June 29th, 2005

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hi! i am selling sailor moon, sailor moon r, sailor moon super s, pita-ten and ultra maniac on dvd. please only comment if you are seriously interested.

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Diru - Toshiya b/w

J-rock for sale, yo ~

Malice Mizer - Merveilles 1st press - £18 // $33 // €27 or best offer
Disk - VG condition, Outer book - worn on the edges, Pages inside - mint

Dir en grey - Kasumi single - £3 // $6 // €5 or best offer
Excellent condition

Kozi - Khaos/Kinema single - £20 // $37 // €30 or best offer

Alice Nine - Gion shousha no kane ga naru [regular press] - £16 // $29 // €24 or best offer
[Its the album that has 'Gradation', 'Hanabi' etc~]
Mint condition

I did have pics uploaded, but I cant find them anywhere on my photobucket account -_-/~

I also have some other things for like sale, like two Malice Mizer videos [Kyomu and Sakai], A Gackt single [Kimi ga oikaketa yume], and a pair of new rock boots [knee high, sz 8(uk)/42(eur)/9-10(us), but I'm in the middle of moving house so I dont have all those items with me, but if you're interested in them, we can discuss prices and I can hold the item for you. They will be available next week~

cash in the post only please in £/$/€
uk postage - £1.50 [for one cd
elsewhere - £2.50 [for one cd]
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TUNE (Fruits style mag) $6 each
Men’s EGG 5/2005 $8
Zipper 9/2004 $6
SCawaii 8/2002 $5
Zappy w/cd 6/2002 $5

Shipping within the United States is $3 for one and only $1 more for two or more. Shipping costs outside the United States is $5 for one and only $1.50 more for two or more.
Within United States: Paypal, money orders, well concealed cash(at own risk)
Outside United States: Paypal, international money orders
Payment must be made within a timely manner please

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Gokudera <3

Weird request?

Its a pretty weird request, but I'm wondering if anyone is willing to sell me their Lagoon Engine Einsatz inserts from Newtype US magazines, not the whole magazine. I'm only really interested in the comic and I can't afford to buy the magazine every month or subscription. Likewise, I'm wondering if anyone is interested in Newtypes without the LE Einsatz inserts.
Cutie Girlie // PINK!

More goodies~~~~


+Prince of Tennis Complete DVD series. [8 box sets] Only viewed the 1st box set. Excellent quality. Japanese Lang with Chinese and English subtitles. Multi Region. Looking for around $70 but offers are taken ^^

+X the movie [Region 2 dvd] As new $10 or best offer

+Tokyo Babylon Dvd 1+2 [Region all dvd] As new $10 or best offer

+Wolfs Rain dvd box set [3 dvds, all region, japanese, english subtitles] $20 or best offer

+Dear Boys dvd box set [3 dvds, all region, japanese, english subtitles] $17 or best offer


Postal orders and Paypal accepted. Internation shipping welcome ^^ Please note that shipping for the Prince of Tennis will be slightly higher as it is quite heavy ^^

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I have some manga and comic books I want to sell but first, I want to see if anyone is interested.

CardCaptor Sakura Original Clow Book-mint condition, all cards

xxxholic #1-3{ON HOLD}

The Wallflower # 1-2

Wish #1-4 in chinese


Model #1-4

Othello # 1

God Child # 5,6,7

Gloom Cookie - Broken Curses, By Serena Valentino( Big Anthology, containing a few of the different comics, and art)

Nightmares and Fairytales-#9 single issue

Nightmares and Fairytales- Another big collection featuring the first couple comics, with some art in the back

I also have Alichino, the whole collection in original Japanese
They are in mint condition and I dont really want to part with unless I get a nice offer, they are much prettier than Tokyopops and have these frosty looking dust jackets

I bought these Two off the library and they are slightly ruffed up:
Oh my Goddess- sympathy for the devil
Fushigi Yugi- Vol. 3 disciple
Mitsuki and Eichi (?)

Looking for some stuff...

Hi everyone. ^^ I have been visiting this community for a few months now, but finally decided to join today.

Anyways, does anyone happen to have these Full Moon wo Sagashite zen-in items from Ribon they are willing to sell at a fair price? I am looking for:

- Takuto (Cat) plush/plushie
- Takuto (Cat) plush keychain
- Meroko (Bunny) plush keychain
Preferably ones still mint in their original bags, but if they're opened that's okay too (as long as they are in mint/great condition). And, if possible, a picture of the item would be nice too! :)

Please send me an e-mail at starscatter[AT]gmail.com if anyone is willing to sell. :/ Also, please include how much you want for the item and possible shipping price (I live in the USA). Thanks!

J-music sales

Hi, this is my first time to sell Japanese magazines here in LJ. Anyways, most of the magazines I am selling are MUSIC magazines but there is one fashion magazine I am selling also if you are interested... Everything is perfect condition!!! ^-^ Please let me know if you want to buy at aznsandwich@yahoo.com

-Jan 2003: feat w-inds, B'z, Mr. Children, Gackt, Lead, Puffy, Pierrot, Dir en grey... *
-Jan 2004: feat Aya Matsuura, GLAY, L'Arc~en~Ciel, w-inds, Dir en grey, miyavi... *

comes with Aya Matsuura special gift and used but like-new sample CD

***USD 9.00
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Here are just a few. The rest are on my other LJ. Thanks!!! Hope you are interested. =D I will include pics on request.


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Hii^_^; I'm new to this all.

so here are the things i have to offer :DD..

its not the best u.u;

-[Added : Dir en grey Die ESP guitar pick And Daishi and SEEK Postcards .Click link for details/images :D Also Angel Sanctuary Vol 1. Manga available (no pictures avail x.x;)]-
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