July 26th, 2005

Mitsuki - gouk

Random manga related items


ASUKA shoujo manga magazine April 2002 - Includes X, D.N. Angel, and more (IN JAPANESE) - $10
Sailor Moon Mixx pocket manga (english) - 1, 3, 4 SUPERS - 2, 3, 4 - $7 each
Sailor Moon Japanese manga - 5, 13 - $7 each
Sailor Moon RPG Character Diaries - Salior Scout and Knight - $3 each
D.N. Angel manga book 5 (Japanese) - $5
Chobits book 1 (english) - $5
Angelique Book 1 (Japanese) - $7
Count/Earl Cain - God Child Book 1 (Japanese) - $7
Animage - December 2001 - Fruits Basket cover - $10

See my previous post here for Anime DVDs!

E-mail me at kisakisama@gmail.com for photos/questions/shipping price inquiries
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super cheap!
(posted before but not all the stuff went) - prices are now 5-15 dollars US
prices include shipping (to Canada & U.S.A. only)
all cd's/dvd = genuine/non-bootleg & mint condition
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that's it. best buying. everything's gotta go. if these prices are still too high, yikes, what can i do? >.>

Jrock, Magazines, Anime, Jpop, etc etc etc (Taking what I can get)

Offering the same things as I did before with a bit added x_x I'm taking what I can get for them, I have about $600 in veterinarian's bills to pay off and I need the money - so if you're interested comment here, and if you know someone who might be interested, pass it on (they can get me at deathpiano@gmail.com)? I need the money like whoa right now. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures I personally took, but all I have is a phone-camera and it costs me money per picture message.

If you want anything, comment here with a price offer - first come, first serve (assuming that the first offer isn't ridiculous). I accept non-credit card PayPal, US Postal Money orders in USD, and cash at your own risk.

Shipping is $5 in the US, $10 outside the US unless otherwise noted.

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Selling japan and anime related things i guess...

Selling three items

prices in USD

~:: DIR EN GREY::~
1.) A GIANT Kaoru poster. I think i paid $23 for it... (well it was pretty reasonably sized... i think it was at least a meter long...if not more)

2.) Final fantasy IX- 4 disc soundtrack - $30 (in excellent condition) included are lyrics and a slipcase.

3.) Final fantasy VIII [RARE] Long box soundtrack version... 4 disc version. Includes postcard and stapled notes inside. Looking for at least $70... because this one took me a while to get a hold of....

I'm selling because i might be kicked out of university and am about to purchase two other things. These are from my personal collection. I really don't want to part with them, but if you have any offers, please comment below.

The only trades i am currently accepting are the azumanga daioh volumes 5 and 6 DVD Region 4 code.

Shipping isn't included, but if interested i'll take a trip to the PO and find out.