July 29th, 2005

La’Cryma Christi item for sale

I'm selling a La'Cryma Christi very rare item. It's a VHS called “True Color” and it's from 1999. The VHS is in good condictions.
The price is $80 / 70 euros. The postage is already included in the price. I send worldwide , and by registered mail.

If you are interested please leave a comment or send all inquires(about payment methods, etc...) to this email: kisaki_decadence@hotmail.com
Thank you!

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Posters Sale!

I’m selling posters of these bands:

Plastic Tree
Fanatic Crisis

The price of each poster is $12/ 10euros.
I will ship worldwide!
If you are interested please leave or comment, or contact me: aoi_jeune_fille@hotmail.com

Payment methods can be discussed.
Thanks for looking!

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Florian - Window

DVD's For Sale


Please help me clean house. Prices do not include shipping.

Blue Seed volume 1 $5
Cardcaptors: Tests of Courage $7
Saiyuki volumes 1&7 $10 ea.
Saiyuki Reload volumes 1&2 $15 ea.
Samurai Champloo volumes 1&2 $15 ea.
Texhnolyze volumes 1&2 $15 ea.
Wolf's Rain volume 1 with box and soundtrack $20

If interested, please E-mail me at bitterbohemian@yahoo.com
Samsara & 6th Doctor

(no subject)

Please click here for the goods!: heathers_junk

*Books: Japanese Kanji Way
*DVD'S Anime/NON-Anime
*Over 60 NEW Beanies Listed(willing to work out a deal if you want a lot of them)
*Anime/JRock cd's
*Video Games PS2/PS1(2 new added tenchu and war game)
*Miss. Items
*Japanese Doll PM
*Summer Dresses, Tops, and more
*Shinsengumi Cosplay(blue top, haroi(uniform), hakama pants)See outfits(over 10 new pictures of this outfit up to see)

Please click here for the goods!: heathers_junk
I also accept trades, but I'm only looking for the items on my list or realted things, please check out my sales page to see what I'm selling and below for my wants...

All these things need to go! Need more room so I have to get rid of these items.(willing to take offers on some items.)
birds in the electric sky

let's try this again + new stuff!

some relisting... and some new items!

here's some stuff I'm selling:
+Kra posters
+Unofficial band goods (wallet cards! badges!)

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payment details: paypal (I accept credit cards but please let me know if you will pay this way) and well concealed cash (but it will take a while to get to me, because I live in Singapore... and that's why I prefer paypal :3)
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SD/SD13 Wig for sale

SD/SD13 blonde shag wig for sale.
It has only been worn for one photoshoot. Money is tight and needed so the wig has to go. It's made extremely well and doesn't need velcro to stay on. It will fit SD and/or SD13. For more information and pics email me at shinjitsunohana@aol.com. Item is also listed at Den of Angels.
Asking price is $20.
S&H $5 worldwide.