July 10th, 2005

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fushigi yuugi, ceres, ranma for $4!

hi all! i decided to sell my manga since i need the space, and a little extra cash wouldn't hurt.
- these are all in great/excellent condition and are the 1st editions (i.e. bigger/more expensive versions than what's out now).
- shipping via media mail is $1.00 per book.
- paypal preferred!

ceres celestial legend vol. 1-2 | $4 each.

ranma 1/2 vol. 3-4, 6, 10, 12 | $4 each.
- buy all 5 for $20 and i will include ranma 1/2 outta control series: eat, drink, man-who-turns-into-woman -- dubbed vhs from viz.

please leave a comment with payment method (paypal is best, cash is ok, other stuff can be worked out) and email address. simple as that! :)

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I recently received my J cd in the mail, along with a flyer for Moi dix Mois. It's a very nice flyer and would make a great mini poster. the flyer is 8 x 11 inches and is for the 7.27.2005 release of Invite to Immortality. Seems to be a tour dvd release. For more info on the release, i recommend www.cdjapan.co.jp or click here. Anyways, if anyone is interested, contact me at aresgoddess@yahoo.com or post here. Make an offer. Shipping would be about $1 or so, depending on where you live. =)
sai heart

Still more stuff to sell before I move!

Still some stuff left to sell before I move! Leave a comment or send me an email if you have any questions or if you'd like to see pictures of any of the items (sorry for the poor quality web cam pics):
himurakenshinshinta [at] yahoo [dot] com
All prices are negotiable. Buy multiple items and save on shipping! I have PayPal for quick service!
Checks and money orders are fine!

$60~ Fruits Basket volumes 1-8 English brand new never read!
$60~ Peach Girl manga English first pring volumes 1-8 brand new never read!
$40~ Kenshin Japanese manga volumes 18, 20-25, 28
$30~ Eerie Queerie (Ghost) English manga volumes 1-4 (COMPLETE!)
$3~ Fushigi Yuugi English volume 1
$10~ Immortal Rain vol 1-2
$25~ Saber Marionette J vol 1-4
$10~ Sister Red vol 1-2
$5~ Angelic Layer vol 1
$5~ Kagerou-Nostalgia vol 1
$25~ Escaflowne vol 1-4
$5~ Loki Ragnarok Detective vol 1
$10~ Les Bijoux vol 1-2
$25~ Peach Girl 1st Edition vol 1-4
$25~ Scryed vol 1-4
$5~ Mink vol 1
$5~ Happy Lesson vol 1
$35~ Card Captor Sakura 1st Edition vol 1-6
$5~ Desert Coral vol 1 -
$35~ Fushigi Yuugi 1st Edition vol 1-6
$5~ El Hazard vol 1
$25~ Silent Mobius vol 1-4
$6~ Lum Urusei Yatsura Perfect Collection
$40~ The Return of Lum 8 books
$5~ Revolutionary Girl Utena vol 1

$65~ Ai Yori Aoshi complete box set
$6~ Gundam Wing Endless Waltz movie US release
$6~ Spirited Away DVD US release
$65~ Steel Angel Kurumi complete 4 set plus Encore DVD US release
$8~ Video Girl Ai US release (COMPLETE)

Anime Soundtracks $5 each! All disks are in excellent condition and are imported from Japan unless otherwise noted! If you need to know some of the songs to see which soundtrack it is, I'll try my best to let you know since most of them are written in Japanese on the back.
~ Fushigi Yuugi special
~ Fushigi Yuugi Suzaku collection
~ Sailor Moon Best Song Collection
~ Silent Mobius 2 the motion picture soundtrack (USA)
~ Please Save my Earth image soundtrack (USA)
~ Magic Knight Rayearth Best
~ Magic Knight Rayearth Best song Book
~ Magic Knight Rayearth Best Collection
~ Tenchi Muyo OAV Best (USA)
~ Tenchi Muyo Japanese sountrack
~ Tenchi Muyo OAV Best vol 2 (USA)
~ Silent Mobius the motion picture (USA)
~ Tenchi the Movie Tenchi Muyo in Love original sountrack (USA)
~ Fushigi Yuugi Character Vocal Memories
~ Tenchi Universe collection (USA)
~ Tenchi Muyo Ryo OhKi Ongaku Hen vol 3

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Anime CDs/Manga/ect.

Hi everyone. My Yahoo! Auctions just finnished and I'm not too happy with them, so I am going to post here instead. Plus, it's faster!!! :D

BOOKS: $8 ea. including S/H (LIKE-NEW!!!)
STEP BY STEP MANGA (includes colored pencils)
BAAF 2003 BOOK (from Big Apple Anime Fest 2003 -- rare!)

MANGA: $9 ea. including S/H (LIKE-NEW!!!)
DEATH: Volume 1

CDs: $10 ea. including S/H (GREAT CONDITION!!)
FINAL FANTASY 7 - Reunion Tracks
FIELD OF VIEW (Jpop band) - Singles Collection

VHS MOVIE SETS: $20.00 including S/H (LIKE-NEW!!)
DragonBall (Set of all 4 movies)

I am accepting (well) concealed cash or personal checks, btw. I only ship within the US, sorry.

Post and leave your email if interested or wish to see pictures.
Smile :) - Min

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Selling things again. ^^ No set prices expect for the manga which is $6. For the rest, just call out a price, please be fair in it though.

At the moment, I'd rather just take paypal. I'll take money order and cash if you really want something, but other that, Paypal please.

