June 17th, 2005

Mini Me!

Kanzashi Barrettes


I have some new kanzashi barrettes up on Gaijin Geisha !! Biggest Update ever with 10 designs available! I made a few of each design this time around, to give you a better opportunity to pick up a pair!

Best of all free kanzashi barrettes with orders over $100!!! (free barrettes are of surprise designs!)

Looking for...

Hey I cant seem to find and D or Syndrome albums, would anyone know where I can buy some, a website (in english)? I tried Yesasia but they dont seem to have them. Is anyone selling or willing to sell me an album by both or either???
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Piano books

Anyone have piano scores, or even a full book, for any songs from anime or Japanese singers? If you'd be interested in selling, please let me know! ^_^
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Geisha for sale!

I have this porcelin Geisha doll that I bought from an online shop that was located inside Japan over a year ago. I'm selling it on ebay because I really need the money. I accept non-credit paypal, domestic postal issued money order (inside the US) and well concealed cash. If you're interested in looking at the Geisha, click here.

Thank you.


we're selling some magazines (UV, Arena37c, Cure, SHOXX, Neo, Korean bands)

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SHOXX March issue $20
Kagrra, 20pgs plus poster.
Some fea. bands - Plastic Tree, PLC, Nightmare, Miyavi, Moi dix Mois, Fatima, Shulla, Kra, Lareine, Phantasmagoria, deadman, Rentrer en Soi, MASK, 12012, Duel Jewel

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Cure February issue $20
Phantasmagoria, 28 pgs plus poster.
Some fea. bands - Alice Nine, D, Antifeminism, Duel Jewel,Rentrer en Soi, MASK, Bang-Doll, Sugar Trip, CalorZe, Ghost

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Arena 37c vol 20 $20
Miyavi, 33 pgs plus poster.
Some fea. bands - DBSG, ORANGE RANGE, Gackt, GLAY, w-inds, BoA, Charcoal Filter, TRAX, zboned zubon

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Neo Vol. 001 $20
Miyavi, 35pgs plus poster.
Nightmare, DAIGO STARDUST, Kagrra, Gazette, DespairsRay, Shulla

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UV Vol 111 $20
Pierrot, 16 pgs, plus poster
Some fea. bands - Ziggy, ORANGE RANGE, Gackt, BUCK-TICK, TRAX, Kagrra, FLOW

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Asian Pops $20 (Japanese)
fea. DBSG, RAIN, Kumi Koda, Shinhwa Jewelry, Zero, Wheesung, May, Bangkaew, TRAX, Tom Yam, Biuret, Lena Park, SoRi, bebe
Around 5 pages of DBSK with profiles and discongraphy.
14 page promo photobook of TVXQ.

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Junior December issue - $20</a> (Korean)
feat. god, JNC, K-POP, GUMMY, bebe, Lyn, Jerry Yan, TRAX
Around 18+ pages of pictures of TVXQ, with personal interviews of each member.
2 fold out sheets of all 5 different members.
5 promo posters (double-sided, 7 TVXQ posters in all 15x22)

email: yukisas@gmail.com
prices don't include shipping (1.50 -2.50 depending where you live)
Accept paypal, money orders.