July 3rd, 2005

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Okay, I need money by like, this week.. please help somehow ;.;

Region 1 anime DVD:
Excel Saga Vol. 1 - $7
Fruits Basket vol. 1- $8 (has a crack on the bottom of the case) ON HOLD

English manga:
Wish Vol. 1- Collecters edition w/slip cover- $5

These manga have my name written on the inside cover in pen. Sorry :\.
$4 each (unless otherwise noted):
Candidate for Goddess- Vol. 1
Cardcaptor Sakura- Vol. 7-10
Dragon Knights- Vol. 2
Fruits Basket Vol. 1, 3 & 4
Inu-Yasha- Vol. 11 (old big version) ($6)
Juvenile Orion- Vol. 1
Ragnarok- Vol. 1
Rave Master- Vol. 1

Hong Kong DVD (Japanese dialogue, English and Chinese subtitles):
Gundam Seed Vol. 1 (Eps 1-4) $7
Shaman King complete series (9 DVDs): $45

Fushigi Yugi Vol.7 VHS (dubbed)- $4

Plushies: (from non-smoking home)
Kuro Neko- $5

Ryo-ohki (Tenchi Muyo)

Hikaru Utada - Exodus (US release)-
listened to once, wonderful condition

Fruits Basket - Memory For You (US release)
CD in wonderful condition

I have many L'arc~en~Ciel/Fullmetal Alchemist 8.5x11" Tofu Records flyers, $2.50 each SHIPPING INCLUDED. Each additional flyer is $1. ON HOLD

I accept $USD Paypal (PREFERRED), money order, and concealed cash.

I'm willing to negotiate prices, and please ask me for the shipping cost. I do ship internationally.

Also, please check out my selling journal for clothing, DVDs, manga, ect!!! super_floppy

Will trade for: Jrock items, Star Wars items. But right now I really need money! Wahh! ToT~~!!!


Official Chobits Dvd Volumes 2-8.

I have volume 1 and just need the rest! Any region as well is fine. Oh, or if anyone had the collectors box editions too.. That'd be nifty :D So yeah, if anyone has any for cheapish please let me know!

I'm in the UK but I don't mind taking the cheapest shipping option, as I'm quite patient, and also because things I've got from america lately with regular airmail shipping have only taken like 4 days.. XD But yeah I'm in the UK and might be able to paypal you the money, but otherwise I can send cash converted into US dollars, well concealled and registered mail!

Comment here or email me at; ___tsukiyomi@sailormoon.com


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Trying to get rid of some stuff to help pay for Uni...


-Samurai Deeper Kyo ($5)
-Happy Mania, 1-6, 11 ($5 each), Volume 10 ($3, water spilt on it) [shipping for batches will be cheaper]
-Kill Me, Kiss Me, 1-5 ($5, $20 for the entire series)
-Yu-Gi-Oh, 2-4 ($5 each)
-InuYasha, 5,13,16 ($5 each)
-D.N. Angel 1-2 ($5 each)
-Diabolo, 1 ($5)

Most of the manga is still in the packaging (minus Happy Mania). $2 shipping for each volume within North America (I will not ship out, sorry). Paypal only, please and thanks. :)


-Generator Gawl, entire series ($15) [$5 shipping]

Note that it's not the licensed, it's some imported chinese DVD, but it still has English dub and sub, and Japanese dialogue. The picture is perfect, and I really didn't notice any difference.

I don't have a digital camera to provide pictures, but everything is in perfect condition, considering I've kept all material within their original packaging.
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heya, I'm selling a lot of manga on ebay, all in great condition and all at v. good prices, I think ^^

my listings are here

and I'm selling:
~Peach Girl, vol. 1-8, complete set
~Peach Girl, Change of Heart, vol. 1-4
~Kill me, Kiss me, vol. 1-4
~Kizuna, vol. 1-2
~Full House, vol. 1-2
~X/1999, vol. 1-2
~Soul to Seoul, vol. 1
~Eerie Queerie, vol. 4
~Sensual Phrase, vol. 1-2
~Hana Kimi, 1-2

thank you so much for looking! ^^

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Does anyone have any furoku for sale? I know there was one really nice girl but she's from an area that would be very hard to send concealed cash and that's the only way I can pay so if anyone has any for sale in the US I'd be so happy. Feel free to e-mail me at brokenfaraway@hotmail.com or leave a comment here.

Sailor Moon stuff for sale

I am selling a bunch of RARE merchandise on EBAY. All my auctions start at 99 cents My stuff includes:

- Clamp X Playstation Game - Selection of Destiny IMPORT
- Fumina Hara IDOL Autograph
- Sera Myu Starlights Ryuusei Densetsu Soundtrack CD
- Sera Myu Mugen Gakuin Complete Base Card Set + Holo
- Sera Myu - Sailor Moon RARE Sailor Stars Calendar Anza


My auctions
human luna profile

Gackt Platinum Boxes I and II for auction on ebay!

After a crazy impulse purchase of Gackt's lovely first two "Platinum Box" sets, I realized I can't afford to keep them and sadly must put them up for sale. o(T0T)o More details at the following links:



Thanks for looking!
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Samsara & 6th Doctor

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*Books: Japanese Kanji Way
YU-GI-OH! The Movie
Pretear Vol. 4
Vampire Princess Miyu TV series
Figure 17 TV Series
*Orphen OST 1
*Video Games PS2/PS1
*Japanese Doll PM
*Shinsengumi Cosplay(blue top, haroi(uniform), hakama pants)See outfits
*Beanie Babies(sale only lasts 2 more days)

Please click here for the goods!: heathers_junk

For the rest of today and the 4th I'll be offering two more days on my beanie babies reduced prices. The more you buy the more you save on shipping.
I am also open to trades be sure to READ MY WANT LIST! I am only looking for those main items listed, or as stated I show an interest in. if you have anything SG-1 realted show me!(mainly Jack/Daniel stuff)

(no subject)

Pictures from UV Vol. 110 <--- That is a content list of all the groups in that particular magazine issue. Some pictures have already been taken out though. A few of the Gackt pictures and some of the J pictures. All others are up for sale. Each page is $0.50 and most are double sided with pictures. Some have articles. If you are interested, post here or email me at aresgoddess@yahoo.com =) oh, i accept paypal and money orders for those who are interested. Shipping depends on how fast you want it there.

Posting this again, because i don't really want the pictures and i figure that some people out there like these bands and would like to have the pictures.

ps: I can also have the pictures laminated for you for $1.08 more. =)

BIG SALE: Gashapon, Poster, Flyer, Pencil Boards, Key Chains, Ufo Catcher, Doujinshi and many more

Putting this behind a cut because the list is just too long. Just as a piece of warning: I live in Europe so prices are in EURO. I do send worldwide and I do accept Paypal. Prices are without shipping. If you take more I'm willing to talk about the price :)

If you're interested in anything please eMail me at SilATblackboxDOTnet. Exchange AT and DOT with @ and . please :)

BTW: Bild & Bilder = Picture $ Pictures in German. So just click on the link to see a picture of the item above. Description are partially in German. If you want a translation of something make a reply with what you want translated. I can take pictures but those might take a little time :)

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