June 18th, 2005


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Dir en grey and "serial experiments lain" fans: Help a poor guy out with his move to NYC this fall! How, you ask? By buying his stuff!

Anyway, I'm selling two books: The "serial experiments lain" artbook "An Omnipresence in Wired" and the Dir en grey photobook "Dragon Fly." both of these books are hard to find in North America, in barely-used condition, and very cool. They're both up on eBay:

serial experiments lain "An Omnipresence in Wired" artbook

Dir en grey "Dragon Fly" photobook

(NOTE ABOUT "DRAGON FLY": The book originally came with two stickers, one with the book logo and one with a picture of the band. The band-picture sticker has unfortunately been used and is therefore not included in this auction. The book is in otherwise great condition.)

Thanks a lot! Comment or e-mail (nineissix@gmail.com) with any questions.

If anyone's interested, I should be putting up the Shazna "White Silent Night" and B'z "Real Thing Shakes" 3" CD singles up soon, and maybe some other stuff...
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ware die

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Here is another update on JRock magazines that I have for sale. Basically, I bought way too much while I have been in Japan and now I can't take it all home. I am starting the prices at $10 US for each magazine. Shipping to the US and Europe runs about $10 per magazine as well. Since I only have a month left, I will take offers for the magazines as well, however if someone offers my asking price they will get it. I can only accept payment by paypal. A lot of these mags are as few years old and really hard to find now so TAKE A LOOK!!!
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It's my birthday and so I'm trying very hard to find these magazines as a birthday present to myself.

If anyone has them and is willing to sell them to me, let me know. They are two out of three mags that have ever had a large story on Chachamaru and his solo album in them, and I would desperately like to get my hands on them as I already have the third one.

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Samsara & 6th Doctor

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

*Books: Japanese Kanji way, Model Manga 1-6, Legal Drug, Under The Glass Moon(all mangas in 1 lot on ebay)
*DVD'S Anime/NON-Anime(new titles up)
*Over 60 NEW Beanies Listed
*Anime/JRock cd's
*Video Games PS2/PS1
*Miss. Items
*PeaceMaker Clock(anime)/Japanese Doll PM
*Summer Dresses, Tops, and more

Please click here for the goods!: heathers_junk

For today and all of Sunday I'm going to take offers on my items, please read the post at the top of the page for information. To anyone that wants the peacemaker clock I WILL take 15.00 for it, and 6.00 to ship priority mail + confirmation(to the us...)
Fuuma genki mokona

Anime Cels for sale~

Due to a few different things, including changing interests and need to raise some funds, I'm looking at parting with some of my cels. If you would be interested in any of the following, or know someone who might be, feel free to contact me. I'll listen to any reasonable offer. I do take paypal, and shipping is insured priority. (Usually about $7) Email information is available on my profile page. Feel free to distribute or post this link freely.

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got music?


i accept paypal (non-cc), money orders and i'll only trade if you have something that i really really want... (by the way, who is selling/trading chinese movies here??? do please let me know ok? thanks!)

English Manga $6 each (or if you order lots, i can give you discounts)

Boys Over Flowers 1-6

Demon Diary 1-4
The One I Love
Kodocha 1-2,4 (1 on hold)

Eternity 1-3
Evil's Return 1-2
Cross 1

Neck & Neck 1
Queen's Knight 1
Mars 1
.hack//Legend Of Twilight 1-2
Blood The Last Vampire 2002 $12

Art Of Inuyasha Artbook (japanese text)*make offer

Region 1 Anime DVDs *make offers!

Trouble Chocolate 3-5
Corrector Yui 4
Real Bout High School 4
Great Dangaioh 1 & 4

Anime VHS Tapes (all dubbed and commercial release)

Ayane's High Kick
Tenchi Muyo In Space 1-3
Tenchi Muyu The Final Battle


Wedding Peach Inflatable Beach Volleyball (still sealed)

thank you and you can always e-mail me! or comment here...

aim: khulukhai1986

my wants!
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Jin Ron, the wolf brigade DVD
Inu Yasha Limited Edition DVD set, I'll even throw in the first manga :)
Gunner Yuna cosplay
I also have tons of Sailor Moon dolls that need loving homes!

I'm looking for:
Hot Gimmick Manga
any type of romance manga ^__^

Make an offer! Comment here or email me at magentapixiedust@hotmail.com
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X Japan

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any X albums they want to sell? I have a hard time finding them over here in New Zealand. It would seem if it's not in english, it's not worth importing...GRRRRRRRRRR! Any help would be appreciated.=)
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prince of tennis merchandise + more

i am a huge prince of tennis fan and collected items like a crazy fan girl, but i need to sell some of them since i am in a serious lack of money...

most of these are now hard to find, out of stock/print merchandise ^^
also free gift when ordering $50 or more (ie stickers)

*bromide cards $5

*towel (rare) - $20

*2003 postcard calendar - $10

*rudolph polo shirt (never worn) - $25

*figure set kiku, ryoma, fuji, tezuka (rare)- $12

*large key chain set kiku, fuji, ryoma, inui - $20 (or $5 single)

*animate original coasters (very rare) - 50 cent each or $2 for whole set (5
coasters, hyotei + seigaku)

*small key chain set seigaku- $25 (or $3 single, kikumaru, ooishi, momo and taka san in mint condition)
*mini ooishi key chain - $3
*memo pad - $5
*pen - $3

fuji first album, EYES, limited time edition - $35
this is a first time only release and comes with a bonus track, white line - fuji solo. only limited copies were released and cannot be bought anymore. plus, this cd is in mint condition because i was a fan girl and bought two copies when the cd came out...(originally bought it for $40)

original soundtrack vol 1 - $5
i dont know why but i have 2 copies of this at home...it magically multiplied?

*plushies - $10
fuji eyes open
fuji yukata
fuji summer seifuku

*posters - $4 each (some pics have more than one poster, but the price is for individual poster)
ryoma and rivals
rudolph team
seigaku manga ver / ryoma (reversible)
ryoma kiku fuji tezuka
seigaku in white
seigaku member poster set
cap to bin + ryoma

*mini posters gakuran ver - $2 each or $5 for set

*cards - 50 cent each or $12 for whole set (26 cards)
sorry, all of atobe sama and jirou chan sold out!

*doujinshi anthologies (approx 200 pages)- $12
junior vol 115, 112, 106 flying bed time hour (fujizuka gag)
ground smash, love puri, prince kiss 3, advantage sensation 2, 5
love prince 1, 2, 6, 7, 11
hit maker 1, 2, 3, ground smash 8, 9
teni para 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

(above prices do not include shipping)

please leave a comment or email me at caccinicah@hotmail.com if there are any questions or interests ^^

please visit my selling journal for more details!
i am also selling other items there as well ^^