June 28th, 2005

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for sale or trade
US only!

Burst Angel Vol 1 DVD
Dirty Pair Flash Vol 1 DVD
Full Metal Alchemist Ed keychain (unused, new)
Slayers dubbed VHS 1-4 boxset (missing tape #4)
Ninja Cadets! dubbed VHS
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please take it away...

i'm back home and i have more things to sell among the old, some items being:

2 Malice Mizer shonen ai/yaoi doujinshi (Japanese)

i'll take best offer on them. i'd prefer to ship em off together, so if someone offers me a better price to buy both, well then that person gets both. if you want scans, just ask and ye shall receive.

i still have manga and books leftover. i've added some new titles. if someone could tell me how many volumes of Angel Sanctuary there will be, i'll probably sell that too. ALL manga (unless noted otherwise) is $7 and is in English. once again, NO EXTRA FOR SHIPPING. i like paypal, but i cannot accept credit card payments. money orders and cash is fine too. email me: groovbunnie@hotmail.com

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ware die

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OK, I bought WAY too much in Japan and have no way to bring it all home. Theses are some old JRock Magazines that I have collected and two copies of Moon by Gackt. Please take a look. Many of the magazines are fairly old and hard to find now. Magazines are $10 USD each plus shipping (varies depending on where you live). I would like to keep that price, however, since I leave in under a month I will also take offers. Nothing too low though, I still need cash to get home:) Although some of the magazines are on hold, they are not finalized yet. Therefore, if you are interested, let me know anyway! The Gackt cds are fixed price though.
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For sale (updated)

Manga for sale:
-Peach Girl: Change of Heart 1&2 (English) $10 for both, or $6 each
-Les Bijoux vol 1-4 (English) $25 for all 4, or $6 each
-Banana Fish vol.1 (Japanese) $4
-Fushigi Yuugi vols 11 & 16 (Japanese) $4 each
-Bastard!! vol. 12 (Japanese) $4
-CardCaptor Sakura vol. 6 (English) $5
-Noidantei yumemizuki yoshirou shiken note (Japanese shoujo one-shot) $1
-Pocket Nakayoshi 9/2004 (includes the stories "Sweet Lip" by Takagami Yuriko, "Scramble Egg" by Minazuki Shin, and "Junk" by Yumimi) $2

-Final Fantasy 7 "Advent Girls" hentai doujinshi. Like new condition, mainly Tifa and Yuffie. More pictures available upon request. $15
-Nakayoshi KC comic guide (basically a book listing all the mangaka who've done work for Nakayoshi and all the titles they've published, useful for researching!) $1
-Mickey's Gulliver's Travels (Japanese Mickey Mouse storybook based on the Gulliver's Travels fairy tale, all in Japanese, excellent for students or those learning the language) $3
-Saboten's Secret furouku red shopping bag (still new in plastic) $1

Photos available upon request for everything!

Shipping depends on where you live and what you buy. I take cash, money order, or paypal. My eBay user ID is kawaii*miaka*chan if you want to see my feedback (which is well over 200).

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Anyone interested in Sailor Moon dolls? I've got a bunch

Also, is anyone selling any of these mangas?
Legal Drug 2
Tsubasa resovior chronicle (any)
Happy Hustle high
Midori Days

I'm really looking for those! Thanks all!

Price Updates

Just wanted to let you all know I'm running a sale at NekoShop (^~) and the prices have been reduced quite a bit... there's still a few bonus gifts left, so be one of the first people to order!! (^^) Thanks a whole bunch ne!! (^0^)

Click here

japanese dvds

right now i'm selling a noir set of the first 7 dvds in a box set and tenchi muyo in love with tenchi muyo in love 2. they're both in great condition and region 2.
tenchi muyo is especially rare and out of print, it retails for 15,000. it's not listed at cdjapan anymore so i can't really find a picture. anyhow, if you're interested, i'm selling noir starting at 70 and tenchi at 30. i really need money right now, so i guess i'm just taking the person who can pay highest or if there's only one person interested. thanks for reading!
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Does anyone have any J-rock merchandise such as cellphone accessories, keychains, stickers, stationery, etc...they can sell me for like, $20 USD or under? Dir En Grey***, L'arc~En~Ciel, Gackt, Malice Mizer, Psycho Le Cemu, etc...
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竜 太 朗

random things, feel free to offer a price~

Shoxx Magazine - April 2003 - Vol. 122: Fanatic Crisis Cover $10
Features (Vampire Miyavi!), Psycho le Cemu, Plastic Tree, Moi dix Mois, & more (ask for pictures)

T.M. Revolution Sonic Warp DVD (Tofu Release) Perfect condition - $9 - Includes two TMR magnets from Tofu records

Newtype USA - Oct. '04 Issue - $4
This issue includes an interview & live report of L'arc-en-Ciel at Otakon, and an article on the creator of Gloomy Bear. ** Also have Newtype USA issues Dec-02 & Jan-03 - $3 each.

