July 20th, 2005




OFFICIAL, REAL, GENUINE, AUTHENTIC...call it whatever you like.. NO BOOTLEGS of ANY kind...please! T.T

Volumes 5 and 6.

Please offer me a price,
label the condition
and detail the condition.


Price offer: $15/$17
Condition: Like new cover, few scratches on disc
Details: Cover is in mint condition and free of greasy/any fingerprints. It has only been watched a few times and does not have dust on it. General wear and tear from long term storage.

Normal price of these are around $27.95 and i would hope with manifest coming up (fellow aussies) that if you can snatch them.. you'll offer them at a decent price to me too T.T (because now i can't afford tickets)

If it has a small tear...general wear and tear ..or even a crease on a corner...or got bend because the cover slip wasn't all the way in... please don't tell me its

"in excellent-near mint" condition

Please please please comment below.

Oh..and if you have kera issues (especially with those whom have making a dollfie tutorial), or gosu rori 4... please include yourself here too XD
Mitsuki - gouk

Anime DVDs + others

I still have some anime DVDs that are avaliable, please take a look and tell me if you're interested:

Fushigi Yugi - Suzaku and Seiryu box sets - asking min. $100 each (26 eps + extras in each set, retails for $200)
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland - $10
Sailor moon SuperS - Pegasus Collection VII Uncut - $10
Saiyuki Vol 1 with empty artbox - $15
Those Who Hunt Elves vol 2 - $10
Trigun - Vol 6 and 8 - $10 each

Also selling:
Arena 37c March 2004 - Gackt cover - missing poster - $15
Animage - Dec 2001 - Fruits Basket cover - $15
DN Angel book 5 (Japanese) - $10
Sailor Moon book 5 & 13 (Japanese) - $10 each
Sailor Moon book 4 (US release) - $7
Sailor Moon RPG Character diaries - Sailor Scout and Knight - $5 each
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Super- Awesome Manga Sale of Epic Proportions- PRICES HAVE BEEN LOWERED

Someone dropped me a hint that my mangas were priced too high, so I went back and adjusted the prices and now I hope they are more affordable for you guys! Feel free to leave a message or e-mail me at bustopratbag@munich.com if you have any questions. Remember, these are all in like new condition with the exception of Utena Vol. 1 which has a crease on the back cover.

Note: If you live near me in CA (Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, Lake Forest, Laguna), you can swing by and get it from me and I'll knock off $0.50- cheaper then driving to the bookstore and buying them for $10.00 - 15.00~! (if you are buying a set, it is $0.50 off of the lowered set price, not each book)

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I've lowered the price of the Yu*Yu*Hakusho Hiei x Kurama doujinshi set I posted yesterday. These are very beautiful books, and one of them is even signed by the doujinshi artists!

Also, I have these items for sale...

-Cutie Honey Flash style book
-Earthian DVD
-Fushigi Yuugi laminated posters [3]
-Gundam Wing pencil board
-Gundam Wing laminated posters [2]
-Outlaw Star theme songs CD single
-RahXephon movie DVD
-Ranma ½ laminated poster
-Ranma ½ English VHS tapes [2]
-Rurouni Kenshin laminated poster
-Sailor Moon silver two-bell alarm clock
-Sailor Moon trading cards
-Sailor Moon SuperS chopsticks
-Sailor Moon Sailorstars laminated poster
-Sailor Moon Sailorstars playing cards
-Tenchi Muyo! laminated poster
-Utena laminated poster
-Yu*Yu*Hakusho playing cards

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-Ayumi Hamasaki CD singles: "Whatever" and "Audience"
-Ayumi Hamasaki laminated poster
-L'Arc~en~Ciel CD singles: "Driver's High" and "Neo Universe"

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-Final Fantasy X art book

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*I accept PayPal (including credit card payments), money orders, or concealed U.S. cash (at your own risk).
*Prices may be negotiable.
*Prices listed do not include shipping. Please comment with your location so I can calculate shipping costs. Cost of shipping posters includes the costs of the tube to ship them in. Many posters can be purchased and sent in the same tube for close to the same price it would cost to ship one. ;D
*Items will not be held. Don't ask to buy something if you can't afford it at that time. If payment is not sent within 10 days, the item will be relisted.
*Sorry, no trades will be accepted at this time.


for sale!

Yo, I've got a few things here:

Bubblegum Crisis DVDs 1-3
Video Girl Ai full series on VHS
Ah My Goddess the movie on DVD
Oh My Goddess volume 2 on DVD

I'm taking offers. Comment or email me at SotenDavi@gmail.com or catch me on AIM at CheroHotokegi.

panic attack!

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I know I've posted a lot (though the posts are buried by now, haha), but I am really in need of money and trying to get these sold ASAP. Since these two items did not sell, I've decided to offer them outside of ebay!

Both of these posters are Dir en grey, and both are very rare, as I've stated 100+ times. ^^;

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I will be taking offers only for these posters.

I prefer paypal, but I will also accept postal money orders! If there really is no other option, I will accept cash. However, it must be well-concealed and be registered mail to insure that it won't get lost or stolen.

Shipping for the Kyo FILTH costume poster is $6; shipping for the GROUP poster is $8 (due to its large size). Shipping can be combined for the two for a total of $10. These prices are for inside the US only. If you are outside of the US and wish to buy these, we'll have to figure it out then, sorry. ^^;

Remember, offers only! You may comment (comments screened) or send e-mail to: awakenthesadist @ gmail . com (be sure to remove the spaces!)
Help me send these two posters to a good, loving home!

Thank you!!
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Planetes Ebay auction ending in 2 days

I've got an auction for the complete 5-volume series "Planetes" currently running on eBay. See the listing here:
It's a really great scifi manga, and the starting price is $4 per volume :)
Also, my Harry Potter doujinshi are still avaliable, the posts with info are here:
and here:

Please take a look!
Florian - Window

Searching... for things to buy/trade

These are the DVD's and Manga I’m looking for, and the price I'm willing to pay (negotiable).

DVD's (R1)
Haibane Renmei Volumes 2-4 $12 Ea. (I can pay more if they have the pencil boards.)
Galaxy Angel Volumes 2-4 $10 Ea.
.hack//Sign Volume 6 (The special 2-disc version) $12
Excel Saga Collection $40
Tenchi Muyo OVA box or single volumes $40/$8 Ea.
MANGA (English)
Blade of the Immortal: $7 Ea. Heart of Darkness (v.7), Secrets (v.10), Mirror of the Soul (v.13)
Shadow Star: $7 Ea. Star Flight (v.1), What can I do for You Now? (v.6)
Any manga by Osamu Tezuka (excluding Astro Boy)

Again, I'm very flexible about price. I also have the following things up for trade:

Wolf's Rain v.1 w/Box and OST
Texhnolyze v. 1&2
Digimon Movie DVD
Samurai Champloo V.1&2
Inu Yasha Special Edition
Range Murata trading figure (In sealed wrapper)
FMA Riza Hawkeye trading figure
FMA Edward Elric trading figure (both still in the wrapper)

My Email is bitterbohemian@yahoo.com