June 6th, 2005


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I am selling the following items:

-2 Miyavi photos for 1-2 euros SOLD!!!!
-2 Mana photos (if I can find the other one ) for 1-2 euros
-1 Tsubasa poster 4-5 euros
-1 Chobits poster 4-5 euros
-1 Get Backers Poster (double sided) 4- 5euros
- some hello kitty and pucca figures 1-2 euros
- lot's of laminated tenipuri,chobits,1 count cain, sayuki, get backers cards. 1-2 euros
-4 hello kitty dolls 5-8 euros
and more...............
-Prince of Tennis The Love of Prince Bitter PS2 game(music clip game)
-Prince of Tennis the Love of Prince Sweet PS2 game(music clip game)
-Galaxy angels PS2 game
note!: the games might only work on japanese or any other asian ps2 but I think Galaxy angel can be used on european ps2

*I am selling merchandise of various different j-rockers in July~~ I just wanted to tell you because...not a lot of people are selling j-rock stuff around here...*

If interested please contact me at tiina_xu_6@hotmail.com then we can negotiate and etc...
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I still have lots of things that must go.  I accept Money Order (prefered), Cash (at your own risk), PayPal (will add 5% for paypal fee), and Trades (only if you have something I really want right now).

Here's very small list of what I have:

Books: A.I Love You Vol. 2, Alice 19th Vol. 3, Eerie Queerie! Vol. 2, King of Hell Vol. 4, Peach Girl Change of Heart Vol. 8, Sailor Moon Novel Vol. 1-3, Suki Vol. 2, Trigun Vol. 1, Wild Act Vol. 4, Sample Mangas, Shonen Jumps, Non-no Magazines, Color Magazines

DVDs: Angelic Layer Boxset with Vol. 1, Dragon Drive Vol. 1, Gasaraki Perfect Collection, GTO Vol. 1, SoulTaker: The Monster Within, Trigun complete boxset, Vandread 2nd Stage Vol. 2, Miyavi Indies Last Live in Nippon Budokan, Gackt Mars Concert

Lami Cards, Clear Cards, Trading Cards, Musics, Posters, Free Flyers, Pins, Keychains, Pencil Boards/Shitajiki, Plushies, Notebooks, and lots more.  That's just a very small list of what I'm selling.  Please take a look.

(Blu8e's Mini Mart)


Manga Books:
*Kodocha 1,4=$5
*Fushigi Yugi v1(Big version)=$4
DVD and VHS:
*Princess Diaries 2=Opened but not scratched.
*S.W.A.T.=Opened but not scratched
*Gothika= " "
*Cardcaptor Sakura movie 1 and 2=Never Opened=$7=DVD=Front Cover says v.1 but there's 2 movies inside.
*Fushigi Yugi OVA, not Eikoden=Box Cover has torn edges=$10=VHS
CD's Not anime:
Inuyasha Soundtrack v.1=Opened but not scratched
*Best of Inuyasha v.1 " "
*Usher "Live"=$5 " "
*Fozzy,"Enemy"=$5 " "

Also have Inuyasha plushie key chain=$4
*4 inch tall
*open but still have tag.

Shipping is a buck. Accept Postal Money Order or Cash at ur Own risk ONLY. International exceppted but shipping will be 2 dollars.

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pictures will be comming soon.all are in good condition, for the anime cds i have the cd cases and little flaps that come with the cd case as well, ask if you want them. payment includes cash, check, and money orders only. if you find something that interest you email me at carebear597@hotmail.com, comment, or aim me at al0n3 t0gether to purchase.
anime cds:
sailor moon-best song collection pretty cast
revolutionary girl utena-original soundtrack II
anime toonz presents kikuko inoune
and 3 random japanese anime cds i don't know yet
**all are $8**

anime pins:
super saiyan goku
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Gundam seed stuff wanted =)

I wondering if anyone has any gundam seed merchandise or magazine insert items they are selling off. I'm not looking for the English manga. Oh and does anyone have the 2004 Gundam seed Calendar that they are selling off? I am highly interested in that too

Please leave comments or email me at liltichan@animeish.com if you have anything

thank you so much for your time ^_^
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