July 6th, 2005

Cinema Bizarre // Yu "Amazing"

Jrock and Kpop


Jrock: message cds, buttons, magazines, replica jewelry etc
Kpop: posters etc
Anime & Manga: soundtracks, manga, posters etc
Misc: books, super dollfie clothes, sneakers & boots, hello kitty wallet & pins, Oriental purses etv.

Shipping depends on where you live, I can only hold items for 2 weeks if I know the money is on it's way or we discussed it.

I may be adding some more stuff in the next few days so keep an eye out ^^

Thanks for looking. ^^
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(no subject)

Looking for:

Peach Girl- Artbook

Sailor Moon Stars 2 (English Manga)

Marmalade boy stuff

Any Peach girl Tv epidsodes

PGSM (Live action Sailor Moon) Photobook (the white one, not the memorial book)

Can anyone help me?

X posted a bunch of places

(no subject)

I am looking for Di Gi Charat merchandise

mainly DVDs

I allready have Di Gi Charat, Pany Panyo 1

also Id love the soundtrack to the panyo series

I live in the UK by the way.

Any help is very welcome
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still for sale:

manga for sale!

Aishiteruze Baby #2 (by Yoko Maki) in Chinese
Full Moon wo Sagashite #4 (by Arina Tanemura) in Japanese
Full Moon wo Sagashite #5 (by Arina Tanemura) in Japanese
Time Stranger Kyoko #3 (by Arina Tanemura) in Japanese
Fruits Basket #1 in English
Ranma 1/2 #24 in English
Azumanga Daioh #1 in English
Ribon May 2004 issue

English book for sale:
Our Lady of the Forest by David Guterson

if you need pics, just ask!

paypal is strongly preferred. ♥