June 13th, 2005

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Manga and misc. for sale.

All right, so I'm broke. And I have a bunch of manga sitting around that would like a friendlier home - I never have time to read them! They're in varying condition ranging from slightly dog-eared (I call it loved!) to near mint, so if you're interested in a certain volume, let me know.

Prices are not set, and if you're interested in all of them or multiples, we can make a deal.

Offerings (all US releases) :
- Planet Ladder vol 1 & 4
- Kodocha vol 1
- Negima! vol 1
- Erica Sakurazawa : Nothing But Loving You
- A.I. Love You vol 1
- Gunslinger Girl vol 1
- ARIA vol 1 ... if you haven't heard of this, you owe it to yourself to look it up - The art is beautiful and so's the story, I simply haven't read it in a while.

Also available :
- Pink Cheer Bear (Care Bears) backpack. Small, fits about the necessary items for a con-going cosplayer. (Camera, cell phone, money, perhaps some keys.) It's very cute and has a bit of hair on the top of its head. I just don't use it anymore.
- Sailormoon alarm clock. Old style metal alarm clock, uses one C battery. Good condition. Very loud and obnoxious - Great for the Usagi in all of us. ^_~ (I collected alarm clocks for a long time, this is one of my old favorites, I just don't use it anymore.)

Photos of the bag and alarm clock can be taken if anyone's interested.

Shipping will be actual shipping. For books, I'd say it's about $3 for the first, $1-2 for each additional. Backpack would likely be about $4, and alarm clock probably around $4 as well. Will ship via Priority Mail or whatever, depending on buyer's needs. International buyers welcome, but I will check shipping before mailing it out - Have had problems with shipping costing more than I anticipated before.

I will accept money order, check, well concealed cash (buyer's risk!), and Paypal. I prefer Paypal, since it's fastest for all involved.

Questions comments whatever, post here! Thanks.

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Very pretty K-Star Sweet Lolita dress & matching bow for direct sale. It still has the tags on and has never been worn!

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Paypal is being rather tempremental at the moment but I can accept it. I would prefer payment by cash, cheque or postal orders however :)
Check out my ebay feedback here.

Shipping to UK will be £4, worldwide £8.


Thanks x

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Here are some things I have for sale. I added a couple CD's (Diru and La'Cryma), 2 magazines, and a poster. ^o^ I'm saving up for a Luts doll, so help me out! :D I can hold items for a week as well ^O^ Oh, and I marked down my Gravitation Manga set $5 ^o^

I can only accept money orders as a form of payment at this moment. I will take cash, but it is at the buyers risk.

Here you can see my ebay feedback :D My FEEDBACK!

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hi all
i need AOMUSHI DROP of RYUTARO ARIMURA (vocal of plastic tree)
someone can sell it to me?
thanks very much

for who is interested i want to sell MIYAVI?S ORESAMA movie and ASHITA GEENKI NI NARE(his single)
thaks again!
Play victim (by Metro of Ego)

Help a girl out...

Looking for:

Angel Sanctuary artbooks
Kill Me, Kiss Me 5
Eerie Queerie 4
Please Save My Earth 3+
Mars: Horse With No Name

If you're selling anything I listed for a reasonable price, comment and let me know. ^__^
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Manga bargain bin!

I've got some goodies for you! Photos available by request. S/H not included, but feel free to bargain, since I'm desperate to get these off my hands!
(1) Naomi Watanabe: Impression Vols. 1-2. Like-new condition. Asking $15 for both. (Traditional Chinese)
(2) Nishi Keiko: Sanban-chou Hagiwaraya no Bijin. Vol. 1. Like-new condition. Asking $6. (Japanese)
(3) CLAMP: Cardcaptor Sakura Vol. 4. Like-new, with obi. Asking $7.50. (Bilingual [J/E] special edition!)
(4)LEE: Tsuki no Hikari, Hoshi no Michi single volume. Like-new. Asking $6.50. (Traditional Chinese)
(5)Fujisawa Tooru: Great Teacher Onizuka Vol. 9. Like-new. Asking $6. (Japanese)
(6)Kaori Yuki: Zankoku na Douwa-tachi single volume. Like-new. Asking $7. (Japanese)
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Totoro shirt for sale!

I'm selling my Totoro shirt, size M, as I just don't wear it anymore. A picture can be found here. It's like-new; I've worn it several times, but there are no stains, marks, etc.

$7 + s&h (to be determined based on location). I take Paypal (preferred), checks, well-concealed cash (at your own risk), and money orders.

Please give this shirt a good home!

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Kuruna - yo!


All manga is in English and prices are in USD. E-mail me at ladollylatte (at) aol.com if you are interested in anything here.

Titles under the cuts include Dragon Knights, Gundam Wing, New Vampire Miyu, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Sailor Moon, Gunsmith Cats, and Kazan.

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Cure Vol. 5

Does anyone know of a shop that sells older issues of Cure Magazine? I've already checked J-XYZ. I'm really looking for a copy of Vol. 5 with D'espairsRay on the cover, so any info you guys may have would be greatly appreciated or if anyone here is looking to sell their copy. ^__^ Thanks!
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Hallo again everyone! It's time for spring cleaning - and student loan paying. +_+ Please have a look at the list, and send me an email (milk AT with-healthy DOT net) or leave a comment here if you're interested in anything. All prices are negotiable. Thanks!

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I also have some old anime VHS for sale ($3.00 a tape), email me if you want a list. :D;;;

I'll take Paypal or Postal Money order. I'm really sorry, but I can't take cash by mail or Western Union Money Order. I'll take checks sometimes, but email me first, please. I've had problems with checks in the past. x.x;;

Thanks everyone!
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FFVIII & FFX poster and wallscroll!

I'm selling a huge FFVIII wallscroll featuring Squall. It's huge. Its around 44 1/2 inches or so and it's never been used. I've had this in it's tube for the longest time and I'm sure I'm not going to use it anymore. Anyways, there's a picture under the Collapse ).

I'm asking for $25, shipping inside the US included (the tube is huge). If you live outside of the US, it'll be $5 more.

Next, I'm selling a FFX poster, featuring Yuna. Again, I've never used this, so it's in perfect condition. It's just there, collecting dust, so I'd rather sell it than for it to just have dust on it. ;-;

A picture of the poster is located Collapse ).

I'm asking for $15, shipping inside the US included. If you live outside the US, it's $3 more.

EDIT: I also have these anime DVDs which I dont watch anymore. A picture of the DVDs is located Collapse )

The prices of the DVDs differ, so feel free to ask how much it is. Shipping for any of the DVDs is $2 inside the US. Outside the US will be $4.

I accept non-credit paypal & well concealed cash at your own risk. If you'd like more pictures or information on any product, feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for looking!
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Must sell!!!!

****Now with FREE SHIPPING with purchase of $30 or more!****

I am only a scant few months away from needing a LOT of money, so I must clear out these items! For anything other than the J-pop and J-rock (I'm losing too much on them already to further discount), I am willing to take offers, as long as they are reasonable. For example: four items of $15 each would come to $60, but I might be willing to take $50-$55 instead. Try me.

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Payment Options

I accept PayPal (credit cards and eChecks OK, just pay the fee in addition to the asked amount), Money Orders, concealed cash (at your own risk), personal check (Check must clear before item ships). In all cases, I must recieve payment before the item ships, and shipping will include delivery confirmation, just to avoid any confusion as to who recieved what when.