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SHOXX magazines for sale

I need to make some room on my shelves so I'm giving up some of my collection of SHOXX mags. I'm offering the following:

SHOXX Oct. 2002
PLC on the cover 20 page spread; others Plastic Tree, J, Laputa, Mana/Moi dix Mois, Mucc, D'espairs Ray, Daisuki of kagerou and a bunch of others.


SHOXX Dec. 2004
Miyavi on the cover 18 page spread w/poster; PLC, Kagrra, Rice, kagerou, D'espairs Ray, Vidoll, Kra, Deadman, Gazette and more.



SHOXX January 2005
Nightmare on the cover 20 page spread w/poster; Plastic Tree, Miyavi, Kagrra, Kagerou, Vidoll, D'espairs Ray, D, Lareine, Antiqu Cafe and more.


I'm asking for around $12 for each mag. not including shipping. I can also sell the posters seperately if someone is only interested in that. All inquiries and interested parties to japanesedragqueen@yahoo.com

Chobits and Furuba? D:

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I lost Fruits Basket 1-8 and Chobits 1-8, and I'd prefer to buy them all from just one or two people (I don't expect one person to be selling all 16, espessially since the Fruits Basket ones are more recent.) I'll be paying with Paypal and I'd like them to be in around the $5 dollar each range (but I will pay a little more for the more recent Furubas, if I can get them). =3 Thanks a bunch. (I can delete this if it's not allowed, but I thought here would probably be the best place to ask without having to spend 160 bucks.)

I'm also buying a ton of other mangas, right now I really want Tsubasa vol.1 (can't find it anywhere!) and Clover vol.1 (can't find that either! D: ), and other misc. things. =3 So feel free to ask me about it.

And if anyone wants/needs it, my e-mail address is eve6li88@hellokitty.com. =3 Thanks.

For Sale! Manga! .Hack! Inu!

Kare Kano 4,5,6
Inu Yasha 1
Saint Tail 1
Gravitation 1
Forbidden Dance 1

Inu Yasha limted Edition box set: First nine episodes on three DVDS, a small amount produced
.Hack Mimru action figure

I accept paypal, money order, and concealed cash (AYOR) Pictures and details can be requested at magentapixiedust@hotmail.com
竜 太 朗

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Fruits Basket:
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Other items;

Fruits Basket DVDs - Volume 3 & 4 - $11 each - Cases & discs in excellent to new condition. Both are official US releases
Gravitation DVD - Volume 2 - Region 1 New Condition $12
Gravitation Sound Story III CD $6 - Includes lyric jacket. (It is not an official release I don't think.)
2003 Issue of BeBoy Gold (Yaoi): Cover pic $4
Angel Sanctuary Manga - Japanese text - $3 each, new condition with cover sleeves!
Volumes 6, 8, 9 & 15 for sale.
Tea Society of a Witch - (Cute ating sim game DVD!, comes with autographed artbook. screenshots & story) $6
Soultaker DVD Volume 3 $9 - Like new - Region 1

** Feel free to offer your own price on things listed.
See my 100% eBay feedback: here
I accept PayPal,Money Orders and US Concealed Cash only.
Items (unless otherwise stated) do not include S&H costs.
Will ship internationally. Items are in the US.
Will offer First Class and Priority S/H.
Please *Comment* to claim/ask a Question. :} thanks!

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Anime (Fruits Basket, Haibane Renmei);
Manga (Time Stranger Kyoko, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Legal Drug, Paradise Kiss);
Artbooks (CLAMP North and South Side);
CDs (Gackt);
and Magazines (Arena37c).

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^LJ cut is very image heavy.

Shipping is actual based on zip code/country, and I can only accept US CASH or US POSTAL money order. No money order but the kind you can get from the post office~~ k?
got music?

sale list.... please buy!

I accept paypal (non-credit), money order, well-hidden cash (not my fault if it's stolen ok?) and last but not the least.... TRADES! (especially if you have CHINESE movies on dvds or even on vcds,.. but ir really prefer dvds ^^) just take a look at my journal for my want list...

English Manga $6 ea. unless noted

Demon Diary 1-4
Kodocha 2,4
The One I Love
Mars 1 $4
Boys Over Flowers 1-6
.hack//Legend Of Twilight 1-2 $10 for both
Eternity 1-3
Queen's Knight 1
Cross 1
Neck & Neck 1

Art Of Inuyasha Artbook (japanese text) make an offer!
Wedding Peach Inflatable beach ball

Region 1 Anime DVDs

Trouble Chocolate 3-5 $10 each or $25 for all three
Corrector Yui 4 $7
Real Bout High School 4 $8
Great Dangaioh 1 & 4 $12 for the 2 dvds

Anime VHS Tapes (all dubbed and commercial release)

Ayane's High Kick
Tenchi Muyo In Space 1-3
Tenchi Muyu The Final Battle

oh! and if anyone has SHINHWA cds and dvds or whatever ok? just let me know!!! ^^

thank you all!
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Just a little update, fellow otaku. More manga running on ebay. Includes the first volumes of Video Girl Ai, X/1999 Prelude, Love Hina, Crescent Moon, Rebirth and Demon Diary.
Ebay Auctions are Go!

Also, through my LJ here, I'm selling two DVDs of Cyborg 009 (The Battle Begins & Good vs. Evil). I also still have a Cardcaptor Sakura wallscroll that might interest some.
And keep your eyes peeled... here in a few days, I'm going to be listing up a bunch of Japanese children's books that I recently found... and they'll only stay there until the ebay auctions up now expire!