July 1st, 2005

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Kryolan Eye makeup, used like 3 times with a makeup brush... $13 shipped in US, $15 other.. Hot Pink UV Kryolan Eye makeup, also have in black. The black works friggin AMAZING as eyeliner! 80 yr self life, apply with a damp brush, doesnt smudge or crease like normal eyeshadow, SO BRIGHT, and lasts FOREVER!!!

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These are a few CDs that I bought and don't really care to hang on to. The prices listed are the asking price of the cd PLUS shipping charges (from Japan to the USA and UK). I can only take Paypal for payment. I am going to be leaving Japan in about three weeks, so if anyone is interested let me know as soon as possible. Also, if anyone has questions feel free to ask!

Manga & Artbooks

Hi guys, I have a few manga and artbooks up for grab. Feel free to make relevant offers. I prefer to sell as set. Price for sets will be much cheaper.

English Manga - $5.50 each

  • Sensual Phrase [1-3]
  • Demon Diary [1-7]
  • Couple [1-2]
  • 50 Rules for Teenagers [1]
  • Crazy Love Story [1]
  • Here Is Greenwood [1]
  • Confidential Confessions [1-4]
  • Tenchi Muyo [1] ($4.00)
  • Saber Marionette J [5] ($4.00)
  • X 1999 [1] ($3.00)
  • Pretear [1,3-4]
  • Mouryou Kiden [1]
  • Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
  • Erica Sakurazawa's Angel Nest
  • Erica Sakurazawa's Between The Sheets
  • Erica Sakurazawa's The Rules of Love [PENDING]
  • Erica Sakurazawa's The Aromatic Biters

Japanese Manga $4.00

  • Clover [1]
  • Fake [1]
  • Saiyuki [3] ($5.00)


  • Ai Yazawa - Nana 1st Illustration ($30.00) [PENDING]
  • Tooko Miyagi - World End ($25.00)
  • Koge Donbo - Digi Charat Chocola 2000 ($30.00)
  • Clamp - RG Veda Hiten Muma ($25.00)
  • Ken Mizuki - Cotton Color ($15.00)

Photos and scans are available upon request.
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Ok, so, here's what I've got: Inuyasha eBay item and Pictures from UV Vol. 110 <--- That is a content list of all the groups in that particular magazine issue. Some pictures have already been taken out though. A few of the Gackt pictures and some of the J pictures. All others are up for sale. Each page is $0.50 and most are double sided with pictures. Some have articles. If you are interested, post here or email me at aresgoddess@yahoo.com =) oh, i accept paypal and money orders for those who are interested.
Buzz Lightyear

Stuffs for sale

Selling various things. I accept paypal, money order, or well concealed cash.

Pierrot~Dictators Circus cd: comes with Kirito sticker, dvd (all region) of band footage, and obi strip. $15
SADS Greatest Clips DVD- 13 pvs total with a bonus track and tv spots, all region $20

Manga (Japanese) $4 each:
King of Bandit Jing vol 1. (anime version art)
Chobits Vol. 1-2 (each vol has postcard inside)
Angel Sanctuary Vol 1-7

Arena 37c 7/2003 featuring Gackt, Psycho le Cemu, baroque, Miyavi, Pierrot. Includes large double-sided Gackt poster that's slight bent in one corner.

Will ship anywhere.
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Selling More Stuff!

All prices are negotiable. No trading please. My friend and I are moving and this is her stuff. All items come from a smoke free environment!

~ Silent Mobius vol 1 (2 disks) US release - $3
~ Orphen Revenge 3 disk import Japanese language only with English subtitles - $10

Manga All US release in English, read only once!
~ Tokyo Mew Mew vol 1-7 - $40
~ Immortal Rain vol 1-2 - $10
~ Saber Marionette J vol 1-4 - $25
~ Excel Saga vol 1-3 - $13
~ Sister Red vol 1-2 - $10
~ Angelic Layer vol 1 - $5
~ Kagerou-Nostalgia vol 1 - $5
~ Escaflowne vol 1-4 - $25
~ Loki Ragnarok Detective vol 1 - $5
~ Les Bijoux vol 1-2 - $10
~ Peach Girl 1st Edition vol 1-4 - $25
~ Scryed vol 1-4 - $25
~ Mink vol 1 - $5
~ Happy Lesson vol 1 - $5
~ Card Captor Sakura 1st Edition vol 1-6 - $35
~ Desert Coral vol 1 - $5
~ Fushigi Yuugi 1st Edition vol 1-6 - $35
~ New Vampire Miyu vol 1 - $5
~ El Hazard vol 1 - $5
~ Silent Mobius vol 1-4 - $25
~ Lum Urusei Yatsura Perfect Collection - $6
~ The Return of Lum 8 books - $40
~ Clover vol 1 - $3
~ Revolutionary Girl Utena vol 1 - $5

Anime Soundtracks $5 each! All disks are in excellent condition and are imported from Japan unless otherwise noted! If you need to know some of the songs to see which soundtrack it is, I'll try my best to let you know since most of them are written in Japanese on the back.
~ Fushigi Yuugi special
~ Fushigi Yuugi Suzaku collection
~ Sailor Moon Best Song Collection
~ Silent Mobius 2 the motion picture soundtrack (USA)
~ Please Save my Earth image soundtrack (USA)
~ Tenchi the Movie 2 Daughter of Darkness OST (USA)
~ Magic Knight Rayearth Best
~ Magic Knight Rayearth Best song Book
~ Magic Knight Rayearth Best Collection
~ Ranma 1/2 Best Collections
~ Tenchi Muyo OAV Best (USA)
~ Ranma 1/2 Original TV Soundtrack (USA)
~ Ranma 1/2 Complete Vocal Collection vol 1
~ Tenchi Muyo Japanese sountrack
~ Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack
~ Tenchi Muyo OAV Best vol 2 (USA)
~ Silent Mobius the motion picture (USA)
~ Tenchi the Movie Tenchi Muyo in Love original sountrack (USA)
~ DiGi Charat
~ Fushigi Yuugi Character Vocal Memories
~ Rockman Dash original soundtrack
~ Tenchi Universe collection (USA)
~ Tenchi Muyo Ryo OhKi Ongaku Hen vol 3

I would prefer to ship within the US, but if you really want these and don't mind paying airmail or paying cheap shipping and waiting a while to receive your item, then let me know and we can arange something. Buy multiple items and receive a discount! I'll be happy to combine shipping as well. If you have any questions, please leave a comment here or you can email me:
himurakenshinshinta [at] yahoo [dot] com
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Selling the small amount of manga that I've own over the years.

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Manga is $10 each, this includes shipping. If you are outside the US, then I have to figure out the shipping for you.

I accept USD cash at your own risk or money orders.

Thank you ♥
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hi! i'm back again and trying to sell more stuff.. ^^;

i have sailor moon manga volume 1-3 in english, sailor moon novels 1 and 2, hello kitty sandals, and an 18 inch jack sparrow figure.

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