Anime DVDs
Gravitation - Vol.1 DVD + Collector's Box - $15
Official Right Stuf Region 1 DVD - New Condition.
Magical Nurse Witch Komugi DVD- Volume 2 : $11 - Brand New - Region 1
Weiss Kreuz - Music Video Collection DVD - $10 - All Region. Excellent condition. Contains 4 original music videos, plus the opening and ending music videos for the first season, and more.

Tea Society of a Witch - (Mild dating sim game DVD, comes with autographed artbook.) $9
click for screenshots & story
Galerians 2 for Playstation 2: US version$11 - Like new, includes everything.

MegaTokyo Volume 2 - English Text - $5 - New condition
The Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok Volume 1 - English text - $5 New Condition
Angel Sanctuary Manga - Japanese text - $4 each, new condition with cover sleeves.
Volumes 6, 8, 9 & 15 for sale.
Boy Next Door - [Kaori Yuki] - JP text - $4 Sold TY
Hana to Yume comic (pillow) book - Issue: 3/2003 (God Child Cover) - $3?

pencil boards: Offer?
Weiss Kreuz Ken board & a mini Hatsuharu board (from fruits basket) ~ ask for pics
Mini Hana to Yume 2003 Calendar: Free with a purchase
I prefer PayPal but also accept Money Orders and US Concealed Cash only.
Items do not include S&H costs
Will ship within USA & Canada only. Items are in the US.
Will offer First Class and Priority S/H.
Please *Comment* to claim/ask a Question. :} thanks.

In need!

Ok, I know I've listed this before, but I really need some extra money.

So, if anyone is interested in buying Comic Party R1, 4 DVD Box set, I am willing to go down to $50 including shipping. Or best offer. It has only been viewed once and everything is in really great condition.

If you have any questions, or need more info, feel free to comment or email me. lovara_chan@hotmail.com

Cutie Girlie // PINK!

Some Random Goodies~~~~

Hi! Just moved out of my flat and about to move into another for my second year of university and my first rent cheque is due soon ^^ I was sorting through and found these things :)


+Model 1+2
+Yu-gi-oh 1+3
+Threads of time 1
+Rouroni Kenshin 1+2
+Gravitation 1+2


+Gackt 'Moon' Album [with plastic slip and cd case being an actual mini photobook]
+Psycho le Cemu 'Frontiers' album [Special box set of album and mini Daishi figure! with card slip box]
+Dir en Grey 'Six Ugly' album
+Dir en Grey 'Vulgur' album
+Gisho 'Love Song' single [In black slipcase]
+Penicillin 'Fly' Limited edition single [in A4 size display case with pictures]


+Cutie 7 July 2003 Full of kera and fruits goodness! [front is slightly ripped by top staple, but otherwise good condition]
+Newtype USA [Volume 02 Number 12, DEC 2003]


+Dreamcast Japanese Konami DDR mat and game [mix 2] in official box [rare!]
+Wonderswan console [blue] with Final Fantasy 1 game
+Pokemon The first movie VHS
+Nyan Nyan Nyanko mini bag [kawaii!!]
+Fruits postcard set [in cool neon plastic and yellow box, over 40 postcards]
+Ajuma Pama Black short wig for Unoa/Sharmin [New!]


I am taking offers for all of these and will discuss postage further if you are interested ^^ Please note i accept paypal only for international shipping, but if you live within the UK, i can accept postal orders, cheques or paypal ^^

Also, please note that Postage for the DDR mat and game will be quite high as it is VERY heavy ^^

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I have Anime DVDs, Manga, and VHS tapes ready-to-buy on my Half.com page at low low prices! So please click the link below and have a look at what I have. New items are added all the time!

Half.com Page.

I also have non-anime related items avaliable for anyone who is interested.