July 21st, 2005



I have seemed to aquire a large amount of stuff that I don't have room for and am trying to pay for a ticket back to visit my host family in Japan + pay for college so I've decided to sell some of my stuff. I'd be willing to take concielde cash checks or wire transfers (western Union), buyer plays for shipping, and i'd cut deals for people buying multiple Items. Items will be sent upon reciving payment. If you're interested in something eaither comment or send an e-mail to Dorrienh@gmail.com

All Manga is American Version's printed in English. Condition is excellent and I can take pictures for the buyer. Five dollars each, less if you buy more then one. -- Make an offer.
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Kare Kano- Volumes 1- 13
Eeriee Queerie- Volumes 1-4
Graviation Volumes 1-7
Hot Gimmick Volumes 1-6
Mars Volumes 1-15
Snow Drop Volumes 1-7
Model Volumes 1-3

CD's: These are all Original in excelent condition purchesed when I was an exchange Student in Japan. Make an offer.

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Jrock Magazines: Tons of UV's, Shoxx, Area 37's, ect.... Name a band or an issue and I'll see what I can do for you. ( I have over 200 magazines all in excelent conditions).
Bleach // Hitsugaya - Frozen Heaven

Manga and card sales

Dragon Ball SALE!!!!

I decided to sale my old Dragon Ball mangas since I don’t have interest in the serie anymore.

x. All the volumes are in FRENCH since I got them from the French edition.
x. The price of one volume: 8$ except the 3-in-1 volume that I want 10$
x. They are pretty much in good condition, except they all have my signature with the date I got them in each volume in them. Some of them have small missing pieces due to a point thing to have DB produce.
x. Shipping is 3$, but shipping will change if it’s overseas.
x. I accept checks only. I don’t have a paypal account. And keep in mind that I live in CANADA, so it’s Canadian money. I do accept doing oversea orders.
x. I’m not responsible of the package went it leaves the post office.
x. All comments are screen to leave the identity of the buyers.
x. If you want more info, email me at: kudo_hikari[at]yahoo[dot]ca

Volumes to sale:
1 to 11, 14-15, 28 to 42
Dragon Ball #3 (a 3-in-1 volume)

Also to sale:
L’apprenti mangaka (The mangaka apprentice)

x. I ask the same price for the DB mangas: 8$
x. Shipping: 3$, but it will if your overseas, we'll have to check.
x. It’s from the same mangaka than the Dragon Ball serie.
x. The book is in very good condition.

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YGO packs

I’m still searching for buyers for my YGO packs. All cards are in excellent conditions and rarely used in the game.

x. Shipping is 2$ more or less.
x. Canadian dollars and since I don’t have a paypal account, send a check.
x. Send me a email to have more details or when to seal the deal at: kudo_hikari[at]yahoo[dot]ca

Here again is the packs:

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HUGE sale!

I've come into some severe financial trouble. My vision has deteroriated and I'll be out of work for a while. (I'm on disability leave, but they're only paying $200 a week.) So please help me out and buy anything you'd be interested in! Anything that doesnt sell here, I'll put up on Ebay in a few weeks.

Let me know what you'd like and I'll give you a shipping estimate. I'll keep shipping costs at a minimum.

I'd prefer paypal, but I'll accept money orders or cash (at your own risk, of course). I'd prefer not to take checks.


Also, please check out my current ebay auctions! http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZwarakun


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Samsara & 6th Doctor

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Please click here for the goods!: heathers_junk

*Books: Japanese Kanji Way
*DVD'S Anime/NON-Anime
*Over 60 NEW Beanies Listed(willign to work out a deal if you want a lot of them)
*Anime/JRock cd's
*Video Games PS2/PS1(2 new added tenchu and war game)
*Miss. Items
*Japanese Doll PM
*Summer Dresses, Tops, and more
*Shinsengumi Cosplay(blue top, haroi(uniform), hakama pants)See outfits(over 10 new pictures of this outfit up to see/might sell in parts leave an offer on what you want...)
*Victorian Scrapbooking(I cannot trade ANY of this it's not mine)

Please click here for the goods!: heathers_junk
I also accept trades, but I'm only looking for the items on my list or realted things, please check out my sales page to see what I'm selling and below for my wants...

All these things need to go! Need more room so I have to get rid of these items.

Gackt photo book for sale!

I bought this from Japan last year when I was a Gackt fan but as I am not as crazed a fan as I was, I’m offering it to anyone in this community :)
It has interviews (in Japanese, unfortunately) and a photo on alternate pages, & I would like £6 for it + £2 p&p as it was quite pricey when I bought it!!

However, if you are unhappy with the pricing, please make me an alternative offer :) I will most likely accept it.

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I only accept cheques payable to Hinako Omori or cash [at your own risk].

thankyou xxx

Sailor Saturn Doll for Sale BEST OFFER

I am selling an 11.5 Inch Sailor Saturn Adventure Doll made by Irwin.

The doll and the box are in mint condition. The doll has never been removed from the box. It has been stored lovingly in a smoke-free home.

Price:Please submit best offer either by commenting here or [if you'd like your bid to remain private] e-mailing me at momokotakara@yahoo.com

Shipping: Shipping will be $5.50 for USPS priority mail shipping & delivery confirmation.

Paypal only, please

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lots of stuff to go!

Please take a look at My Sales~!

I have a ton of shirts to get rid of, so please come take them off my hands! Including cute DIY shirts, and 'Fruits'y style shirts! Clothes, Vintage Jewelry, Manga, JPop, Anime Posters and Magazine Pullouts, plus much more~!

Please stop by, it would be much appretiated! Arigatou gozaimasu~! ^_^~

Also, a question: Would anyone be interested in buy X-Files merchandise? I have things like books, soundtracks, TV Guides (X-Files covers), 8x10's and other stuff. I don't wanna post it all, and no one want any of it. Thank you for your opinion~

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