are negotiable but some I will stand firm on. I do not accept trades unless you can offer me something really hard to get. I'm really trying to clear out my inventory so I can finish getting Artwork ready for Auction at an Anime Convention this June. The Artwork will be Sold at Anime Next, which is a NJ,NY,CT Convetion from June 17th to the 20th. I still need to print out each image plus buy frames. So if your going to be there please let me know and you can save on shipping by having me bring you the item to the Convention! Happy Shopping!

PS: Since I need this crunch time to finish my artwork I won't be doing Commissions till after the 20th. Also I WILL ONLY HOLD ITEMS FOR 1 WEEK After that week if you do not tell me if you want it or not then I will remove you off the list of potential buyers.


Direct Sale Items

Sailor Moon Items
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Pokemon Items
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Ranma 1/2 Items
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Card Captor Sakura Items
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Misc-Anime Items
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Final Fantasy Items
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Non-Anime Related Items
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Shipping & Handling

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That's all for the moment. Will post more items when I can. O_o I'm also trying to help my boss clear out some store invitory so if the price is high please understand. If you have anyquestions you can email me at
Or reach me by my AIM name ReiUnit1

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Eddie Izzard

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Anime relist (reduced prices):

1. X/1999 - English manga, volumes 1-15, $5 each, $80 for the set (I'll throw in the Japanese manga for free if you buy the set) (retails at $9.99 each)
2. Shaman King - English manga, volumes 1-4, $5 each, $20 for the set
3. Angel Sanctuary - English manga, volume 3, $5
4. X/1999 - Japanese manga, volume 1 - $6

1. Wolf's Rain DVD 1 (episodes 1-5) - $12 (bought for $24.99) - no scratches, viewed once
2. Outlaw Star complete series DVDs (individual DVDs) - $12 each, or $32 for the whole set - mint condition

1. Rurouni Kenshin OAVs 1 (Trust) and 2 (Betrayal) VHS: $8 for the set. (The box for the first OAV is a little beat up, the second box is mint condition - tapes play perfectly)
2. Record of Lodoss War complete series VHS (episodes 1-27) - the boxes are in good condition (a little beat up on the edges only) - $20 for the whole set (9 VHS)
3. Vision of Escaflowne Episodes 1-4 VHS - $5 - box and tape are in excellent condition
4. Magic Knight Rayearth 1 Collector's Box - $25 - the box and all of the VHS tapes are in excellent condition.

Naruto resin Kunai knife, resin shuriken, leaf village headband, pouch, Sasuke glove - $40: S&H should be less than $8 because it's all pretty lightweight

Sanrio: Chi Chai Monchan coin purse - $5 - tags still attached.
Sanrio: Hello Kitty blue stand up travel alarm clock and radio - $8 - excellent condition

Need pictures or are interested, shoot me over an email at or just leave a comment.

Thanks for looking!

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