June 20th, 2005

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Hello, fellow Garage Sale Japan members^^

I'm in a bit of a bind, so I needs to sell some things.


All manga $6 each. Shipping we'll calculate on the USPS site by location rather than guess and overcharge/undercharge. ^^;

Angel Sanctuary 2-4 English. Very good condition.
B.B. Explosion 1-2 English. Very good condition.
Descendents of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei) 1 English. Very good condition.
Gravitation 1-11. English. All in very good condition except for a little wear on the upper corners of books 4 & 5.
HanaKimi 1-4 English. Very good condition. I love this series... ;o;
Hellsing 1-3 English. Very good condition. (4 is on hold/sold)
Les Bijoux 1 English. Very good condition.
Marmalade Boy 1 English. Very good condition.
Record of Lodoss War The Grey Witch 1 English. Very good condition.
Revolutionary Girl Utena 1-5 Good-very good condition.
W Juliet 1-3 English. Very good condition. I really like this one too...

Full Moon o Sagashite 1 Japanese. Very good condition.
To Heart 2 Japanese. Very good condition.

I also have a Mana (MALICE MIZER/Cyberland dress) poster if anyone's interested in more information.

I'm also interested in selling this Utena coat (Utena from Shoujo Kakumei/Revolutionary Girl Utena) -- pictures found here and here. (Ignore my ugly faces, I was tired xD). Fits a small/medium. Has a zipper underneath that piping, but it's backwards. Best offer.

Andddd I'm also interested in selling this Sailor Mercury costume. (PGSM version). Included are leotard, skirt (it's removable), chest piece, and the two bows that are attatched, as well as the tiara and boots (size 8). This was worn at AX '04 and never since. It's a really awesome costume, but I have a different costume from the same series I'd wear over it (simply because I made it, unlike Mercury which was made by shelichan. I got amazing amounts of good compliments on this costume, it's just beautiful. Gloves are not included because they are worn (satin gloves have wear on the fingertips from the velcro of my bag >/ And I misplaced the elbow-things in my move.) Pictures can be found here (that's me at AX) and here (my roommate to take pictures for selling) and here (I'm on the right). Best offer. Fits small/medium. Skirt is removable and is attatched to a waistband with an adjustable wire. Top part is velcroed on the sides. It never came off unexpectedly.

Thank you^^

Kimono and Jrock items

I have two ebay auctions and make an offer items listed. I'm offering the current things for sale as I'm leaving my dorm on the 26th; I'm offering them in lots, but if you want a specific item, please say so. Also, feel free to neogitate the prices with me. All prices include shipping from Japan. Prices in () are if you buy the items seperately and include shipping

Ending soon:
Furisode and Obi set

Nagoya and Fukuro Obi set

GLAY lot, Entire lot for 100$/or best offer, includes:
Mugen no Deja Vu, document of beatout tours VHS (15)$
GLAY video 2 (15$)
Hit the World Tour 97 VHS (15$)
GLAY EXPO 2001 Special Edition VHS (30$)
Pure soul 98 tour VHS (15$) (2 available)
Toki no Sizuku single (4$)
Special Thanks/Tomodoi single (4$)
Mermaid Single (4$)
Stay Tuned Single (4$)
Happiness Single - enchanced cd (4$)
Global Communication single - enchanced cd (4$)
Pure Soul CD (10$)
Heavy Gauge CD (10$)
10th Anniversary Postcard set(35$)

Photobooks Lot 120$/or best offer, includes:
L'arc en Ciel Life (King Sized) (80$, weighs about 2kg, so shipping is a lot, sorry! m(_ _) )
Kawamura Ryuichi Natural (25$)
Toshi (X Japan) Beyond the Moment (25$)
Jiro (GLAY) Caramel Books (25$)

I can only accept paypal in USD only; Please send payment within 5 days.

Thank you for looking~

Lots of manga, 2 anime dvds, X JAPAN

Im selling the following manga, 5$ for one. All the items listed are in very good condition and in english [exept one is japanese].

Contact me at Candyinjections@yahoo.com
AIM PrimadonnaKissX

Chobits 1-3
Chobits handbook [Japanese, pictures, character sketches, info from voice actors] $10
Cowboy Bebop 1-2
Di Gi Charat 1
FLCL 1-2
Juvenille Orion 1
Paradise Kiss 1-2
Peach Girl [a change of heart] 1-2
Pet shop of horrors 1-2
Ruoini Kenshin 8

AH! My Goddess the movie $15 only watched once.
Haibane Renime one $10
Love Hina one $10
X japan best DVD and CD $25

Thank you!

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Buy my stuff, please. ;-;

Manga $5 each, or best offer
Under the Glass Moon 1 + 2
Model 1

DVD $15 each, or best offer, unless otherwise noted
X - The Movie
Card Captor Sakura - The 1st Movie
Neo Ranga 1
The Legend of the Dog Warriors: The Hakkenden - Boxset (complete) - $40 or best offer

Other Stuff Price noted or best offer.
Yukata - white with pastel blue, pink, and purple flowers. Very pretty. Fits most sizes. $75
Afro Ken clock (clock side) - Very cute; takes 1 AA battery. Also has an alarm. $10

Collapse )

I do not pay shipping.

Contact: ilaena_daen @ yahoo dot com
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Is there anyone on the list who lives in Japan? I actually have a specific request from the store SEX POT ReVeNGe. They only ship within Japan unfortunately. I'm not quite sure where it is located but here is the store page of the site: http://www.sexpot-revenge.com/shop.html

If anyone is interested in helping me, please e-mail me at kurarisa(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you in advance!
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Hello everybody. I'm here with some more stuff as always, relisted stuff as well. Like always please offer a price and shipping will depend on where you live.

I can only hold items for 2 weeks. Too many people have waited like a month and decided they no longer want to go through with a sale after I sent them email after email and they said they would send the money and because I depend on this money (I don't have a job currently) I can only hold items for 2 weeks unless I know payment is definitly on it's way, sorry about that. ^.^

Anyway plenty of anime soundtracks, manga, super dollfie clothes, anime vhs, Jrock merchandise, Kpop merchandise, Jrock message disks, button/pins, hello kitty etc.


comment or email me with question or intrest ^^ thanks so much.
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