July 2nd, 2005

Paradise Kiss

Help a girl out

Does anyone here reside in Japan? It's just that I desperately want this one artbook from Yahoo! Japan.

Unfortunately, the seller won't do international shipment. Could someone please help me with this, all you have to do is complete the transaction (similar to EBay). I will reimbursed the total payment back via PayPal.

I'll be eternally grateful. If you're interested in anything small from Amazon, EBay, etc. I'll be happy to get it for you. Thank you so much.
Lady Gaga Bad Romance

Anime Jrock stuff for direct sale

Sailormoon Super S playing cards - $5
Sailormoon Sailor Stars playing cards - $5
Vicious presents Kazuki Evergreen photobook - $45
Raphael Eternal Wish single (8 cm CD) - $10

I only take money orders or concealed cash at your own risk. Shipping is $2. I only ship to US and Canada, no exceptions. If you're interested, please leave a comment or email me at eienmornie at yahoo dot com. Thank you ^^
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fren's manga sale

juss helpin a girl out, she's got a bunch of bishoujo manga like

Sailormoon (LOTS)
Ayashi no Ceres
Card Captor Sakura
and Ranma in single chapter form (??? not sure what it's called)

along with some Smile magazines (issues 3.6 to 3.12), and the following graphic novels:

Revolutionary Girl Utena (vols 1 & 2)
Oh! My Goddess (Wrong Number; Childhood's End; The Devil in Miss Urd)
Peach Girl (vol 1)

hella cheap!

all the prices are cut in half/lower from orig.