June 11th, 2005


Arina Tanemura things and Last Exile/Hikaru no Go Doujinshi for sale


I'm currently selling a huge lot with Arina Tanemura on eBay including items from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Full Moon wo Sagashite and Time Stranger Kyoko. I have an extensive list and pictures in my description so be sure to take a look. It's really worth it if I might says so :)

I'm also selling two Last Exile Doujinshi of the romantic nature. One is Alex & Sophia Only and the other one has Alex & Sophia, Claus & Lavie and Dio & Luciorra (did I write those right?). They are both pretty nice, selling to get some money for my next Japan trip...

The last one is a Hikaru no Go Doujinshi by Hikaaking which is a collaboration of circles with pretty high level art and FUNNY :) I have a more thorough description in my auction so take a look, ne?

My auctions :)
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Lowered Price!


I am selling the Comic Party 4 DVD Box Set because I really need the money.

It is Region 1 and has only been watched once, in excellent condition.

Asking Price: $60 + $5 shipping

Payment Methods: I prefer PayPal, but will also accept money orders (International Postal Money Orders if you live outside the US). Because of the price I am asking for this, I would prefer to not accept cash through the mail unless you are willing to send it registered. ^_^;

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me at: lovara_chan@hotmail.com

Thank you!

(no subject)

It's me again. I still have some stuff to sell.
I have added a few things, and sold off some others.
Prices are negoitable. Willing to ship international.
Sony flash drive 256 mb ($20)
Lunatic Partyvol.3  pg.180 (SM het)($7)
Selenity Romance pg.158 (SM het) ($7)
IWP(Ikebukoro West Gate Park) ($6)
Clamp's Shirahime- Syo book ($7)
Comic Party tokyopop vol.1,2 ($5 ea.)
Tokyo Babylon dvd ($6)
Noir vol.1 ($6)
Girl Got Game Tokyopop vol.1-4,6($5 ea.)
Sailor Moon POcket mixx 1-11 vol. 8 -on hold ($5 ea.)
Salior Moon Supesr pocketmixx 1-4($5 ea.)
Model tokyopop vol.1-2 ($5 ea.)
Celestial Legend Ceres Viz graphic novel vol.1,2 ($6 ea.)
Card Captor Sakura Tokyopop($5 ea.)
Kiss Me Kill Me vol.2,3 ($5 ea.)
Ai Yori Aoshi Tokyopop 1-4($5 ea.)
Bastard Viz graphic novels vol.1-5 ($6 ea.)
Kodocha Tokyopop vol 7,10 ($5 ea.)
Only the Ring Finger Knows (yaoi) ($6)
Taimashin vol. ($ 6)


(no subject)

Alright, my fellow shoppers, I have three things for sale today! Get them while you can!

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PAYMENT INFO- I accept Paypal and Money order for these items ONLY. No trades, I'm sorry. For any details or questions on anything, please feel free to copmment here or email me at magentapixiedust@hotmail.com

Merci beacoup!