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&; alicia
28 July 2005 @ 09:03 am
I'm in need of some money at the moment, so I'm selling off my old stuff. I'd prefer Paypal (non-credit card), but I will also take money order or well-concealed cash (at your own risk). These prices don't include shipping. If you'd like anything, comment or send me an email.

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28 July 2005 @ 09:34 am
I have the following manga for sale.
Everything is $5 shipped.

Tokyo Boys and Girls v.1
Boys Over Flowers v. 1, 2
Flowers and Bees v. 1
Ranma v. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 22
Inu Yasha v. 13, 14, 15
Maison Ikkoku v.1
Ah! My Goddess: #1 Wrong Number, #2 Leader of the Pack, #3 Final Exam, Love Potion No.9, #5 Sympathy for the Devil, #6 Terrible Master Urd, #7 The Queen of Vengence, Ninja Master, #10 Miss Keichii, The Devil is Miss Urd, Childhoods End, #12 The Fourth Goddess, #14 Queen Sayoko, #15 Hand in Hand, #16 Mystery Child, and Adventures of a Mini Goddess
Ceres Celestial Legend v. 1, 2, 3, 4 (all in the original large sized format)
Fruits Basket v. 16 (in Japanese)

If you are interested, please leave a comment or email me at kellycat@eden.rutgers.edu
I accept Paypal, Money Orders, and Cash
28 July 2005 @ 09:55 am

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Askeladden, also called Boots
28 July 2005 @ 01:53 pm
Make me feel better, buy my stuff.
SuuAnda [私を殺した私心]
28 July 2005 @ 02:36 pm
I have lots of manga for sale on ebay, that I just want to get rid of, not really to make money with, just because I need the space :< All of them are as new!
I have shojo/shonen-ai manga by Wakuni Akisato, Utena vol 2, Aka-chan to Boku vol 1, P.A. vol 1, Handsome na kanojo vol 7 & 8, etc. 2 days left, and are still at 0,99 euros. Please take a look! Ebay charges are expensive when you don't even sell ;-;

***** HERE *****

^_____^thank you!!!
space cowgirl
28 July 2005 @ 05:18 pm
Is anyone interested in buying my Fruits Basket manga? T____T I'm trying to downsize, 'cause we're moving into a smaller apartment...

I've got volumes 1-9, all in English, all in excellent condition. I'd like to sell them for $50, or best offer...

Thanks <3
28 July 2005 @ 09:14 pm
I’m selling this anime stuff...

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28 July 2005 @ 09:54 pm
If you want price down, I can it, maybe...
I'll sell my VHS.
Absolutely, those VHS is in fairly good conditions.
This VHS is not a copied one, genuinely made in Japan.
These are original items MADE IN JAPAN.

L'Arc-en-Ciel -SIESTA VHS (unopened)
reserved price: $80
It is very very very rare item.
It is still sealed, perfectly new one.
I wouldn't sell this if I wasn't terribly in need of money.
It has each member's image movie and 風の行方 (kaze no yukue) Promotion Video.
Hyde is very very beautiful in this video.

E-mail : blurryciel@hotmail.com

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28 July 2005 @ 10:21 pm
Still lots of really cute stuff available! <3
Thanks for looking! <3~
Firsa Asahi

Still trying to get rid of some excess in my collection. My list is in German, but the Series names are identification enough, I think and there's pictures for a lot of items. If you need a translation or more pictures just post below and I'll get them to you as fast as possible. I take Paypal and I send worldwide and I have lots of eBay feedback!

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28 July 2005 @ 11:33 pm
Tokyo Boys & Girls 1 :$5
Happy Mania 1-6, 10, 11 :$5 each, $25 for 1-6
Samurai Deeper Kyo 1 :$5
Yu-Gi-Oh! 2-4 :$4
Inuyasha 5, 13, 16 :$4
Kill Me, Kiss Me 1-5 [complete] :$5, $20 for 1-5
Diabolo 1 :$5

All manga, minus Happy Mania, is still in their packaging. Tokyo Boys and Girls is brand-spanking new. I had an extra copy so it's up for sale!

$5 each volume for shipping, cheaper when bought in sets, obviously. Paypal only, prices above are US.
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