June 10th, 2005


Wondering if anyones intrested in a tamagotchi connection?? Nothings wrong with it but some light scratches on the screen. It has been droped on the floor a couple of times but still works. It doesn't come with an instruction manual and batterie. It requires a CR2032 batterie. The picture is in this link, The one on the right. Lavinder-ish. I'm looking for maybe $9 but shipping depends on where you live.
Mini Me!

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It's that time again people, the time when one mascot steps aside to make room for a new mascot.

Cheeky Drop will still be available till next Friday, and will then be replaced by the new Summer mascot, so if you were thinking about it, now's the last chance!

Come to Gaijin Geisha to see what's shakin'!

And don't forget the free kanzashi barrette offer!!!

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Take these off our hands!

All of them are in English. All are in like new condition, except for Ultimate X-men #27 has a small tear in the back cover, but still in one piece.

Manga printed American Comics style:
- Ayashi no Ceres issues #1-21 [ON HOLD for another four days]
- El Hazard comics (not Manga, not Graphic Novels) #1-5

- X-men single issue (see picture) [If you buy all the X-men stuff we'll throw in the extra comics for free]

English Manga:
- Real Bout High School 1-4 for $16 whole set + shipping or $4.50 each + shipping
- Brain Powered 1 for $4.50 + shipping
- Vampire Game 1 (no picture yet) for $4.50 + shipping

Payment methods:
We'll accept Paypal, personal check, money order, and er...well-concealed cash but do so at your own risk.

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x-posted everywhere ._.

Let us know if you're interested, cuz we'll get rid of them other non-profited ways anyway ._. (aka BURNING THEM!! FUN!!) But seriously, we're just gonna end up throwing them out, so take them. Or offer something.